Is MS Paint the new Photoshop? (in Off-topic)

Silatt December 8 2006 5:42 PM EST

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 8 2006 5:50 PM EST

My mom has a degree in art, and she showed me a number of things she made using MS Paint. Simply because she didn't know of any other paint programs, or didn't have access to them. She drew a color picture of my sister, it looked pretty damn good too.

To a seasoned artist, all it takes is familiarization with the tools to visualize and bring what is in their mind to the canvas, whatever that canvas may be. Needless to say, I had to show my mom some other paint programs, like GIMP and Photoshop. She draws cool pictures too. I don't think I have any links to them online though.

Xiaz on Hiatus December 8 2006 8:02 PM EST

Wasn't it, Photoshop is the new MS Paint? ;)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- December 8 2006 8:37 PM EST

Very impressive.

AdminNightStrike December 9 2006 4:54 AM EST

Final product:

Silatt December 9 2006 7:02 AM EST

Thanks NS, yeah that was a bit long video, I had to fast forward a bit :).

AdminNightStrike December 9 2006 12:41 PM EST

It was 5 minutes :)

TheHatchetman December 9 2006 2:01 PM EST

okay, you think 5 minutes is long? Try standing behind him/her, and looking over their shoulder while they made it...

But wow! reguardless

AdminShade December 9 2006 2:57 PM EST

Quite a nice picture, and pretty neat to see how it was made :)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 9 2006 3:04 PM EST

Theres this kid that has problems at my community college i used to goto... Yes it is safe to say something is wrong with him, not only for getting up to goto our computer lab, during class (at least 4 times), but also for going into paint and making pictures. When were both out of class i see him in the computer lab (go figure), and i see hes always in Paint and he zooms in Alot and i notice he puts stuff in pixel by pixel, who honestly does that?.

But what is really sad is the way he leaves class, haha, he goes up to the instructors, points his pencils at the teacher and says really quietly, "I'll be right back", After he leaves the instructors like "Ok...?" Haha, you gotta be there i guess, =X
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