Is this a new feature: (in General)

QBRanger November 28 2006 1:35 PM EST

In the past when I viewed other peoples transfers and some were for auctions there was only a message about which auction it was.

Now I find it is now a hyperlink that can take you directly to that auction.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 28 2006 1:36 PM EST

I think that was a documented change...I'll look for it...

AdminJonathan November 28 2006 2:18 PM EST

CB tries to linkify internal pages in chat mails for a while now. Not sure if it actually got posted to the changelog though.

AdminJonathan November 28 2006 2:22 PM EST

Oh, you're talking about something else.

I don't remember changing that, it's probably been a while. :)

bartjan November 28 2006 2:28 PM EST

Verifex' GreaseMonkey script perhaps?

QBRanger November 28 2006 2:28 PM EST

Jon, it is not the chatmails I am referring to.

When you view other peoples xfers, they include auction bids and refunds due to overbids from other people.

Now you can view those auctions now.

Llike this one:

auctioneer [t] (auctioneer) QBRanger [t] (Koyaanisqatsi) 4,525 Explosive Shots [11x1] (+0) (end-auction 76718) November 27 2006 4:38 PM EST.

The end-auction 76718 is now a hyperlink.

bartjan November 28 2006 2:31 PM EST

Those [t]'s are also from Verifex' script.
Feel free to blame me for suggesting to hyperlink those auction links ;)

QBRanger November 28 2006 2:33 PM EST


I just started to use Veri's script the past couple weeks.

Outstanding feather Bart, another of the reasons to continue using FF with that script.

QBRanger November 28 2006 3:03 PM EST

Besides being a great feather, it's a great feature.

AdminNightStrike November 28 2006 4:04 PM EST

I thought you were trying to say that it's a great feather in bart's cap :)
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