Single Tank strategy talks (in General)

AdminShade December 29 2006 1:52 PM EST

Inspect my character Morgoth Bauglir if you want to see it.

HP: 389,161/590,000
ST: 522,353/295,115
DX: 849,600/590,000
AC: 152
Bloodlust: 104,340/70,500 (0.60)
Ethereal Chains: 0/50 (20)
Protection: 0/1,000 (4)

A Trollskin Armor [22] (+42)
Cloak of the Aratar [4] (+9) (Elven Cloak)
Boots of the Valaquenta [10] (+25) (Elven Boots)
Gloves of the Valaraukar [3] (+12) (Elven Gloves)
Iron Crown 'The Crown of Morgoth' [6] (+14) (Helm of Ecthelion)
Scales of Glaurung [0] (+38) (Mage Shield)
An Amulet of Might [0] (+10)
A Morgul-Hammer [84x2800] (+75)

I am currently training ~20% in HP, ~10% in ST and ~20% in DX.
I also train my Bloodlust to be 20% of my ST.

I use no ranged weapon because of the following issues:
Using a bow would require me to train Archery to be able to deal damage in all rounds
Using crossbows or slings wouldn't give enough damage.

Also additionally using any ranged weapon would render my big MH useless in the first melee round, crossbows and slings don't deal enough damage to make up for this, bows don't fire enough in ranged rounds to cover for this.

Yes I am aware, I am vulnerable to Decay and any form or ranged damage such as Magic Missile and Fireball, as well as all ranged weapons, so be it.

Now my question: how to improve if any improvement at all, both item and skill wise...

QBPixel Sage December 29 2006 1:56 PM EST

What's your target enemy type? Being vulnerable to all ranged attacks makes your opponent choice that much smaller.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 29 2006 2:01 PM EST

Do you have any trouble fighting multi minion teams based around on ToA tanks?

AdminShade December 29 2006 2:04 PM EST

I can't say I have Henk, though I don't think I have encountered any of them recently (perhaps inspect my fight list)

My target enemy type, mostly single mages or multi minion teams revolving around either tanks or mages. My current fight list hosts a reasonably wide variety of targets still.

My aim to deal with magic damage is to block as much as possible in the ranged rounds, with a high + on the Mage Shield and Trollskin Armor.

winner winner December 29 2006 2:04 PM EST

ummm i don't have Archery on Black Rose and i still hit in every round in range i have a ELB

QBOddBird December 29 2006 2:06 PM EST

With a combination of a big MH, AoM, TSA, HoE, you have pretty decent damage being done, no?

I'd stop putting EXP into STR altogether for a bit and boost my HP to make sure I always survived to ranged rounds, boosting AC bit by bit as I went to help with survival as well. Your MH is pretty large already and your STR is decent, so all I can see that I would change (assuming you are having problems) would be to concentrate more onto the HP issue....

AdminShade December 29 2006 2:07 PM EST

I did so too with a Compound Bow I borrowed, though this was capped to 2 hits per ranged round due to the DX gap of me vs my opponent.

Everything above double hit is unavailable due to the + of the weapon being nearly 0 (this depends slightly on the target minion however)

AdminShade December 29 2006 2:11 PM EST

Pretty decent damage you ask? This is very recent and goes up slowly but:

Most Powerful Blow: 504,768 so I'd say yes :)

Perhaps I should make a nice round number for my ST and focus a bit more on HP and a bit of DX indeed. As well as upgrading my AC a bit. At least this is a very viable option :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 29 2006 2:37 PM EST

Hire a second minion to stick a tattoo on! ;)

But really, if you want to stay single, check out Johnny's single Tank.

Only thing I thinkyou could consider changing is dropping BL for Evasion. Would lower your Damage, but make you hadier versus other Tanks.

I think you could also lower the amount of DEX you train for more STR. And possibly drop your EG for a set of Tulks.

DEX is only useful for you now facing other tanks. STR will help you splatter everyone. ;)

QBOddBird December 29 2006 2:51 PM EST

Right GL, but what's the overkill worth?

Which is better against an opponent with a million HP - 3 hits for 500k or 3 hits for 700k? It really doesn't matter, so there's no need to overdo the STR. Survival seems much important IMO, dumping that into HP and boosting AC just seems like the better alternative.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 29 2006 2:56 PM EST

I have gone with Evasion as my skill with STR boosting items, there will be more once I can get a HoE and switch my tat to a second minion (yes, I know I will then be more than single minion) but currently it is working quite well with practically no NW in comparison to most tanks, if I had the chance to include more NW and play more consistantly then I think I would be doing better than I am, probably even manage to keep up with you Shade :P
I actually think that your strategy looks pretty reasonable the way it is and like the fact that you haven't gone the AMF route like I and most single tanks have although I'm still planning on keeping my old CB1 strategy of an accompanying FB/VA mage.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 29 2006 3:02 PM EST

OB, three 500K hits is just as overkill. ;)

But, CB is all about damage. More damage can never steer you wrong!

Once you get to killing any minion you face in one round, than you can pump up your HP to make sure you don't stalemate. ;)

Besides, Sahde will continue to train HP anyway, it's the ratio of STR to DEX I was commenting on. ;) More DEX now only helps versus Tanks, and even then it *could* be overkill, depending on the DEX of your opponent (And DEX is useless once you get enough to make your opponent miss/you land two hits from it). While STR helps versus all comers.

Plus STR provides a little physical damage reduction. ;)

AdminShade December 29 2006 3:13 PM EST

Hehe Zoglog, my intention indeed was to try something hardly anyone has really tried. No AMF but with TSA and MgS :)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 29 2006 3:17 PM EST

And I'm intent on staying with the JKF on my tank team, we both have things which people aren't really willing to try ;)

horseguy001 December 29 2006 4:45 PM EST

I think your tank is doing well...your dex has caught up to my diluted tank, and once in awhile I will draw against you. Soon those will be losses, unless my Evasion wall can catch up to that MH of yours, but then your dex will be high enough that I don't think it will matter anyways.

Your damage is high enough that my GA *just* covers the 20%, which means that too many stumbles from my tank and I am toast :D

AdminShade December 29 2006 8:56 PM EST

I don't think you can keep ahead of the DX nor the + and the reason for that is what you already say to be your diluted tank.
Single mages are so strong because of their concentrated experience, the same is true for my tank.


noneedforthese December 29 2006 9:01 PM EST

"Only thing I thinkyou could consider changing is dropping BL for Evasion. Would lower your Damage, but make you hadier versus other Tanks. "
I would almost vote for that, xcept 500k a hit is.. delicious ;)
During free retrainnig I guess you'll get all the tweakin you could possibly need!

AdminShade December 29 2006 9:02 PM EST

plus the following: do I need evasion against other tanks or is my DX high enough already?

horseguy001 December 29 2006 9:09 PM EST

Well you have a 500k mpr tank against my 750k mpr team, however my actual damage dealer is probobly only around 250k mpr, so that is your advantage right there. If you could finish your NCB around 1 mil MPR and hire on 3 supporting minions for your big tank...yikes :D

Kong Ming December 29 2006 9:19 PM EST

I like your single tank :) Maybe I'll use the untraining period to change mine into a single tank but I'm going for a UC tank with a big ELB. I need to forge up my UC gears to provide enough AC and together with my MgS, hopefully its enough against mages.

AdminShade January 7 2007 7:58 AM EST

So, atm I have 1 million DX :D
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