Arrow Merging Costs? (in General)

Last Gasp January 26 2007 1:16 PM EST

Any reason why when you merge arrows of equal value it always gives you the option of "Free" and "Cost: $X" where X = the number of bundles of arrows you're merging? There seems to be no benefit to paying $2 (or $3 or $4 depending on your bundles) to merge them.

Miandrital January 26 2007 1:17 PM EST

This bug has been here for a while, just do the free option.

TheHatchetman January 26 2007 1:49 PM EST

Do the one that'll cost ya a couple bucks :) It won't gain ya anything, but it makes it so that the blacksmith doesnt think you're a cheap-skate :P

Unappreciated Misnomer January 26 2007 2:29 PM EST

i do it alll the time for fun :P

TheHatchetman January 26 2007 2:30 PM EST

Yippee! I just wasted $3 CB2! Such fun!

Though it sounds like i'm making fun of you, or calling you a moron, I've never done the free option myself :P

Arorrr January 26 2007 4:00 PM EST

I always paid extra, in case the bug favor the can-afford-$3er...

Unappreciated Misnomer January 27 2007 1:37 AM EST

really tho, what is $3 cb

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 27 2007 3:06 AM EST

$2 + $1 cb
or $1 + $2 cb

AdminShade January 27 2007 3:25 AM EST

or $1 cb + $1 cb + $1 cb :p

MissingNo January 27 2007 6:23 AM EST

or $4 cb - $1 cb

GO PATS January 27 2007 2:06 PM EST

6CB/2 also works here...
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