Wiki & Clan admin. (in General)

Silatt January 22 2007 4:40 AM EST

Could somebody kindly please make a wiki about being a clan admin, what happens if you try to put somebody over the pr/mpr/vpr (I've heard all 3, even though the page says PR) of the clan limit, and any other thing necessary to flesh it out. I would rather be clear on all of these as a clan leader, and so I can aid future applicants, etc etc.

bartjan January 22 2007 4:59 AM EST

Anyone can make/edit wiki pages, that's what makes it a wiki.
So just find a place from where to link to this page (perhaps the clan wiki page?), make that link (so that the new page gets created) and put some basic info in it. Others then can expand it if needed.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 22 2007 11:04 AM EST

go to it

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 22 2007 11:06 AM EST

Indeed a small thing that needs to be changed. Im thinking this is from CB1: The max PR you can accept is 26,278,247.

PR is easily changed. Shouldn't it read MPR or VMPR?

AdminNightStrike January 22 2007 11:52 AM EST

I thought the same thing with buying BA when you're right on the cusp of a changeover. Unequip everything, buy 720 BA, equip it all, and you're back to 9/10 regen. It's an infrequent time that that can happen, though.

Flamey January 22 2007 5:37 PM EST

What is it based on, isn't VPR? If Isn't then it is MPR, on it says it's based on MPR, VPR isn't that far off, anyone clarify on this before we butcher the wiki page?

Add VPR to the Spell Check!

Flamey January 24 2007 3:11 AM EST

What is the limit based on?

Can someone please answer this.

Silatt January 24 2007 4:50 AM EST

Also could somebody clarify if you can put people in your clan once your passed the point *limit, whatever that limit is*, and what penalty that entails?

AdminShade January 24 2007 4:52 AM EST

The limit is based on the VPR of the top 5 highest VPR characters.

The calculation to this however, is unknown to me :)

bartjan January 24 2007 5:00 AM EST

I thought top 4...

AdminShade January 24 2007 5:09 AM EST

Top 4? could be, I wasn't sure if it was 4 or 5... :)
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