Giving stuff to my brother ^.^ (in Public Record)

Kliktu December 12 2006 1:47 AM EST

I've collected a couple of useful items specifically for my younger brother for when he begins to play.
These Items are: Combat Gi+15, base Helm's Gauntlets, a lesser tattoo of Solitude lvl. 40, and a sling of death (5x4)+4.
I'm giving them to him for free and I expect nothing in return from him, except respect, lol.
I'm going to tell him to post his confirmation after I send the items(we have to use the same computer).

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 12 2006 1:47 AM EST

better not be on the same IP...... =X

AdminShade December 12 2006 1:49 AM EST

You should ask reasonable prices, nothing else.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 12 2006 1:53 AM EST

i dont know if you should even send them, the same computer, and its your "brother" ?

Who says they want respect from there brother in return for a few things?

Im suspecting multi, but i sure hope not...

To be perfectly safe, dont send him the items, let him earn them on his own. He'll have NUB, which is help enough, and if you absolutely must, have him pay you some money for the items. Otherwise it will be a one way and you will probably be guaranteed a reset.

Kliktu December 12 2006 2:04 AM EST

Dang, you guys are right! This looks more suspicious than I thought at first >.< I made him send back the stuff and we are now negotiating a payment plan based on brotherhood and NW of the items ;p Thanks for the warning guys! I do love my brother but I don't want to be reset for being suspiciously generous >.<;

Kliktu December 12 2006 2:20 AM EST

Alrighty, we've made a deal! He will pay the NW for each of the items.
I will only transfer the items to him once he's paid.

The prices are as follows: A Combat Gi (+15) 83,250 base pair of Helm's Gauntlets 2,019 A lesser rune of Solitude lvl. 40 6,127 and a sling of death (5x4)+4 33,479. Give me some feed back if you think this is reasonable or not. I won't do so until you guys are satisfied that I'm not a multi ^.^

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 12 2006 2:21 AM EST

Check expired auctions for market value, it's sometimes higher than NW, and sometimes lower. Most items have a base value that they are sold at...look for that and then add a percentage of NW.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 12 2006 2:29 AM EST

for base items (rare items to be exact) are usually much more than the NW. Like Novice said, check expired auction of the particular items to get a reasonable asking price.

Kliktu December 12 2006 2:31 AM EST

I bought that Combat Gi for over $600,000 and those Helms Gauntlets for about $200,000 >.< I guess if thats what it will take then its better to have my brother pay a couple hundred thousand than for me to lose over 20mil on a reset >.<; We'll strike a more reasonable deal soon.

Kliktu December 12 2006 2:43 AM EST

This is how much I paid for these Items and also how much I'm going to make him pay.
$400,000 for the Sling of death (5x4)+4
$319,070 on the base Helm's Gauntlets
$250,000 on A Combat Gi (+15)
$18,000 for A lesser Rune of Solitude

I'm making him pay those prices before he recieves each item. I guess the only benefit he will be getting from this trade is that these items are reserved for him and not on active auction any more ^.^

I'll be coaching him on how to make an inexpensive character in the mean time. Please give me feed back if you think this is fair or not!

QBOddBird December 12 2006 9:17 AM EST

Wow did you ever pay a lot. Next time I'm selling items, I'm coming to you first!

HorseNauticus December 13 2006 9:23 AM EST

I just paid Kliktu $18,000 for the Lesser Rune of Solitude.

Kliktu December 13 2006 9:26 AM EST

Item sent to HorseNauticus. Enjoy, bro!
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