Advice on my NCB (in General)

TBH never enough gabber January 27 2007 11:31 PM EST

looking for a bit of advice on my NCB Harlequin

1 i've noticed how useless the HF is should i reink to a ToA/ToE or a SF

2 thinking About a wall/meat shield minion
with either 1/2 HP 1/4 PL 1/4 protection

or 1/4 Hp 1/2 evasion 1/4 GA

any advice would be well welcome thank you

QBRanger January 27 2007 11:38 PM EST

Never put PL on a wall.

If it is truly a wall, put all the xp into HP with perhaps a small evasion at most 122k which with all the perfect AC armor will be about 96k which is level 40.

Remember that the perfect wall armor has severe negatives to your skills/spells and dex.

Also, the HF familiar is not that useful, even with Junction. Any other tattoo will likely be better for any strategy.

winner winner January 28 2007 12:09 PM EST

you would do better with a ToA

Talion January 28 2007 2:45 PM EST

I would get a ToA if I were you. That's my opinion.

And... PL on a wall is not ALWAYS a bad idea for a wall (although it probably is 99% of the time).

My multi-purpose wall on Crusher (called Blocker) has PL and I beat the crap out of 95% of opponents at my level or lower. I know, I know, I know... everyone still disagrees with me, but as far as I am concerned, stats don't lie.

With a 2 minion team though, I can't imagine a scenario where I would train PL on a wall.

Duke January 28 2007 3:53 PM EST

Have you think about not having a tat for single tank that the best choice.

Drack January 28 2007 4:20 PM EST

I disagree with protection, ppl with DM just dispel it like nothing...

PL is not worthit at around 600k MPR and the max that i would train it would be around 100k damage absorb
(you meet some big hitters around there PL won't matter that much --> but keep it , it'll still give you wins)

If you wanted your second minion to be a wall - go with what popsicle man said

and use a ToA - it adds PTH...

TBH never enough gabber January 28 2007 6:19 PM EST

Thanks guys for your advice so far. definately gonna reink my Tat back to a ToA, when i get a bit more dosh i might, go for the Ac wall with a small evasion, Thanks Popsicle man!

Any other ideas for a possible third and forth minion would be nice as well.


Mikel January 28 2007 9:08 PM EST

Well personally if you want to go that route, just setup your gear like mine, I have pretty good magic protection from the MgS and the TSA helps me regenerate hp from GA. Unless your goal is to level up your tattoo.
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