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ThatOneMan December 2 2006 8:27 PM EST

the number 2 team in college football USC lost today. meaning that it comes down to Michigan or Florida going to the National Championship game. Michigan is currently 3 and Florida is currently 4.

Who do u think should go to play Ohio State in the National Championship?

QBRanger December 2 2006 8:33 PM EST

If Fla wins---Fla

If Fla loses---Mich

Sir Woot December 2 2006 10:06 PM EST

Go Gators. SEC Champions 2006, enough said.

QBOddBird December 2 2006 10:50 PM EST


The Cornerback23 December 2 2006 11:44 PM EST

Does it matter Ohio State will win anyway. but i think that Mighigan will make it.

The Cornerback23 December 2 2006 11:45 PM EST

Does it matter Ohio State will win anyway. but i think that Michigan will make it.

The Cornerback23 December 2 2006 11:45 PM EST

Sorry about double post.

th00p December 3 2006 9:20 AM EST

Ohio State v. Michigan
Why would a 1-loss team from a quality conference who only lost to the best team (Florida lost to 2-loss Auburn) not deserve a chance to play for the national championship?

QBRanger December 3 2006 9:25 AM EST


If you cannot win your own conference, do you really deserve a chance at the title?

Remember Florida's loss to Auburn was helped by a very bad officiating call. Leak threw that pass forward and certainly was not a fumble.

Aside from a way overrated ND team, who has Mich really played and beaten. Wisc is a powerpuff team as we all know, it would have 2 losses if it actually had to play OSU.

th00p December 3 2006 9:30 AM EST

On a side-note:
Rutgers should have won last night. One fumble by Slaton was very poorly called down by contact, and it was returned by Rutgers for a touchdown, which should have made it 24-20.

QBOddBird December 3 2006 10:08 AM EST

"(Florida lost to 2-loss Auburn)"

They still lost to a ranked team, #3? at the time. Auburn is a very good team. Don't even get me started on my Tigers.

Florida would fare far better against Ohio state than Michigan, IMO.

And Ranger's right....even the Auburn fans cringed when we saw that call.

QBOddBird December 3 2006 1:28 PM EST

Also, try comparing Florida's stats against Michigan's.

ThatOneMan December 3 2006 3:03 PM EST

Yes but Michigan lost to Ohio State at Ohio State by only 3 a day after Bo died and the field itself wasnt that good cause they just re did it and no one stepped foot onto it till the game.

ThatOneMan December 3 2006 3:09 PM EST

Also i dont understand this fact here: Going into yesterdays play Michigan was 3 and Florida was 4. If Florida was more deserving to go to National Championship why wasnt Florida 3 already and Michigan 4. What does the Number 2 team, USC have to do with Florida alll of a sudden being better than Michigan and going from 4 to 2?

For example. lets take basketball. if the number 2 team losses that makes the number 3 team move up to 2 and the number 4 team move up to 3. it doesnt make the number 4 team move to 2 and the number 3 team stay 3.

I just dont understand the BCS.

Miandrital December 3 2006 5:08 PM EST

Well, Florida played 13 games, and they beat the number 8 team in that 13th game. Michigan played only 12 games. Both teams lost one game. I'd say that is reason enough to jump over Michigan.
If the Big Ten is so distraught over this, perhaps they should put in a Conference Championship game like all the good conferences.

QBOddBird December 3 2006 6:09 PM EST

Ah well, we'll know in 3 hours! ^_^

ThatOneMan December 3 2006 7:04 PM EST

yes i agree with that the big ten needs a championship game....so just because florida played one extra game than Michigan they will go over Michigan? i dont think thats fair to the Big Ten so i think that the Big Ten should have a conference Title Game.

QBOddBird December 3 2006 7:08 PM EST

Michigan already had their chance at Ohio State, why watch that again? Fla's turn

Miandrital December 3 2006 9:37 PM EST

and the match-up is....
drumroll please...

Florida vs. OSU

QBOddBird December 3 2006 9:51 PM EST


ThatOneMan December 4 2006 7:54 PM EST

dang it Florida got it....

I think that Ohio State is going to murder Florida then everyone is gonna realize that they made a bad decision and Michigan should have gone.

Ok since Florida is in i still dont understand this fact. Michigan has been ranked above Florida in the Harris poll and Coachs poll (both which are part of BCS ranking system) since October 15th. What does USC losing have to do with Florida going ahead of Michigan in the Harris and Coachs polls. The computers had Michigan and Florida even but then the Harris and Coachs poll gave it to Florida.

