Hey is there a way to block CMs? (in Off-topic)

kevinLeong December 24 2006 9:34 PM EST

Hyrule Castle keeps spamming my box trying to pick an argument and whining like a kid, and claiming he has a life. I don't have to time to argue with this little boy, is there a way to block him?

If not it's alright, its just annoying getting my page filled with pointless CMs.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 24 2006 9:40 PM EST

ask fexy to add it to his script...I've been asking for ignore for forums for days and days...

Miandrital December 24 2006 9:46 PM EST

/ignore will block chatmail

kevinLeong December 24 2006 9:48 PM EST

Sweet thanks Mian

Hyrule Castle December 24 2006 10:47 PM EST

lol, what a noob :P

Hyrule Castle December 24 2006 10:52 PM EST

first off it wasn't spam... and i merely asked if you would not farm me, as i am very busy with work, and you have to go and cry about how i dont deserve to be in a clan because i cant get the necessary cps???

Where do you get the nerve to tell someone with a job how to play CB... its obvious you dont have one, or much of a social life, judging by your comments that you Chatmailed me... so quit being immature and drop the subject?

ty and merry Christmas

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 24 2006 10:53 PM EST

you admitted to asking someone not to farm you and called someone a newb in the same thread...-100 points HC

Hyrule Castle December 24 2006 10:54 PM EST

lol :P

Hyrule Castle December 24 2006 10:55 PM EST

it was in his best interest for cp and exp to not attack me, i was secretly giving him tips, and he didn't take em... i guess he doesn't want to be good?

AdminShade December 25 2006 7:27 AM EST

asking someone to stop farming you is useless, don't get in a clan if you don't want to be farmed.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] December 25 2006 8:14 AM EST

The Clan holiday must make you happy, HC. If not you're still ruining Christmas for the working class with such spam. No Tulwar for you!

AdminG Beee December 25 2006 9:09 AM EST

Blocking CMs might not be the best idea.

I often talk with people via CM before deciding whether there's been an infringement of the rules. The 5th amendment doesn't apply in CB and silence would most likely lead to an assumption of guilt.

Blocking CMs from admins would be entirely at your own risk and would waive any right of appeal :)

Hyrule Castle December 25 2006 10:36 AM EST

i know, it has worked before... me asking people if they would not farm me. People listen, and understand sometimes.

I figured it was worth a try since i was in my own clan, and was bombarded with work and school m-f... i didn't really want my clan to get dis-banned for negative score for the week.

I quit the clan anyway.

It was just his response to it, making it seem like i was not worthy to be in any kind of clan at all that,... well pissed me off. I don't listen to people that act tuff, when the reality of it is they are prolly just some sissy little 12 year old :D

thats how i roll

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 25 2006 11:32 AM EST


Timberwolf December 25 2006 6:31 PM EST

Have you ever heard of taking the good with the bad?
Did you honestly expect to create a clan and only reap the benefits without being farmed?
Welcome to clan life.

kevinLeong December 26 2006 6:57 PM EST

I know GB, I'm not looking to block all CMs, just the ones from people I don't want to deal with.

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] December 27 2006 2:13 AM EST

I have a FOOL proof way to block unwanted CM's and even chat on IRC. Simply pretend the person does not exist. Thus you block all unwanted junk from them. You cannot see nor respond to the non-existent, heck try CMing the non-existent (the nameless one) right here CB.

I am actually serious. It astounds me that anyone would have to use some mechanical/electrical means to ignore someone in a non-verbal setting.

Anyway, there you have it, 100% guaranteed to work.

Daz December 27 2006 7:39 AM EST

Or, if you never use Chat (like myself), then you can set it to send them to the chat window! Sure... you block all of them, but hey. Good with the bad?

AdminNightStrike December 27 2006 8:15 AM EST

Sefton, unfortunately, there's a nasty side effect when people spam up your chatmail inbox -- CB only keeps the most recent 50 messages. So you wind up having other things scroll off. It's highly annoying.
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