Selling my noob friend some gear for really cheap :D (in Public Record)

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 5:16 PM EST

I am going to be selling my friend Karl Some gear for his team... He plays on the same IP as me at school.... but currently we are both at our home computers. He lives in Wisc. and i live in Min.

This should be able to prove were not multis and that im just being nice

Krazy Karl November 30 2006 5:19 PM EST

yup its true

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 5:24 PM EST

Krazy Karl (Krazy Karl Killer) Hyrule Castle (Faytal) $5000 -- happy now?

there is his trade to me, and his IP he doesn't understand that because we share an IP that 1 sided trades are unacceptable... so i forced him to pay me 5k, and i will be sending him some stuff for his 4 characters momentarily... will update thread :D

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 5:25 PM EST

Hyrule Castle (Faytal) Krazy Karl (Krazy Karl Killer) A Hard Leather Armor ($5104) 5:24 PM EST
Hyrule Castle (Faytal) Krazy Karl (Krazy Karl Killer) A Hard Leather Armor ($2442) 5:24 PM EST
Hyrule Castle (Faytal) Krazy Karl (Krazy Karl Killer) A Hard Leather Armor ($2442) 5:24 PM EST
Hyrule Castle (Faytal) Krazy Karl (Krazy Karl Killer) A Pair of Leather Boots ($22503) 5:24 PM EST
Hyrule Castle (Faytal) Krazy Karl (Krazy Karl Killer) A Pair of Leather Gloves ($12465) 5:24 PM EST
Hyrule Castle (Faytal) Krazy Karl (Krazy Karl Killer) A Pair of Leather Gloves ($235) 5:24 PM EST

Miandrital November 30 2006 5:26 PM EST

From the Wiki FAQ:

I use the same IP as my roommate, will people suspect me of being a multi?

* If you two act like a multi, you'll risk getting suspected of being a multi. If you don't, then there's nothing to worry. One of the quickest ways of getting suspected as a multi is to share items and cash. So try to avoid that.

How can I sell my weapon to my roommate?

* Use the auction system with 1CB$ starting bid, no 'buy now' option and an auction duration over 24 hours.

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 5:28 PM EST

are you saying i cant send him stuff man... or are you saying we look suspicious of multing.... cause he is a whole state away, and i figured i would be nice and pretty much give him freebies... he is not a room mate or a brother, he is a buddy from school who lives a state away... there should be nothing wrong with what im doing :D

Thrasher November 30 2006 5:32 PM EST

Could he not buy those items for himself?

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 5:35 PM EST

i suppose he could lol :D but he buys items that goof up his players stats... and i didnt know if he had the money to fund it all.. I am going to inform him on what to buy, and what to equip now... since i have exceeded the 8 items i can buy in a 20 minute period

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2006 5:36 PM EST

Did you explain to him that the amount of money he'll be making will mean that there isn't any actual help you can give him aside from suggestions and encouragement to play often and well...

The new users bonus means never having beg...seriously.

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 5:36 PM EST

so wait, could i save myself a lot of hastle... and send him like 50k?

that would not be considered multiing would it?

I just want to make sure, cause i really like this game, and dont want to be accused of it... or lose my respect i have in the community as a potential multi... just overly cautious...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2006 5:50 PM EST

What part of you don't really need to send him anything did you not get?

Sure you could send him 50k, just as long as he sent you 50k worth of items at market nice!

AdminG Beee November 30 2006 5:59 PM EST

Hyrule, do you know how many multi's have been banned who have sworn that it's their brothers, sisters, friends, aunt - the list goes on although to be fair no-one has suggested it was their dog yet. (I do suspect Novice may have had his parrot play once though...)

Just because you say it isn't so doesn't mean it isn't so. This could all be a public effort to build a cover story. Of course it's not, but...

Be careful and take the advice people have given...

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 6:06 PM EST

I know, its just... i'm tryin to help him out. I wanna get him in my clan and get us up to number 1... i can have him doing a bad strategy. But either way, everyone here knows i'm not a multie... im too awesome to do something as dumb as that

Just a bad coincidence we are on same server at school :P it raises suspicion

Especially now that Aarosmashguy, a 3rd kid from school (AAron) started tonight... at his house in rosevile though

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2006 6:07 PM EST

If mags could use a keyboard (you know, that's not a bad idea, she's smarter than most of the people I used to have to talk through getting online) all you'd get was requests to be petted, she's a nutter that one.

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 6:09 PM EST

i take it mags is the name of your birdie :D

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 6:12 PM EST

"Sure you could send him 50k, just as long as he sent you 50k worth of items at market nice!"

People give away free stuff all the time anyway... like for instance ranger, just recently gave the same person (krazy karl) a LROS... for free... does that make him a multi...

/me thinks not

I find it fairly stupid, how i would get blamed for being a multie for doing the same thing...

i can see gettin yelled at if we did it on the same ip... but since he is a stat away... and we on our own computers... i figured making this PR thread would clear up any misconceptions of our plans.

Thats about all the xfers i will be doing to help him. If i need to get more money from him, i will force him to give me it lol. We play nice.

All i really got him was some leather stuff, and told him how to reformat his guys... took me some time, but i got 90 BA out of it lol

Hyrule Castle November 30 2006 7:15 PM EST

I was in a giving mood. I also hooked up Mkvandals with some items for his character too. :D

Helped him with his strategy too

AdminNightStrike November 30 2006 9:18 PM EST

HC, the concept of "multi" in this particular game is highly subjective, ill-defined, and vastly skewed from reality. "Multi" does not mean "multi" as you know it. See, you can be two separate people and still be a multi. People here don't limit the definition to simply two accounts played by the same person. It is expanded to include, for example, several people working together to bolster a single account.

