How well does Advanced Sports Kinetics work? (in Off-topic)

Krodel63 December 9 2006 7:41 PM EST

I planned on doing it over the winter after Christmas for football next year but just wanted to know how well it helps if any of you know you may also have heard of it as ASK fitness.

Shooto December 9 2006 7:59 PM EST

Maybe you could give an example of what it is or the basic program outline/guidelines. I only get some place in ND when I google it. Another thing, this isn't exactly the most athletic group in the world. Just from reading the pants thread and the CB t shirt thread for example. If you want good programs for improving football performance, CM me and we can talk a little more on AIM. There are WAY too many questions I need from you to find out what would work best for you.

TheHatchetman December 10 2006 2:29 AM EST

"not the most athletic group"?

6' 6" 215 lbs of power... Varsity Tight End at Deerfield Beach High school.

As for Krodel's question, most of us just worked in the weight room when we needed a performance boost. It's slow, but steady and lasting. Good rule of thumb, 'the faster it gets you up, the sooner it brings you down'.

Miandrital December 10 2006 2:50 AM EST

I have to question the lasting part, 3 months of not working out and I lost 20 lbs off my bench max ;)

TheHatchetman December 10 2006 2:53 AM EST

yea, true. But go on these programs guarunteed to maximize your performance, in 30 days, you'll be a machine, miss a couple *days* and everything you had jus went down the crapper. But I know what you mean about being out of the gym... I used to squat 850, I'd estimate that number had gone down to roughly 500 up until a few months ago when i got a bike and started pedaling 20 miles a day...

Shooto December 10 2006 1:46 PM EST

Used to squat 800? What a joke. You'd be a) heavier than that b) a sure pick for a top division 1 college. Way to lie about numbers to a bunch of people on the internet. Back to the topic. Krodel63, I'll CM you back about the subject.

QBOddBird December 10 2006 1:54 PM EST

They call him....HATCHETMAN.

AdminShade December 10 2006 2:16 PM EST


I have to admit that I'm probably not one of the fittest, but with my 65 kilogrammes weight and 175 cm length I am certainly not a fatty ;p

Krodel63 December 10 2006 6:07 PM EST

My school has a weight lifting class that football players can take instead of regular gym class and being a freshman this I was second string linebacker and the coach said that I would start next year so I wanted to get bench press and everything else better and then keep working on it through the school year and they also have a weight room set up during the summer also.
We lost 2 middle linebackers, 1 weak side linebacker, and 2 strong side linebacker. I am a weak side linebacker and I will also play tight end next me and another freshman this year will usually come in and out since alot of the offense goes through the tight end.
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