What inspires you? (in Contests)

{cb1}dyno December 12 2006 1:37 PM EST

Sadly, my time for cb is on its way out. I've never really had a passion for the game since cb1 has gone, and didn't get to know many people outside of reading the forums. So perhaps I'll take some information about everyone now.

Here's how it works: Post here telling me what drives you, what your passion is, what your dream is, and how you're pursuing it. Where do you get your inspiration from and why? I have no specific thing I'm looking for, simply whatever catches my eye and hits me in the right way. You're talking to a guy that can smell fakeness from a mile away, so speak from the heart and be sincere, as that goes a long way with me. Prizes aren't anything too special, but are definitely things you can sell if you don't need them.

Contest will end when I'm ready to leave. Could be 24 hours, could be a week. Good luck to all!

AdminG Beee December 12 2006 1:49 PM EST

I have a click fetish.

QBJohnnywas December 12 2006 1:55 PM EST

Sorry to hear the game has lost it's 'thing' for ya.

I'm a musician. I'm sitting here, next to my guitars, keyboards and going through a pile of old vinyl albums with a mate that I had in storage at my mums. I love music, it's been my best friend, my addiction, my reason for getting up. It's my pressure valve when I've had enough - one big loud chord on a guitar is enough to make my blood flow again.

I've been in bands for years, and while I haven't really made money at it, I've been successful. I've written songs that have moved people, I've made people smile, cry, dance, fall in love.

What really gets me though is that tingle I get down my spine when I hear a new song that sounds like nothing I've ever heard. Or when I put on a tune that I haven't heard in years. Or when I finish recording a really good track and hit play to listen to it.

AdminShade December 12 2006 2:18 PM EST

Hey Dyno, what inspires me most is the people who would miss me, or wouldn't :p

But what inspires me honestly, is just the fact that I can try something and see if it works or not. I'm just crazy :)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 12 2006 2:36 PM EST

I'm sorry you are leaving, but the "CB1 had it and CB2 doesn't" rationalization for leaving is just silly.

If you think CB1 was better, please, look at the help > differences from CB1 and tell me which one of those is really the determining factor. Because, for the most part, the people on CB2 are exactly the same ones from CB1, its not like only horribly disfigured mutants joined CB2.

I'm sorry to rant here in your thread, it just drives me mad that people are still clinging to the dead horse (cb1 is over a year gone now!) and claiming it as though it is an amazingly different and completely superior game that can't be touched, when it clearly is not.

Anyways.... what inspires me? Well, positive thinking and positive people in general is part of what inspires me (yes I appreciate the irony of me saying this, even though I'm being overall negative in the above paragraphs) ;) Also learning new things really inspires me. Of course a good challenge also inspires me very much.

I wrote the GM script thing because it was an incredible challenge that I love, and still maintain because it's something I love.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- December 12 2006 2:38 PM EST

Music and video games inspire me. When I'm not having the best time, I long to be sitting in front of my computer, completely running over someone in another part of the world, while listening to good music. I'm also a musician, I've played drums for nine year, and guitar for three. When I'm doing something hard, or something is eating away at me, I get a song that gives me strength stuck in my head, grit my teeth and try my best.

Other Musicians are my inspiration and heros, because they give me the desire to succeed. The Inspiration to keep trying, and the extra energy to get me through the day. I shudder to think what life would be like without it, because honestly music is art for the ears.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 12 2006 2:49 PM EST

sorry to see you go Dyno :(

Viva la CB1!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] December 12 2006 3:06 PM EST

i just love watching the souls talk to eachother
and the game is also pretty good
my dream is to kill ranger and dawg and collect there soul :D

{cb1}dyno December 12 2006 3:32 PM EST

:) some good ones so far. Maddox, what games do you like? First person shooters always got me going.

I'm going to respond to Verifex's post, at which point I'd like to ask everyone kindly to start their own cb1/cb2 thread if they want to discuss it further.

The bottom line is Verifex, cb1 was great for me personally because of its stability. I could put my time and efforts into a strategy knowing that a changemonth wouldn't screw me over down the road. I like the fact that cb1 allowed you to find a strat that worked, and you would be successful by simply being more active than the other members. cb2 doesn't have that. This is not an opinionated point, this is fact, and this fact is one of the biggest frustrations I have with cb2. Do I think that everyone is going to feel the same way I do about it? No, and I understand their perspective as well. But personally, as someone that has a LOT going on, and enjoys cb for competition purposes, it isn't something I want to put a lot of time into knowing that regardless of how much BA I spend, it only takes one change by the powers that be to send my strategy spiraling downhill, as it has previously.

Back to our regular program :) there are many more people here, let's hear it, what inspires YOU?

