Third minion? Yes? No? (in General)

IndependenZ December 20 2006 9:12 AM EST

My NCB is running to an end, and I need some advice. I have 7mil CB2$ which is enough to hire a third minion, the expensive one. But would that be a good idea? Or should I just use that 7mil to further upgrade my gear?

Here are my stats:

HP: 30,000
ST: 20
DX: 19/20
AMF: 1,327,345 (?)
VA: 211,000 (?)

Leather Boots [4] (+11)
Leather Gauntlets [2] (+10)
Cabasset [3] (+10)
Gangster of Love lvl 1,196,057 (Jig)
Exec [82x17] (+10) (just there to get my Jig up front)

HP: 400,000
ST: 408,669/311,984
DX: 414,000/300,000
UC: 1,441,664/511,234 (111)
Prot: 0/1,000 (4)

Combat Gi [1] (+74)
Elven Cloak [4] (+12)
Elven Boots [10] (+27)
Gold Knuckles [4] (+14) (HG's)
Helm of Ecthelion [6] (+16)
Mage Shield [0] (+28)
Amulet of Focus [0] (+10)
5,912 Bolts [10x1] (+0)
Assassin's Crossbow [4x650] (+70)

Extra gear
Trollskin Armor [22] (+31)
Elven Boots [10] (+20)
Elven Gloves [3] (+10)

I was thinking about adding a mage wall, since I already have most of the equipment. But I'm not too confident about that, because I already have a huge AMF to handle mages. My main problem is doing damage, of course. At the moment, I'm training ST and UC only to try and balance it out. But maybe it's just better to add an enchanter with GS or Haste, or even EC to knock other tanks down to my level. I could also just forget the third minion and upgrade my HG's or something. Point is, I don't know. What would you do?

IndependenZ December 20 2006 9:12 AM EST

Oh, and before I forget: no, I'm not going to re-ink my tattoo, I love my Jig. Same goes for UC, I'm not going to ditch it for a normal melee weapon. Hehe :)

QBJohnnywas December 20 2006 9:26 AM EST

Personally I would add another minion. Spreads out the damage even further. Move the mage shield to that minion and then you'd be able to consider swapping the AoF for an AoM. Yes the AoF boosts your UC, but given that EC hits your dex, strength AND defensive dex from your evasion and that the AoF boosts opponents EC....With the AoM and the addition of the UC you lose from the Mage shield things would even out somewhat.

I'd also consider an ELB over the Axbow. My own personal preference for UC but if your biggest problem is damage then use something that dishes out REAL damage....;)

Kong Ming December 20 2006 10:43 AM EST

Use the money and get a big ELB and make sure the + are big. That would ensure you do tons of damage in range. Forget about another minion unless you have the equipment to make a good mage wall.

AdminShade December 20 2006 10:50 AM EST


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 20 2006 11:05 AM EST

a TSA MgS wall might prove shiny...

PL and a little dex also helps with nasty axbow users...

Talion December 20 2006 11:16 AM EST

I was thinking the exact same thing.

AdminNightStrike December 20 2006 2:39 PM EST

Are minions cheaper once the bonus period ends?

IndependenZ December 20 2006 3:17 PM EST

Nah, the price is calculated by the existing MPR. So the bonus hasn't got anything to do with buying new minions.

About the ELB, I've been thinking about that for a looong time :p Never had the money to buy one and upgrade it to a reasonable level. Now I happen to have 7mil, but another minion is also very tempting. Can't have both though.

Anyway, I see most of you opt for the third minion. I like the mage wall, but isn't it better for me to just get an enchanter? I'd turn my first minion into AMF/AS instead of AMF/VA and use the new minion for EC/GS. In case of the mage wall, I'd do HP/PL and a bit of DX and keep my first minion the same. Any ideas which would be better?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 20 2006 3:27 PM EST

the HP/PL/DEX wall would offer a lot more protection than just another enchanter...

it's a choice between continuing to specialize, or adding a bit of protection against your weakest foes...

QBOddBird December 20 2006 7:30 PM EST

I'd keep it to 2 minions.

If you must go to 3, make it a PL/HP wall with MGS/TSA, but I'd really stick to 2 were I in your shoes.

Don't drop that VA either, or GA opponents will eat you alive (they already do for me!)

Training straight UC/STR will indeed boost your damage, but you need HP too. You could always do like me and drop some of your DX in favor of ST/UC/HP =) seeing as how UC offers SO much PTH.

PL/HP walls will help you none against CoC/FB, though, as they'll be eaten within a round or two....against tanks, they are great - against MM, they are great - but several FB blasts and a direct hit means you're right back down to your original three after one to two rounds.

Gandalf December 23 2006 10:19 AM EST

if i were you and has that much CB it would be nice, I would buy a big Ranged weapon now sure which one as most UC damage Dealers got with the SoD, dunno why as i don't exactly no what it does. and hit hard in range. Also maybes spend 1mil upgrading your existing gear. =D hope i helped?
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