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AC 478 January 14 2007 2:34 PM EST


Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] January 14 2007 2:36 PM EST

They should of made a lil research about this before killing someone. You don't have to dig very far to find out that drinking too much water can kill you.

Gandalf January 14 2007 2:42 PM EST

wow never knew that, as people say you learn a new thigng everyday. =)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 14 2007 2:43 PM EST

this makes FF mess up, try opening in a new window instead of just left clicking, cuz it screws up CB, lol

AC 478 January 14 2007 2:44 PM EST

Sorry I have no idea how to use html so I just copied a link from somebody else's post.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 14 2007 2:45 PM EST

thats pretty crazy, sucks, she did it for her Kids. But now she isnt around to enjoy it with them!

Lochnivar January 14 2007 2:55 PM EST

what is the exact LD 50 for water again?

AdminShade January 14 2007 3:15 PM EST

A student corps in the Netherlands once did an initiation party with water instead of beer...

turned out that after drinking 6 litres of water a guy got an epilteptic attack...

Timberwolf January 14 2007 3:28 PM EST

For future reference:

<a href="">WOW</a>
Is a standard link that will open in THIS window.

<a href="" target="_new">WOW</a>
Notice the: target="_new"
That forces it to open in a new window.
WOW (this window)
WOW (new window)

AC 478 January 14 2007 3:33 PM EST

Thank you :)

Timberwolf January 14 2007 3:34 PM EST

Ok, I'm slightly off today.
Don't use the first example link provided above.
It screws up CB just like the original link in this thread does.
The new window link doesn't effect CB that I can tell.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 14 2007 3:36 PM EST

<a href="">WOW</a>

should actually be:
<a href=""></a>WOW</A>

Timberwolf January 14 2007 3:45 PM EST

Zoglog, unless your referring to some obscure W3C standard, I don't believe what you recommend will work.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 14 2007 3:47 PM EST

That's what I use for all my links and they all work.

bartjan January 14 2007 3:49 PM EST

It *can't* work.

Timberwolf January 14 2007 3:51 PM EST

It doesn't, the first </a> tag closes the link.
The second one just gets ignored since there isn't a separate <a href> to open it to begin with.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 14 2007 3:55 PM EST

well maybe it isn't exact since I haven't done a link for a while but there were definitely 2 closing tags on them all, one /a and one /A.
I'll go dig them up.

Timberwolf January 14 2007 4:09 PM EST

Please do, I'm intrigued to see an example where that would work.

Xiaz on Hiatus January 14 2007 4:16 PM EST

Poor woman, more amazing is people are discussing the correct tags for hyperlinking.

<a href="http://URL HERE" alt="ALT COMMENT HERE"></a>

The case of <a> and </a> isn't important. Come on Zoglog, :P
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