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] December 12 2006 3:58 PM EST

I've never really had anything that inspired me . But I do notice I get a drug like hit when I get a big laugh and I notice I do hunt the wild yuk probably too much.Although I remember as a kid I used to be just waiting till I could get my space ship and explore the Galaxy. I'll have to get back to you on how thats going.You know if you tried wearing a silly hat while playing CB it might be fun again.Try it dude you never know.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- December 12 2006 4:05 PM EST

I play many many video games. I started out when I was like 2ed grade with old school nintendo games like excitebike and the original zelda, then onto the favorite mario games naturally. I remember when the sega gen came out and everyone was stoked, sonic games and madmax...

Upgrading as things came out and got older.

I've played and beaten almost every single Final Fantasy game, those always kept me interested. (every one released in America) Naturally fps, like all the orininal Doom games back in the day, duke nukem, a few that I remember playing but can't remember the names of. Naturally Halo 1 and 2.

A huge collection of console games, every game for the 360, haven't played a single ps3 game, nor do I want to.

I played Starcraft Broodwar for 6-7 years, I play Warcraft 3 tft for ToT (http://www.tot-gaming.com)

As for games I've really enjoyed over the years...

Final Fantasy Tactics was easily one of my favorite games growing up, as well as obviously Starcraft. I've run through Zelda: Ocrina of time only 5000 times. Diablo 2 kept my interest for a long time, I got more into playing hardcore mode :D. Along with 90% of other gamers, I've played enough counterstrike to last a lifetime :D (I play CSS now).

As for newer games, I can't get enough of Gears of War, and Fear is pretty sick. I only got to lvl 54 World of Warcraft and got bored // cancled. There is a cool WoW like game called Risk You Life that I played a little. Also played a

When 360 first came out I owned on perfect dark, and later on G.R.A.W.

ps2 games... too many to list haha...

I'm really waiting for Halo Wars, and London: Hellgate. I mean come on Diablo meets Doom meets WoW..... That game is going to be amazing. :D

QBBarzooMonkey December 12 2006 4:21 PM EST

And coffee.
And Pop Tarts.
And a nice 4 cheese omelete. Breakfast in general, really.
And Mrs. Monkey's constant determination to never let her illness get her down.
And the fact that CB is constantly changing.
And my doggie.
And Ritchie Blackmore. He's always been my favorite guitarist who most influenced my own style. Have you heard his new Christmas CD? Inspiring! I may start playing again.
And Zatoichi films.
And successfully spreading joy.
And :)
And my mom's Turtle Christmas cookies, the recipe for which she finally gave Mrs. Monkey yesterday.
And the fact I read some truly inspired and/or funny, touching and interesting things on the CB forums very regularly.

QBJohnnywas December 12 2006 4:40 PM EST

I'll add something else for you Dyno..

Sometimes I spend too much time in CB; times like that it might as well be the world. That would be sad but for some of the people here. I'll just mention some names. Other people might disagree. But that's up to them. These are my CB inspirations.

MrChuckles. Sefton. Bast. G Beee. Oleander/Godwolf/Dramallama. The great and fantastic BarzooMonkey - what a gentleman! Sut. Novice. The ever enthusiastic Shade. Mokaba. Oddbird/OBBQ. Zoglog. Slashundhack. Horseguy. Maelstrom. And it makes me very very happy to think of GentlemanLoser as a Dad!

There are a lot of others but these guys in particular have made CB a place to come back to, and made me enjoy spending time here. CB might not be quite up there with a good loud bit of music, but put the two together and then you're talking!

And finally, back in real life. Bacon sandwiches. A good film. A walk by the river. A drive through the countryside with good music on the stereo. Learning a new chord. A long train journey with a good book.

My wife. My best friend and love of my life.

th00p December 12 2006 6:50 PM EST

Winning inspires me.
Good friends inspire me.
Seeing return for your efforts inspires me.

But most of all, good friends inspire me. The one reason why I do what I do (be it wrestling, CB, school) is because I get something out of it. Wrestling gives me the drive (mentally, mostly) to get done whatever it is I want to. CB is a relaxative and allows me to feel at home even when times are tough. School for me is a key to my future, a way to know that while all the kids around me are smoking and getting in trouble, my hard work will pay off when they're working for me in 20 years.

Most of all, my dad inspires me.

He came from a modest background, and he was an average kid, made some mistakes in life, etc. He decided that he was no longer going to be just an average kid. He decided that he was going to take his life and make it better. He went to the Navy, paid for his own college, worked days and went to law school at nights, and now he's finally where he wants to be, living comfortably and enjoying life fully.

My inspiration comes from all places, most importantly from within me. No one outside of me can determine my life for me. I have to know that what I'm doing will help me become a better person, now and in the future. Inspiration must come from your heart, because no one else likes what you like, desires what you do, or envisions the same perfect life as you. The only way to get to what you want is to be inspired, influenced from the outside and then taken to heart and applied on the inside.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 12 2006 7:52 PM EST

I don't know what inspires me. I don't think anything does any more, and that's sad. I used to be enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic. Once I lost an acting part for not being able to ride horses, I decided to go out and try to do anything and everything I could.

