hello all remember me... (in General)

Death-mage December 5 2006 5:46 PM EST

yeah me death_mage back in the day? didnt think so...i was just looking im not even on the wall of remembrance :( that makes me sad... anyways have fun im sure most of the old people are not around just saying hi

BootyGod December 5 2006 5:48 PM EST

You would be surprised how many of the vets are around...

Death-mage December 5 2006 5:50 PM EST

i was actually thinking of coming back. im so far behind now though :(

BootyGod December 5 2006 5:51 PM EST

With a community like this, you will be up to speed in no time!

Well, if nothing else, I can try to help you lol.

But really, the game is still fun. Give it a chance. Come to chat if you can lol.

TheHatchetman December 5 2006 6:31 PM EST

3 letters for ya... NCB. And I would also like to (re)welcome you to the community...

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 5 2006 8:12 PM EST

Hi Death Mage, I'd also like to welcome you, please use my script if you dare! Also that picture you have is freaking me out.

AdminNightStrike December 5 2006 11:27 PM EST

An NCB requires far more cash than I think you might have. You might want ot consider runnign an NCB without spending much money just to get a large character with which to build up funds.

QBOddBird December 5 2006 11:30 PM EST

You don't *have* to buy all your BA to run an NCB, Nightstrike, he can just run it like he would a normal character to gain some decent MPR. It doesn't have to be a run for the top 10 ;)

AdminNightStrike December 5 2006 11:39 PM EST

Thanks for restating exactly what I said ;) :) :)

QBOddBird December 5 2006 11:43 PM EST

Hm, so I did. It's late, gimme a break ^_^

Death-mage December 5 2006 11:58 PM EST


TheHatchetman December 6 2006 12:06 AM EST

New Character Bonus. Go to 'Manage characters'>> 'New', name your character and click the NCB box. It'll give you a bonus to your XP of roughly 169% (maybe more). From my understanding, that is added on to your normal XP gain. i.e. when gaining 100XP, you would gain 269XP (100 + 169%). At least this is what I'm told. It may be 169XP (100 * 1.69)... Either way, its a bonus. Enjoy.

AdminShade December 6 2006 5:53 AM EST

Heya Death Mage :)

Kong Ming December 6 2006 6:40 AM EST

You forgot to mention that BA cost will also shoot up like crazy if you are using NCB ;)

AdminG Beee December 6 2006 6:46 AM EST

I wouldn't recommend starting an NCB until you've taken a few days to catch up on all the changes we've had. Don't waste a single minute of the bonus if you can avoid it.

Check out the wiki under help, and the old forum posts on the subject for more info.

Oh yeah, welcome back :)

Kong Ming December 6 2006 6:49 AM EST

I agree. Best time to start would also be after this change month. :)

miteke [Superheros] December 6 2006 9:43 AM EST

As a note, I made it to nearly 1M MPR only spending a couple of M on buying BAs. That's a fun place to be too. Competitive without the crazyness of the higher positions. In the top 10, you're always having to fight below your PR and get pathetic rewards. That sucks. In the 10-20 slot you are getting hammered from behind and in front, as those top ten guys have nothing better to do than beat on you while you still have to deal with those lower PR monkeys that have the right strat to beat you. That sucks even worse if you are a clannie.

BootyGod December 6 2006 10:35 AM EST

Told you the community was still welcoming ;)
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