QBOddBird December 4 2006 11:38 PM EST

These are the quotes I've found:

"If you beat a team one time, why do they get the national championship if they win the second time?" said Earle Bruce, the former Ohio State coach who votes in the Harris Interactive poll and moved Florida ahead of Michigan. "I mean, they've already played one time and lost."

"At the end of the day, Florida won its conference championship. Michigan did not," said Harris poll voter Ray Melick of The Birmingham News. "Because there's not a playoff, I think a conference champion ought to carry more weight than a conference runner-up at the BCS conference level."

Jim Walden, a former Washington State head coach, picked Florida No. 1 in the Harris poll, calling Florida's schedule "murderous."

"In my heart of hearts, I believe that neither Ohio State or Michigan could get through Florida's schedule with only one loss," said Walden.

Tom Luicci said, "Michigan has quality wins over Wisconsin, which played no one, and Notre Dame, which won the Commander's-in-Chief trophy (a reference to wins over the service academies) which I don't consider a major coup."

"I had to reconcile a fundamental problem with giving Michigan a chance to win the national championship when it didn't even win a conference championship," said Michael Vega of the Boston Globe.

Reasoning: Conference champions. Avoids a rematch. Had a stronger schedule.

Personally, I was imagining this scenario: Michigan gets to play OSU, somehow wins, and then they are National Champions but not Conference champions - and the scenario was entirely avoidable by choosing an equally deserving team. Why give them a rematch with higher stakes?

'Sides, Florida's only loss was against a ranked team that went undefeated last year.

ThatOneMan December 5 2006 2:48 PM EST

hmm....well we will see who was really more deserving after the game. If Ohio State wins by more than 3 then i think Michigan was more deserving but if Florida wins then i guess they deserved it.

th00p December 5 2006 6:21 PM EST

"'Sides, Florida's only loss was against a ranked team that went undefeated last year. "
Um, Michigan's only loss was against a #1 ranked team that went undefeated this year.

TheHatchetman December 5 2006 6:30 PM EST

^^^ touche! ^^^ But that brings the rematch argument back up...

th00p December 5 2006 6:35 PM EST

I'm not arguing anymore whether Florida or Michigan deserves to go, but hey that was a pretty bad thing to say =P

QBRanger December 5 2006 7:57 PM EST

Really there is no correct answer.

As a UF grad, I am quite happy we get our shot at OSU..

I think everyone knows this will rank up there with the following problems the BCS has had:.

1) a 12-0 Auburn team not getting a chance to play for the championship.

2) number 1 ranked, in both polls, USC not playing for the championship.

3) number 2 ranked Oregon not playing for the championship.

4) UM not playing for the championship but rather FSU taking their spot in the same year UM beat FSU..

Until the college presidents get off their behinds and put in a playoff system like every other division in college football, more travesties will occur..

But... GO GATORS!!!!

House December 5 2006 9:58 PM EST

other than 2 teams big ten was soft...Michigan does not deserve a second chance

QBOddBird December 5 2006 10:31 PM EST

1) a 12-0 Auburn team not getting a chance to play for the championship.

Oh, did I ever froth at the mouth, too

ThatOneMan December 6 2006 2:45 PM EST

Actually House, there were 3 good teams this year in the big ten not 2...Undefeated Ohio State, 1 loss Michigan to Ohio State and 1 loss Wisconsin to Michigan

QBRanger December 6 2006 3:21 PM EST

Actually Wisc played only 2 top 25 teams.

Penn State which they beat, and Mich which they lost.

And PSU is really PU this year. An average team at best. They lost by at least 14 point to Mich so it was not really a close game.

IMO, there were 2 great teams in the big 10, 1 good team and the rest were muppets.
Compare that to the SEC where you have UF, LSU, Auburn, Tenn all on the top ranks.

ThatOneMan December 6 2006 7:08 PM EST

we still got Michigan and Ohio State....i would like to have seen the Rose Bowl be Michigan vs LSU since thats the bowl Michigan went to. i think Michigan vs LSU would be a better game than Michigan vs USC

House December 6 2006 9:53 PM EST

Wisconsin is soft. <--thats a big period right there

ThatOneMan December 7 2006 5:25 PM EST

i agree
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