Now, I lke quiet nights in.

Now, I'm tired, I'm grumpy, I'm jaded. But I don't know what with, or why. I try to create, but can't. There's always something to be done. Some stress or problem to over come, always some important task that desires my whole attention.

But always, through all of this, friends and family keep me going. They keep me giving when sometimes I feel there's nothing left. They make me smile when I'm in a blue funk. Share my worries.

As I do with, and for them.

And I love each and everyone one of them. From people I've known since I was a kid, to those guys and girls I've never met in person but know from the 'net.

I know what drives me though. Escapism. And it's not becuse 'my life sucks (tm)'. It doesn't. In some ways I've had it easy in life, golden maybe. But there are always things you feel are the worst thing in the wolrd.

I've just always loved the fantasy, maybe one reason I took to acting. Reading a book, watching a move, playing a roleplaying game.

All pure escapism joy! Losing myself in the story for a while.

And know what my dream is. It's been the only long term dream I've ever had. To raise a family. Strange to hear coming from a guy, but that's all I've ever said I wanted to do, since I was a kid. And I hope, this time, I'll get my wish.

When my little girl comes, It'll be more tough times, more stress, more worry.

I look back on my younger years, and know there are things I could or should have done differently, and would have if I could now. And briefly it got me down. Until I realised that then, as now, I always did things in such the way I did, because I wanted to do them that way at the time. And it's always been like that.

From putting myself out to help a friend, or blowing my chance at the hot uni threesome (Yup i really did mess up a threesome...), I always did what I wanted to do. Even if it wasn't in my best interests. ;)

And now, I look back and smile.

One thing I want to add. My Dad was a terror to grow up with. He was always right, always knew everything, and we could never be good enough (All though he claims to have forgotten this, I was once sent to bed with no supper one night we got a chinese take away. I couldn't use chop sticks to eat my food, so he sent me to my room with a pair of pencils to practice...). It was hard and to this day my Sister and Dad still don't speak to each other. I vowed I would never grow up like him. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have a terrible childhood, I wasn't beaten or abused. But it wasn't easy. And things are so much more personal when you're a child.

Personal hells. :) No one elses trauma quite compares to your own when you're growing up.

But, he was always there for me, and I learned, as I grew, to understand him, and his insecurities. "You only get one chance at being a father, there's no practice." he once told me, and it's sinking in now. I love him to bits now, and can deal with his idiosincronies the easiest out of the rest of my family. But I know I am turning into him, no matter how hard I vowed not to. In a way. I just hope to take the best fom him, and the best from myself, to pass on to my little girl.

I might not be inspired any more, but I'm going to inspire my little girl. Support her in whatever she wants to do, or become.

As I would to all those I care about.

Xenko December 12 2006 8:00 PM EST

I was going to post something great about my wife, as she is really the only thing in the world that matters to me. Sure I love CB, and I love my work, but these are merely distractions (in the case of CB) or a means to an end (in the case of my job). As I was saying, I was going to make a great post, but the I read Johnnywas' response and realized that he summed up anything I was going to say in 10 small words:

"My wife. My best friend and love of my life."

I guess you just can't beat simplicity. I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors dyno. I hope you have a great Christmas with your friends and loved ones, as they are really the only thing that matters.

Phrede December 12 2006 11:21 PM EST

I get inspired by animals and large paper bags.

AdminNightStrike December 13 2006 1:28 AM EST

I've lost most of my inspiration and motivation.

TayTay December 13 2006 1:39 AM EST

My inspiration comes from knowing that tomorrow is another day. Whether it be meeting new people, or trying different things or just learning something new, I always know that tomorrow will be another short day in a very long exciting life.

{cb1}dyno December 13 2006 2:25 AM EST

Contest over, prizes sent. Farewell cb, you've been good to me =) feel free to e-mail me at Bpmcder@gmail.com if you wanna keep in touch!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 13 2006 6:19 AM EST

Thanks dyno, you were one of my cb inspirations, it was friendly competition and innocent assumptions of safety that made the good times good.

I'm inspired by the idiocy of humanity, I know the despite my status on the evolutionary ladder as stuck propping up that short leg in the mud that others both suffer and have joy at this life we are lucky enough to lead. Other times it's the blissful rush of an ugly comment made to someone who even half deserved it.

I also have fought long and hard to find inspiration for positive change that wasn't just anther obsession/bad habit, and failed more often than not. In truth I'm not sure our feeble little minds actually make it much past reproductive drives, though there may be some odd exceptions (playing cb will not be likely to help you in that department)...

Gandalf December 19 2006 3:41 PM EST

im inspired by a football and some nets with someone in it to blast ball as hard as you can and try taking their head clean off, and by a good RPG game. =D
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