Power lvling? (in General)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 22 2006 8:27 AM EST

Service, service and service.

That is what the world revolves on.
Even in cb we have a service provided by others. Forging.

But what i don't understand is why doesn't cb has some kind of power lvling service? Like in WoW, or any other MMORPG
What if pay someone that burns loads of BA, to make me a character that i specify?
The power leveler will start an ncb and does so with the strat and items you provide. Resulting in a character with a big MPR and with the strat that the customer likes.

Why not buy a big character and work with that? Well the character has a bad strategy or you dont have the correct gear for that strat.
With a bad strategy you need to retrain and lose MPR.

How can the power leveller make money out of this? Well you can agree with a price like 10 CBD per mpr for instance 1mil mpr character will cost you 10 mil CBD at the end.
What about the cash that the character makes? Well you can agree that half of that he can keep for himself, and half of that he buys BA.

The big drawbacks are the huge xfer fees for characters and items.

And is it legal in cb?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 22 2006 8:42 AM EST

Towards the End of CB1, people were paying ot have others level charcaters to 500K MPR.

I think the bonuses here mess with the idea.

You wanna pay someone for them to use thier NCB on you, plus pay the NCB BA costs?

QBRanger November 22 2006 8:57 AM EST

As long as you own the character your leveling, there is nothing illegal.

However remember the formula for xferring characters is :

4/3 * MPR +50k.

It can get very very expensive.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 22 2006 10:19 AM EST

Well its up to the customer if he wants to give cash to buy ba.
But what is the maximum MPR if you use (lets say 75% you need to sleep too) all your ba you can with a RoE.

But he uses half the cash he gets from the character.

Well the bonuses are very useful on lower lvls, maybe at higher lvls he can join another clan.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 22 2006 12:23 PM EST

Why not just buy a monster char?

It'll cost 1/10th as much, and you know what you're getting, not gambling on someone else's discipline...

AdminNightStrike November 22 2006 3:21 PM EST

When you buy a big character, you have less attachment to that character. Paying someone else to level it up is a middle ground between buying something out of the box and doing it yourself.

In Grant's Strategy in the Wiki, Grant points out that most people that buy large characters get bored quickly and leave. It's much harder to walk away from something in which you have invested a great deal of your own time as well as a large sum of money.

Hyrule Castle November 22 2006 10:57 PM EST

is it possible to transfer a character to someone with a nub... and if so do they get the nub bonus on that char.

with that can u transfer an NCB character to a NUB, and get them added...

I know this is probably a stupid ... stupid question. But i dont know to much about that yet.

The Death Company [...] November 23 2006 1:06 AM EST

in the mmorgs they use scripts to power level ... if you want to have someone fighting you with a script then yeah im all for it

Also in most of those games they level by doing something like mining or fighting npcs ... niether are in this game ... so to add to the scripts you want npcs and mining to give exp

the only way to level here is to fight other players to get experience so i guess ditch the gains from rewards

Kong Ming November 23 2006 1:12 AM EST

What are the rewards gained when others fight you? Do you win big when you beat those that found you? Maybe you can get someone to fight your character and either win or lose to you depending on the rewards gained.

Vicious Cat November 23 2006 2:02 AM EST

most of the fun of starting a new character is tweaking the strat that you initially start with for max effect, so you'd need to agree on the level of tweaking you could do. Other than that, if I fought enough it would seem like a good proposition to me.

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 23 2006 10:09 AM EST

If you want someone to power level an NCB for you be prepared to pay a crap ton of $$ for it. I am nearing the end of my NCB and I think have put in a decent amount of time and effort on this character Vlad Tepes Score / PR / MPR: 2,389,931 / 1,884,990 / 1,329,794. BA Costs are brutal at 1125 per BA. So if you want to pay someone to build a character for you be prepared to pay out the butt.

Vicious Cat November 23 2006 4:07 PM EST

That's not necessarily true, as long as you have realistic expectations of where you'll end up by spending a certain amount of $$.
Almost like a forging contract.
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