time flies in CB (in Off-topic)

velvetpickle January 4 2007 9:15 AM EST

Today is my one year anniversary of becoming addicted to CB!!!!

Thanks everyone for the good times, and lets keep them coming.

QBJohnnywas January 4 2007 9:21 AM EST

Happy CB B-Day!

AdminG Beee January 4 2007 10:03 AM EST

Happy CB birthday VP :)

For your 2nd anniversary you can stick the post in Off-topic where this kind of post belongs :)

BMWheatley January 4 2007 11:04 AM EST

Happy CB B-day, VP. : )

AdminShade January 4 2007 11:31 AM EST

congrats velvetpickle :)

QBOddBird January 4 2007 11:37 AM EST

Happy fake birthday vp!!

Gandalf January 4 2007 12:16 PM EST

Happy CB birthday VP... hope the good times keep coming for you. =)

Flamey January 5 2007 5:39 AM EST

happy, CB-day. :D

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] January 5 2007 6:49 AM EST

happy CBBDay, and many to come.

(because CB owns your soul now.)
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