db's or ebs? (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer November 21 2006 6:56 AM EST

whats the better deal, ebs have evasion and AC, while dbs got the evasion, in the long run is dbs better cause of forging to increase the evasion rather than ebs being BS only?whats your take

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 21 2006 6:58 AM EST

Mage, UC, Heavy or Light Tank?

Unappreciated Misnomer November 21 2006 6:58 AM EST

dbs do also have a decrease to the pth of your enemy..

Shooto November 21 2006 9:43 AM EST

On a minion already training evasion pretty heavily, I'd say its cost effective to use EB. On a light tank I'd also go with EB to boost the dex. On a mage or enchanter not training evasion, DBs would be a better choice IMO.

QBRanger November 21 2006 10:12 AM EST

EB will boost your evasion. They give you more AC to help vs GA, physical and DD attacks. If you use EB on a tank, it will boost your dex, hopefully higher than your opponents, lowering the dex PTH.

DB will lower the amount of hits you get by tanks only.

IMO, if your DB are less than +100, go for EB.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 21 2006 1:26 PM EST

bit expensive isn't it +100 dbs?
EBs have more purpose and are more useful then db's if you train evasion.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 21 2006 1:30 PM EST

dbs, the free +20 from the AoI makes the practically affordable, and they are the only NW combatant for PTH, very helpful verses AX/EX bow for non evasive tanks.

Shooto November 21 2006 1:47 PM EST

I think DBs at +100 are about 15mil NW which forged at 70% would be 10.5 mil. DBs are also a little more expensive to buy base than EBs. For the 10.5 Mil you could buy and sink 9mil into some EBs and have +30. That gives you an AC of 40 added on, 30 of which would help with magic. I still think that no matter what, on a tank or UC minion, EBs are the way to go. Also, nobody seems to know exact values that the DBs give on PTH reduction. The wiki seems to say that DBs alone reduce PTH for each + but then when stacked with evasion it doesn't work out that way. If someone could chime in on the exact reduction DBs have to PTH that would be great, because I'm still confused on them.

AdminNightStrike November 24 2006 6:51 AM EST

From what I understand, DB +100 are like an Evasion of XXX (100), which reduces PTH by 100. The messed up math comes into play when stacking the two. Using Shade's table, an Evasion of level 145335 is an effect of 48. So Let's say you have DBs of +48. That's like an Evasion of 145,225 (48). If you train an evasion to the same level, the you'd have 48 from Evasion and 48 from the DBs, right? Not really. What you have is an evasion level of 145,225 from the skill, and another Evasion level of 145,225 from the DBs. Added together is 290,670, which according to Shade's table is an effect of 64 (just missing 65 at 292k). What it comes down to is that with DBs, the effect is displayed (+48), but is held internally as a level (145,335).

At least, that's how I understand it. I could be dead wrong. It'd be nice to see the stacking effect on the home page when Evasion is trained and DBs are worn.

QBJohnnywas November 24 2006 6:58 AM EST

Unless Jon has changed it, you're right on for the evasion. Stacking the skill and the DBs has been like that for a while. So if you're training evasion you're probably much better with the EBs. Unless you're a mage, in which case you're probably better off with the DBs and putting the xp into your DD spell.

Shooto November 24 2006 7:00 AM EST

Where is this table at? I just see a small on in the skills wiki.

Flamey November 24 2006 7:10 AM EST

Shade does have a website, http://www.cbstuff.nl which has a lot of info in it.

the page you're looking for is somewhere here http://www.cbstuff.nl/files.html

Flamey November 24 2006 7:15 AM EST

and to find the website and other things its under:

Tools -> Community -> (Much) more...

(sorry for the double post :))

Flamey November 24 2006 7:19 AM EST

Don't mean to triple post, but to actually answer the actual question, a similar thread was brought up not so long ago.

Elven Boots vs Displacement Boots

And my answer is in there too, so :P

AdminNightStrike November 24 2006 9:49 AM EST

FYI: The reason I only put the first 7 in the wiki is that Shade's table is wrong for some of the values. For instance, 22 and 23 are wrong. I've been trying to verify each level, but it's not easy with my current characters.
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