BA Regen Question (in General)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 15 2007 9:54 PM EST

Ok, i realize i have two high MPR chars, but when i am at 0 BA, then next regen i have 10, and if i let it go to the next one i then have a total of 18.

So why do i get 10 and then 8 BA regen when using my NCB?

AdminShade January 16 2007 4:24 AM EST

when you switch characters you will get a BA replenish which is in between those characters...

Flamey January 16 2007 4:25 AM EST

Shade, if it was in between he would have 19 at the 2nd refresh, right?

His first character, which is smaller than mine is getting a 8/10 refresh and his NCB a 10/10, so the middle of that is 9.

I'll try to dig up the thread about this, JW and GL were involved.

AdminG Beee January 16 2007 4:30 AM EST

BA refresh is sometimes fickle. FAQ: BA No.6

AdminShade January 16 2007 4:30 AM EST


Isn't the middle of 10 and 8 still 9?

so 2 times 9 = 18

But, what I meant was that he receives BA replenishing from his highest VPR character (being the 8 BA) and from the other character (being 10 BA)

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 16 2007 4:31 AM EST

I'm guessing that since you were actively playing your NCB you got 10 BA when on it. Then you switched to your higher MPR and while on that character the BA refreshed and you were only granted 8.

Flamey January 16 2007 4:34 AM EST

Oh, right, whoops, I thought he had 10 first, then only got 8?

here is the link

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