Who plays Oblivion? (in Off-topic)

Eorlas December 19 2006 4:47 PM EST

Also, what guild did you prefer? I prefer the Dark Brotherhood because assassinating is fun and quite rewarding.

AdminShade December 20 2006 3:39 AM EST

I preferred all of them, though brotherhood was fun indeed... :)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 20 2006 12:36 PM EST

Same, I joined all of them. Unlike the previous game (Morrowind), in Oblivion the guild quests don't interweave and conflict with each other. It's cool that you can do all the guild quests without breaking any other possible quests, but it sucks a little in the RPG part of things.

The thieves guild is probably the best to join, as you get real tangible benefits over NOT being in the guild. Plus if you complete all the thieves quests, you will be pleasantly surprised!
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