National CHampionship (in Off-topic)

ThatOneMan January 8 2007 8:38 PM EST

GO Ohio State Buckeyes....
Florida doesnt deserve to be there

Florida wins the toss and kicks and Ted Ginn takes it all the way for the touchdown on the kick return...Way to go Florida u guys rock.....i dont recal Michigan letting Ginn do that

Relic January 9 2007 12:30 AM EST

Umm, who won the game? :P~

QBOddBird January 9 2007 12:32 AM EST


No contest OSU never had a chance!

QBRanger January 9 2007 12:49 AM EST

OSU won the first 16 seconds of the game--With the help of a no call on that hold. Reggie Nelson was held and that prevented him from getting to Ginn.

The other 59 min 44 seconds belonged to Florida.


Miandrital January 9 2007 5:48 PM EST

/me is already ready for next season :)

ThatOneMan January 9 2007 8:39 PM EST

Ohio State was off for 8 weeks....8 weeks....come on....
i give Florida there prompt....
If Florida and OSU played at the end of the season OSU would have owned them. OSU was just horrible and didnt even look like they knew what football was anymore.

QBOddBird January 9 2007 8:40 PM EST

It is OK, I'd be in denial too if my team sucked that badly.

ThatOneMan January 9 2007 8:41 PM EST

Ohio State isnt my team......Michigan is my team

QBOddBird January 9 2007 8:44 PM EST

*grins* I cannot help but stand by my statement nonetheless...

...and consider the lineup OSU played vs. the lineup FL played.

I mean really, there's no excuse. Fact is that everyone thought OSU was a lot better than they were and underestimated Florida.

QBRanger January 9 2007 8:50 PM EST

Yes, everyone THOUGHT that Ohio State was better than Florida.

However, we now KNOW Florida destroyed the best the big 10 can offer. Did not just win, but dominated every aspect of the game played on a NEUTRAL site.

Except for 1 kickoff return that should have had a holding penalty on it, Florida dominated on Offense and Defense.

Holding the Heisman Trophy winner, a QB, to 5 (five) total yard passing and running is something only a special team could do. And Florida this year was that team.

Remember Florida's only loss was at Auburn and that loss is very disputed due to a very poor call on a forward pass that was ruled a fumble.

And please look at who OSU and UF played. Everyone agrees Florida played the toughest schedule in the nation. Who has OSU played? A Texas team that lost 4 games? A Michigan team that got embarrassed by USC? They did not even play Wisconsin.

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