For instance, let's say some new player started a character and worked hard and fast to generate $50m CBD. Then he turned and gave that all to a brand new NUB who used the cash to build an amazing char and generate $150m. Then that player sent all the cash to a veteran, who used it to push his old Jan 1 char over the line and take out Ranger for the #1 position. In this scenario, the two new players and the veteran, even if they are physically separate people, would all most likely get into trouble.

Unfortunately, like I said, you'll not find a definition anywhere to differentiate what you can and cannot do in clear, and *complete* terms.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2006 9:27 PM EST

Nightstrike, your undereducated opinion should at this point take a walk and learn to be QUIET. The scenario you described in fact is perfectly legit, and your implication that there is some murk surround what is and is not a multi is just silly. Gifts from one individual, no matter the size are perfectly fine, given that they can prove that they are two people. However, two people cannot at any time share a single account, or have more than one account active. The rules are quite clear, and yet you run your mouth...

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 30 2006 9:35 PM EST

He has NUB, that is help enough, or at least i thought that was the purpose of it...

noneedforthese November 30 2006 9:59 PM EST

Hmm, novice, those are some pretty harsh comments. I'm not exactly an expert, but I thought that gifts are fine if they are sent in a genuine intent to aid another person, but are not fine when they are abused. (keep in mind, I am completely aware that I could be wrong)

For example, what if I play my NUB thru to the end and generate awesome gear, and "gift" everything to my kid brother, who starts another NUB under my complete guidance, and earns top $ and sends it continuously back to me to fund my killer NCB, and sends me back all my gear when his NUB ends... I can pay him with chocolate peanuts....

Of course I won't be doing that, and I invite you to check my transfer logs every hour to make sure ;P
(psh, I wish I had a naive young brother)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2006 10:10 PM EST

No issue with that scenario, as a long as your can PROVE (something that is awfully difficult to do) that you are in fact two people. And as to the harshness of my comments, I'm only trying to encourage nightstrike to keep it down with the useless yammering for a while...

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 30 2006 10:22 PM EST

and i dont see how just because you recieve an item from somewhere else doesnt mean its not your own account.

Who says i couldnt have my cousin in Ohio sign onto my account to send me a few things on a different IP just to make people think were not the same person (When its actually my own second account), and then the next day i have my items the way i wanted them on my new account? And without the doubt of being caught of multi.

Just because it is said he is a state away does not mean it is not your own account, it could only be used a couple times just to use the different IP outting of multiism.

Sorry if its hard to read, im watching my show and typing, =P
That is the reason for the no one sided transfers.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] December 1 2006 8:26 AM EST

<[CB1]Gun> whoa now is Seth a friend of yours?
<mkvandals> y
<[CB1]Gun> cuz I'm asking
<mkvandals> yah he helped me alot last night

It's moments like that which lead me to this. Quit with the mass handouts. Give them lessers.

AdminShade December 1 2006 8:28 AM EST

I never was fond of giving items, advice is what they need :)

AdminNightStrike December 1 2006 1:12 PM EST

"And as to the harshness of my comments, I'm only trying to encourage nightstrike to keep it down with the useless yammering for a while..."

Ok, novice... how about I tell my buddy in Nebraska to pump a NUB and use it to feed my main character? We're two separate people on two separate IP addresses. Do you honestly think I won't get into trouble for that?

The administration here often talks about how an IP address is not the be-all, end-all of their multi-determinations. Further, they refuse to divulge just what the multi criteria are, for "security purposes".

For one advocating silence over speech, you sure do display a large amount of yammering yourself, novice.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 1 2006 1:18 PM EST

Night, I'm certainly suffering from pot kettle black syndrome...

History is where I'm getting what I'm saying, you're speculating wildly and sounding more and more like me all the time. Gifting everything you own to someone else has always been allowed here, given that you can clearly establish that they are not the same person. This is impossible to do without having spent many many many hours here and gotten to know people. Of course an ip isn't the be all end all, but that doesn't mean they are out here chopping off heads without knowing first exactly what is going on. The prevalence of botnets, and trojaned windows boxes makes this whole conversation more than a little creepy, because as far as almost anyone here knows, we could be fighting with ourselves. I'm just trying to keep the hatred and loathing for the hardest working people here to a minimum, don't hate the hunter, hate the multi.

Adminedyit [Superheros] December 1 2006 1:41 PM EST

novice i believe the term here is "Burn the multi"

Hyrule Castle December 1 2006 3:10 PM EST

{cb1}smallpau1, about your comment how i could have someone log onto an account when i need xfers... well that is just dumb. If there is a way to check what IP's were on and and what time, you can see that i have always been on at my home IP, and recently at school.

and that he logs on at his own house quite often...

That would be a lot of work to be a multi Plus what benefits do i have from that weak character of his.... no offence karl if you read this :P

Unappreciated Misnomer December 1 2006 9:46 PM EST

but why cant a friend help out another to get some help, couldnt he give the items and money to the mentor and the moentor send it to the mentee???why not?well thats just fainfully stupid...why not accept this transaction, it really has no significant value, it was 5k and HL what the hell...

Hyrule Castle December 1 2006 10:32 PM EST

actually, he sent me the 5k, and i sent him the HL gear and that :P so it wouldnt be considered a one sided trade.
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