Cool?...sure...but what do they do? (in General)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 5 2007 1:20 PM EST

Razor Shield 25.9
Amulet of Regeneration 18.5
Asbestos Gauntlets 11.1
Dragonscale Mail 18.5
T-shirt of Taunting 25.9

What do you think the new supporter items might do?

BootyGod January 5 2007 1:23 PM EST

RazorShield= An inherent GA effect or something like that. AoR= Hmm... takes a the + (lets say 5) and gives 5% of damage damage dealt in a around back at the end of it? ABG= Reduction of Magic I would think. DSM= I would think magic, but that's TSA, so I -think- DSM will be the first mage armor and will help against melee. Duh. TST= Uhh... first target during ranged rounds? Basically, opposite of AoI.

QBsutekh137 January 5 2007 1:42 PM EST

Razor Shield - Either a tank backlash shield or something that "dulls" an attacker's weapon in successive rounds, perhaps reducing x damage?

Amulet of Regeneration - some sort of HP regenerator, like VA.

Asbestos Gauntlets - would have to be another FB defeater, unless they are meant to stop friendly-fire from FB in melee rounds, thereby making FB on multi-minion teams that much more viable.

Dragonscale Mail - absolutely no idea, but again, it sounds like something that defeats FB or perhaps friendly-fire FB.

T-Shirt of taunting - allow more customization of battle cries or death cries when worn?

horseguy001 January 5 2007 1:47 PM EST

I don't know about the others but I think the AoR is going to be a mage version of VA. Would help with AMF backlash :D

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 5 2007 1:49 PM EST

Razor Shield: Secondary attack with shield on same minion attacked with weapon, can't be used with two handed weapons

Amulet of Regeneration: Generates HP each round based on plus

Asbestos Gauntlets: base 8 Gauntlets? with no bonus...

Dragonscale Mail: Base 50 AC, no dex allowed!

T-shirt of Taunting: against mages...chance to fail to cast...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 5 2007 2:25 PM EST

Razor Shield: Reflect Physical Damage back to Physical Attacks. Does nothing to Magical Damage 9Possibly Melee only as well). Power Shield.

AoR: Passive HP regain. Some amount per plus per round.

Asbestos Gauntlets: FB damage absorb. Or... Allows you to hold a firery weapon without taking damage! :D

DSM: FB damage absorb

T-Shirt: Minion wearing this will be attacked first by ranged, physical, Decay and MM. Regardless of minion order. ;)

QBOddBird January 5 2007 2:26 PM EST

Razor Shield: Backlash against physical attacks, similiar to GA or RoBF

Amulet of Regeneration: A 'universal VA', if you will, perhaps working with Mage damage?

Asbestos Gauntlets: Gauntlets stopping magical damage, but draining a set % of HP each round (the cancerous effect!)

Dragonscale Mail: Gives a vorpal effect to UC! Oh please oh please....

T-shirt of Taunting: Reduces AC effect of attacking minion, as they are taunted off-guard and thus defense is dropped...

AdminJonathan January 5 2007 3:02 PM EST

"Mage shield" is definitely my favorite item name. That's all I have to say. :)

GO PATS January 5 2007 3:40 PM EST

It would be nice if the Dragonscale Mail, or some other item in the future, negated the effect of a VB... I mean... don't go overboard, but there seems to be something to counter everything in this game, so why not?

T-Shirt of Taunting: Egads I hope the name changes if this item is actually implemented, but, I like the idea of an opposite AoI...

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 5 2007 3:43 PM EST

Razor shield would have to be a tanks shield that acts as a second weapon
AoR...well gives slight healing in fight.
A.G.s would be for fire mage improves aim
D.M. armour made of two dragon scales proof against fire balls
T-shirt of taunting is a telepathic shirt that calls opponents noob and like things only defense is illiteracy.

AdminLamuness January 5 2007 5:02 PM EST

From the way the items are named, I'll go with the following:

Razor Shield - Sounds similar to the CB1 Cloak of Balrog Flames. Where if the attacker attacks a minion with the shield equipped, they'll get damaged.

Amulet of Regeneration - Might do something similar to VA.

Asbestos Gauntlets - Might grant something similar to the old GS. More ST but take more damage as well.

Dragonscale Mail - Could be an improved version of Adamantite Cuirass. Could also reduce fire damage.

T-shirt of Taunting - Sounds it might do something similar to EC.

QBPixel Sage January 5 2007 5:52 PM EST

What? Where did these names come from?

QBPixel Sage January 5 2007 5:55 PM EST

Oh, I see. Just kidding =)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 5 2007 5:58 PM EST

Lazy Link

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 5 2007 8:17 PM EST

Razor Shield
-Could be a shield that mages wear : )

Amulet of Regeneration
-Regenerates hp for mages, like how va works for tanks : )

Asbestos Gauntlets
-Grants protection from friendly fire backlash from FB : )

Dragonscale Mail
-Grants more protection from FB, and some protection from AMF backlash : )

T-shirt of Taunting
Shirt for mages that increase DD : )

And yes, my character is a mage :P

Sorry if any grammar mistakes, 1am : (

Kong Ming January 6 2007 12:00 AM EST

Just a sidetrack, are we going to have so many supporter items at one go? Or the naming is just for one item and eventually serve the same function no matter if its a shield, amulet, gauntlets or body armor?

QBOddBird January 6 2007 12:10 AM EST

Um, I'm thinking we're voting on the one that sounds the coolest and Jon'll probably decide between the ones with the highest # of votes. But that's just what I was thinking.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 6 2007 1:41 AM EST

I think he did the poll just to distract our feeble minds and we're really getting a completely different shiny bauble !

Ancient Anubis January 7 2007 3:11 AM EST

i don't know about u guys but i rather see a weapon for a supporter item this item. i like the sounds of dragonscale armour but imstead have a dragonfire bow base 6 plus either has similar effect to MH absorbing life ability or does damage like Fireball dividing damage among targets.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 7 2007 7:04 AM EST

We've not long had the SoD introduced, I think the majority of supporter items should be armour anyway especially with how Jon has made them all fairly specialized, even if some would say that the MgS and TSA are almost necessary at higher levels :)

Hyrule Castle January 7 2007 12:32 PM EST

god i hope wasp is right ;D
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