Cesti or Tulkas' Gauntlets? (in General)

Talion December 12 2006 10:12 PM EST

I was wondering...

I have a heavy armored Wall and I was wondering if it was better to equp it with a pair of Cesti or a pair of Tulkas' Gauntlets?

My wall only has HP, PL, and base Protection trained. So in the long run, I think the armor that is the least expensive to upgrade is the one I should choose.

With that in mind, which type of gloves should I choose?

QBOddBird December 12 2006 10:16 PM EST

TG in that case.

Cesti if you don't want to pay the large base price for a pair of TG.

Miandrital December 12 2006 10:50 PM EST

Also keep in mind that if you aren't planning to upgrade them that much, cesti might be better. They have a lower PR weight, meaning less PR per plus than the tulkas and thus you get better rewards over the long haul.
If your plan is to have a 300 AC wall, then you are better off going with tulkas.

One last note, PL on a wall is a very bad idea. PL ignores armor, so essentially all the money you have in your wall is circumvented by PL. It would be better to put the PL on a low AC enchanter. That way, the damage is reduced by your wall, then whisked away to another minion, keeping your wall and your damage dealer alive longer.

AdminShade December 13 2006 2:21 AM EST

TG > Cesti

AdminNightStrike December 13 2006 3:17 AM EST

Not always, Shade. If the minion is strictly a wall and you want to maximize rewards, Cesti will have a lower PR at a given enchantment level.

QBJohnnywas December 13 2006 4:57 AM EST

I'll go along with Mian in this case. I wouldn't put the PL on the wall. You want your wall to last as long as possible. And with that in mind I'd go for as much AC as I could get. There's really not much point in having a wall that isn't going to do it's job properly. Tulks would be my choice. You could always rent them. There's almost always a large pair going in there.

QBJohnnywas December 13 2006 5:17 AM EST

One little thing to remember as far as the long run is concerned. The best you'll probably be able to do with the Cesti is sell them back to the store. Think about how much that will get you back compared to Tulks. With the Cesti, it will be less than you spend on them. Tulks on the other hand you'll be able to sell, you'll also be able to put them in rentals and make money from them if you're not using them. Going cheap in the short time might not be the best option....

AdminShade December 13 2006 7:53 AM EST

NS: does that include being at the same AC level?

Talion December 13 2006 8:32 AM EST

Thanks for all the advice. I will go with Tulks because I plan to upgrade them really high. I don't really care about PR as I am presently winning against higher PR/MPR characters and I am already using rented Tulks.

As far as PL on my Wall goes, I had the same reservations about wasting all its HP on PL absorption. However, it is working fine so far. The PL serves me very well during ranged combat and when I reach the melee rounds, even if my Wall only has 25% of its HP left, its high AC helps it last long enough for my Tank and my SF to kill anything left standing.
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