PL / Exboe / Axbow (in General)

AdminNightStrike January 24 2007 12:19 PM EST

PL redirects the stat drain of bows until the PL minion is reduced to zero. That makes sense. However, stat drain is a percentage of the target's stat. Therefore, which value is used, the % of the target, or the % of the PL minion?

Exbow x1000 = 30% drain.
Target ST: 900,000
PL Minion ST: 20

If I hit the target, I should drain from the PL minion, because his ST is over 0. Do I drain 30% of 20, or 30% of 900,000?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 24 2007 12:30 PM EST

The first strike would reduce the PL minion to 0 through the 30% of 20 plus the fixed reduction, you would then start draining from the minion with 900,000.

TheHatchetman January 24 2007 12:39 PM EST

Not if the PL minion was still alive...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 24 2007 12:48 PM EST

Hatchet, it was changed so that if the stat runs out then the drain portion moves to the minion with the highest of that stat, the damage stays with the PL minion though.

AdminShade January 24 2007 4:07 PM EST

Indeed, if on your second attempt to strike, the PL minion has negative ST/DX then you will drain stats from the other minion instead.

AdminNightStrike January 24 2007 4:08 PM EST

Zog: Are you sure it's not 30% of the target's ST applied to the PL minion? Has anyone tested this?

AdminShade January 24 2007 4:11 PM EST

The drain initially is of that of the highest ST minion. This negative ST and the Damage get applied to the PL minion.

AdminNightStrike January 24 2007 4:29 PM EST

So it takes 30% of 900,000, and drains that from the PL minion? That's contrary to Zog's statement.

AdminShade January 24 2007 4:37 PM EST

True it is contrary to his statement, but why would it drain 30% of 20 ST when it targets a different minion? makes no sense... have a 100 ST minion be drained 3 times for 30 ST and bypass any ST drain of the minion for which it is meant?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 24 2007 4:43 PM EST

I may have been wrong but that is how I understood it myself, I couldn't be 100% sure because I've never been on the receiving end.
But don't forget Shade there is also the direct reduction, a 100 STR minion will have negative STR after being hit once by a x1000 exbow.
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