Do we truly get a 'small bonus' when fighting characters in a clan? (in General)

AdminShade December 20 2006 2:24 AM EST

We always believed to receive a small bonus for fighting other characters who are enlisted in a clan. (provided we are in a clan ourselves)

Though recently I have fought people with very similar scores, and clan characters don't give a higher reward % than non clan characters.

Is this as intended and did I misinterpret the 'bonus' or is there something flawed?

Flamey December 20 2006 7:37 AM EST

there was supposedly a bonus? o_O

QBJohnnywas December 20 2006 7:50 AM EST

"We always believed to receive a small bonus...."

Who is 'We' Shade? The voices in your head lol? But seriously folks, I don't recall ever hearing about a bonus to rewards on top of the Clan Points received for fighting clan And I can't find an evidence of it being spoken about in the forums. Did you dream it maybe on one of your cycle rides? Perhaps a night out in Amsterdam?


QBJohnnywas December 20 2006 7:51 AM EST

I missed some punctuation there. Sorry!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 20 2006 8:03 AM EST

That was in clan info somewhere on CB1. "In addition, there is a small bonus to fight rewards when fighting other clanmembers." Or something like that.

No idea if it was official Word of Jon or mere speculation from the hoi polloi, though.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 20 2006 8:16 AM EST

It was part of the official help or FAQ. So I assume it was official, once. ;) As there is no word of an existing change from this, I assume it's still the same. ;)

Come on Jon, put us out of our misery! :P

Hyrule Castle [Defy] December 20 2006 9:29 AM EST

yea, where is that bonus at, :D

QBJohnnywas December 20 2006 9:35 AM EST

It's not in the official FAQ now. Maybe it was one of the things that were left behind with CB1?

Hyrule Castle [Defy] December 20 2006 9:49 AM EST

someone edited it, but we still needs to gets answerses! is!

Flamey December 20 2006 6:30 PM EST

You can't edit the Official FAQ.

Miandrital December 20 2006 6:35 PM EST

I am pretty sure that is in the Clan Join page. Somebody not in a clan could check it.

AdminNightStrike December 20 2006 6:44 PM EST

* All fights vs other Clan Characters earn slightly larger rewards, both of money and experience.
* Participants in the best Clans (currently the top 57) get a (separate) bonus to ALL fight awards, up to 15% for the #1 Clan.
* Membership is one way to qualify to vote in the Black Market.

AdminShade December 21 2006 2:32 AM EST

Indeed, what is small but small enough to not be noticed?

Flamey December 21 2006 3:11 AM EST

Holy moly, I've been here over a year, and I never noticed that. :\

Yukk December 23 2006 6:13 PM EST

Well, I was just going through my list immediately after reading this
and I fought two teams in a row, one clan, one not clan.
For both fights I got exactly $999 as my reward cash, so if
there is a bonus, it's waaay too small for me to see :(

AdminNightStrike December 23 2006 6:17 PM EST

There's a fairly wide variance in the reward algorithm. You'd have to fight quite a bit to see if there's a difference. Even then, since scores change with each fight, so too do rewards.

Flamey December 23 2006 6:32 PM EST

It seems so insignificant we don't even need to test for it.

Yukk December 23 2006 7:12 PM EST

Yes, but according to a post I'll never be able to find, your rewards
come in .. 5 sizes I think ?
Both Challenge bonuses were 100% and the score difference
between the two teams is only 1600.
If anyone wants to test, the teams are:
Aragorn (kingelfstone) and Goldminer (erorrr).

Here are my results from 40 battles. I did appear to be 'luckier' fighting the Clan member but the values were the same.

Aragorn C Goldminer
874/127 624/168
749/172 749/131
874/128 500/162
624/116 1124/207
749/186 1124/151
500/221 500/138
999/182 1124/142
624/118 500/220
500/176 999/215
1124/135 999/119
624/194 749/132
999/213 999/139
500/174 874/130
624/141 1124/202
1124/200 624/160
749/206 874/114
500/217 624/124
749/117 749/115
874/190 1124/148
999/153 1124/204

Max/min Max/Min
1124/500 1124/500 $CB
221/116 220/114 Exp

Flamey December 23 2006 9:00 PM EST

Was it this thread?

Yukk December 23 2006 10:09 PM EST

Yeah, that's the one. Darn, I think I should have used HTML to
format my post. It's a lot less legible without the tabs.

AdminNightStrike December 26 2006 3:10 AM EST

I think in this case your best bet is to just ask Jon to clarify what's on the clan page compared to what's displayed in the fight logs.

noneedforthese December 26 2006 8:27 PM EST

Perhaps fighting clan members simply adds a few % to the challenge bonus? A really simple and completely unprove-able answer :P
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