A message for Mentors and New Players. (in General)

QBJohnnywas November 22 2006 4:17 PM EST

Two weeks in a row I've put lesser tattoos of endurance into auctions and had new players bidding 100k+ on them. The first one I gave his money back and this next one (sigh) I'm going to do the same.

I put them in at a $1 starting bid and maybe I should put a buy now option at a low price...I've given them away before now, and unfortunately the people I gave them to turned out to be idiots and more than once, multis. So I don't do that as often as I should do.

I need a bit of extra cash coming in to help pay my debts. But 100k and over for a lesser tattoo is just stupid. Mentors, please tell your new players some basics - they can pay what they like in the end, but for another hundred or so they'll probably pick up a full tattoo just as easily.

New players - lessers are good for starting out but as soon as you can grab a full tattoo. And don't pay more than 30k or so for a lesser. If you watch the armor store you can pick one up for just over $1000. You just have to be quick.

(sigh) Don't make me do this again....lol :/

AdminNightStrike November 24 2006 1:39 PM EST


QBJohnnywas November 24 2006 2:00 PM EST

It's getting worse!!! It's an epidemic!

QBRanger November 24 2006 2:00 PM EST

But I do also think some of the more experienced players are at fault also by putting low level lesser tattoos, lets say about 70k or so, with a min bid of lets say 300k or so.

It is obviously an attempt to fool a new player into using up some of his/her hard earned NUB money.

QBJohnnywas November 24 2006 2:05 PM EST

I'd just like to clarify I do believe that people can charge what they like and in the end people can pay what they like. I'm not against people making a profit. But buying and selling is a huge part of the game and so perhaps new players should be given a tutorial on certain aspects, such as searching past auctions for price comparisons etc....

Talion November 24 2006 3:22 PM EST

Also, some tatoos, like RoS and SF are real hard to come by. I know, I have been looking for them in auctions for close to a month.

So if you are a NUB and a lesser tatoo with lots of experience comes by, maybe it's woth it to buy that tatoo. Of course, i could spend the big buck to buy another type of tatoo and them the extra 400K to convert it, but that seems like a steep price to pay instead of spending 200K gold on a 75K lesser RoS and using that tatoo until a decent RoS comes by.

Then again, popular tatoo types always end up with bidding well over a new player's budget. So I have no idea what I would suggest.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 24 2006 3:29 PM EST

find people who have those tattoo and are not using them, sometimes you can get a GREAT deal on an already upped tattoo...

The RoE should be rentable!

Talion November 26 2006 4:13 PM EST

Well, I take back wha I said. I got a RoS for 200K. And had it not been for the cb, I probably would have had a SF tattoo for about 160K. So it is possible to get tattoos at a decent auction price. You just have to be at the right place at the right time. ;)
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