In search of a middle-man (in Public Record)

Continuum November 28 2006 3:47 PM EST

You see: my friend has money which he owes me and hes going to buy me stuff on a game but he cant because he's not old enough for paypal, he will money order you the money if you buy me the stuff in the game with paypal.

He can money order via his grandma, that his why he can.. I will put down like everything I own as collateral. He'll be spending around 30 dollars.

$10 for supportership

and currently looking for someone who'd trade 2 million cb for 20 dollars.

Xenko November 28 2006 6:01 PM EST

Is it just me, or does this look very, very suspicious?

Continuum November 28 2006 7:03 PM EST

Lol I must concur, it does look quite suspicious..I emailed Jonathan and seeing if he would accept money order.

QBRanger November 29 2006 1:43 AM EST

Well I guess this was a scam after all.

Flamey November 29 2006 2:05 AM EST

lucky bart caught him before that.
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