Grammatical Errors: "Cone of cold" / "Magic missile&quo (in General)

MissingNo January 13 2007 5:18 PM EST

This is a really small thing, but I wanted to point out that "Cone of cold" and "Magic missile" are the only spells that don't have capitalization after the first word, like "Dispel Magic" and "Unarmed Combat", etc.

MissingNo January 15 2007 6:05 PM EST

No one cares at all? :(

GO PATS January 15 2007 6:05 PM EST

I care... I like capitalization.

MissingNo January 15 2007 6:16 PM EST

I care too! I was expecting Bast to chime in too. Grammatic inconsistency sucks!

bartjan January 15 2007 6:23 PM EST

Yeah, it's a capital crime.

miteke [Superheros] January 15 2007 6:25 PM EST

Now THAT was a good pun, if obvious. I hate bad puns.

MissingNo January 15 2007 6:34 PM EST

What are the chances that it'd be changed to be grammatically correct, though?

Flamey January 15 2007 8:03 PM EST

Not that hard to fix.

Maelstrom January 15 2007 11:53 PM EST

I'd say that these are simply inconsistent, not actually errors. There's nothing grammatically incorrect about not using a capital letter in this situation.

MissingNo January 15 2007 11:59 PM EST

They are errors and inconsistencies. "Cone of Cold" and "Magic Missile" are proper nouns since they are names of spells.

RaptorX January 16 2007 1:10 AM EST

Here! Here! For proper capitalization!!

Hmm, is that right? :)

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 16 2007 3:14 AM EST

Capitalisation : )

Flamey January 16 2007 3:33 AM EST

Haha, go Wasp. :)

muon [The Winds Of Fate] January 16 2007 3:44 AM EST

Armour, theatre, programme?

MissingNo January 16 2007 5:06 AM EST

I'm not sure I get it.

Flamey January 16 2007 5:08 AM EST

the last 3 posts were a correction to the american spelling of the word capitilisation to the English, I laughed, muon showed other examples.


bartjan January 16 2007 6:07 AM EST

"<Ulquiorra> [mail:] Hey, can you ask Jon to fix the capitalization of "Cone of cold" and "Magic missile" since he hates me and ignores every single CM he gets from me? :>"

Why should I have to risk all that as well?

QBsutekh137 January 16 2007 1:51 PM EST

Several reasons, actually:

-- Jonathan tends not to ignore administrative ZenMasters.
-- The change for this would be trivial. We are talking about 2 SQL queries, if the names are normalized as I would expect them to be.
-- Even if the answer were "no", a single denied request from a respected source has never, in my knowledge, caused Jonathan to stop listening to that source.


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 16 2007 1:59 PM EST

nothing like bringing the mewlings of an obsessive little scamp to the boss like they are your own...

I for one twitch far more at useless threads, than a lower case m or c...

MissingNo January 16 2007 2:28 PM EST

If it's useless then, ...don't read them, and much less reply to them. If you consider it useless but will take the time to read/reply, that says something about you. Also, Novice, once again, I see you have failed to leave out traces of your immaturity in the posts you make. I might be an "obsessive little scamp", but you're an immature egotistical troll.

AdminJonathan January 16 2007 2:39 PM EST

Hint: repeatedly CMing me about the same agrammatical "grammar error" doesn't make me think, "Wow, what a perceptive young man I am dealing with! I'm so glad he brought this to my attention, over and over and over! I'm even happier with how he keeps harping on it in the forums as if he'd just won the lottery!"

AdminJonathan January 16 2007 2:40 PM EST

"I might be an 'obsessive little scamp', but you're an immature egotistical troll."

The sooner you get over yourself, the happier we'll all be.

QBsutekh137 January 16 2007 3:16 PM EST

*sigh*, and now we'll probably never get capital consistency due to punitive reasons. Gah! The horror!

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 16 2007 3:16 PM EST

You just can't beat capitalism anymore.

GO PATS January 16 2007 3:19 PM EST

Score two for Jon!

MissingNo January 16 2007 5:01 PM EST

What is there to get over exactly? I think too highly of myself because I'm annoyed that Novice can't post with maturity?

Tezmac January 16 2007 5:12 PM EST

Don't feed the novice troll, just do what most of us do and ignore him.

TheHatchetman January 16 2007 5:18 PM EST

Great examples of your maturity...

MissingNo January 16 2007 6:27 PM EST

Hatchetman, in those posts, I'm obviously kidding. What I'm talking about when I talk about maturity is more along the lines of civility. I do get into arguments - a lot of them, but I don't think I've ever just come onto a topic and started shooting insults.

deifeln January 16 2007 7:45 PM EST

/me wishes...

Can I be given the power to close posts? Seriously, I just want to write "Thread Closed" and *poof* the thread is closed to new posts.

As my grandfather always said, "Wish in one hand and...."

QBsutekh137 January 16 2007 7:54 PM EST

Not sure why this thread needs closing, I find it delightful.

(And that's all that matters, of course!)

Saying things like "Hulk Smash!" (from previously-linked thread) are, in my opinion, pretty clearly jests. I didn't find that immature at all, Hatchet. And I do believe that Ulquiorra was calling out novice on this thread, not Jonathan. There is nothing _ever_ wrong with calling out novice, because he is a lot of fun. He is also, believe it or not, level-headed and tolerant, he just likes that hot sauce a leeeeeeeetle bit much, methinks. But I do love him. Dearly.

And finally, I am all for having the words "missile" and "cold" capitalized. Almost irrationally so, simply because the point of that all has seemingly been side-tracked on this thread. I, myself, find, myself, to be exceedingly dumbfounded by that fact, as I am not sure how the original post led to all of this. I am, however, also intrigued. *smile* That's why I post. Intriguationnessivity. Best. Word. Ever.

QBsutekh137 January 16 2007 7:56 PM EST

Please add previous multi-syllabic word to spell check.

This post is a direct, humble, sincere, and deep homage to NSFY. I miss him very much.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 17 2007 2:52 AM EST

I just can't get over that "obsessive little scamp" wasn't fuzzy and warm enough for Ulq and Tez, I really tried being nice like they asked...I swear I did...

Gandalf January 17 2007 1:09 PM EST

Again so much made out of a mole hill. =(

TheHatchetman January 17 2007 1:10 PM EST

its a big mole :)

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 17 2007 8:01 PM EST

Opvines has a mole where?

QBOddBird January 17 2007 8:05 PM EST

I don't know about Vines, but I've got one on my lower frontal portion of my left cheek. ^_^

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 17 2007 8:30 PM EST

I have one sitting on my leg right now, in fact he has never moved :P
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