Near Death Experience. (in Off-topic)

TH3 C0113CT0R January 28 2007 9:01 AM EST

Ok, I have just woke up, and my face hurts. Last Night I had a bunch of friends over, and we were drinking, and watching Saw 3. Now, by this point I had only had 3 beers, but I hadn't eaten anything yet. When the scene came up when the doctor is drilling holes in buddies head, I began to feel quezze. Now, Don't get me wrong, I have a very strong stomach for gore. but when the doctor brought out the little circular saw to cut the piece of skull out, I couldn't handle it I felt sick, I got up to run to the bathroom to puke, and the last thing I remember is reaching for the metal door frame of the bathroom...

I woke up and didn't have a clue about were i was for like 5mins. My Fiance was freaking out and on the phone with 911. I had blood pouring from my face. I lost all bodily control (This is a very embarrassing moment in my life). My Fiance said I hit the ground and started twitching. The paramedics said I had a seizure, and I could have broke my neck. My Fiance said she thought I was dying, I guess I actually stopped breathing at one point. They said I was out for 5mins. To me It seems like it was a dream. I realize it wasn't because my face hurts like hell.

Has anyone else experience a moment like this? My Fiance was so scared, she was crying. It really makes me wonder if when you die you just dream eternity way...

Oh and I have a hole in my lip were one of my teeth punched through. that hurts alot.

AdminShade January 28 2007 9:09 AM EST

Well, a friend of mine had something similar, he didn't have too much to eat, and we drank some beer.

At one moment he felt like going to the toilet but missed the door handle and fell over. He was out for a few minutes and after giving him some warm water with sugar in it he felt all right.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 28 2007 11:05 AM EST

Used to know a guy who had epilepsy but all he'd do was sort of freeze up. Twice he sorta talked in tongues and dropped what he was holding.I did hear of him pounding ground once in the while though he never did like in that really bad joke .Ha that guy was huge about 6 feet and once he did that chimney climbing thing but indoors in a hallway and waited for a friend to pass under him then he dropped straight down on top of him he he. It's a wonder he didn't kill the guy they both lay on the floor moaning him holding his gut. I'd guess the guy holding everything else.He did that all sober too, never drank I guess due to the drugs.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 28 2007 12:35 PM EST

that sucks.

TheHatchetman January 28 2007 1:47 PM EST

I have a scar on my lower lip from a drinking accident. All I remember is the exact point of impact. not a fraction of a second before or after, tho i don't think i was seizuring...

Just remember, alcohol on an empty stomach is not a good idea, doesn't take long to stick a couple pieces of bread in the toaster...

And finally:

Don't drink and park:
Accidents cause people. :P

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 29 2007 2:22 AM EST

I saw something that scared the crap out of me many months ago. I was over at the local Red Robin with my girl, and we were about to order (still looking at the menu) and this lady on the opposite side of the aisle looked like she started to have a seizure and she immediately fell and hit her head on the ceramic tile floor in the aisle we were in. We could see blood, and the lady wasn't moving anymore. I told the waitress we had to leave. I have a really weak stomach for blood and gore. I was really afraid that the lady was dead and I couldn't do anything about it. It happened so fast too.

muon [The Winds Of Fate] January 29 2007 3:35 AM EST

It is possible that it was just a syncope episode (except for the twitching bit?).
Visual stimulus often acts as a trigger for a syncope, and are made more likely by lower blood-sugar levels. Often people suffer from disorientation and dizziness, start sweating profusely, and may hear ringing in their ears. After regaining consciousness, the person will not be able to remember passing out, according to wikipedia.

As for the blood... well, smashing a tooth through your lip probably caused that ;-)


Have I ever had a syncope episode? Yeah. Same trigger: blood. This was a couple of years ago, but one day I got a serious blood nose - I had never had one like this before (or since) but it was like turning on a tap. I was over the bathroom sink and it just wouldn't stop; pressure, cold water, nothing worked. For like 5 minutes I was just bleeding into the sink.

Anyways, I was ok, but this shook me up a bit, I guess.
A few days later, I was watching the music video for Ana's Song by Silverchair, and there is a graphic scene with a young woman washing her hand compulsively until she started to bleed. I started sweating, felt nauseous and dizzy, and the next thing I knew I woke up on the ground. The amusing thing was, because I couldn't remember falling over, I thought I was still upright, so everything was completely weird - I kept trying to force myself sideways against the "strange pressure" of gravity. It took a while to register that I was on my side, staring at the legs of my computer desk ;-)

Also, I remember thinking about colours (no specific colours, just the concept of colours) when I first woke up. Strange eh?

Yeah, I think I was unconscious for only 30 seconds or so, though.
Funny how the body reacts sometimes, isn't it?

TH3 C0113CT0R January 29 2007 11:49 AM EST

It sure is. And I have new news. lol. It wasn't a Tooth that went through my lip :P

it was a shaving from the would door. I was cleaning it out last night and I grabbed what I thought was a chunk of loose skin and started pulling, and this long black thing (similar to what a finishing nail looks like) about 3/4'' of an inche long came out. the swelling in my lip almost immediately dropped. lol, I even finished watching Saw 3. lol it wasn't as bad with food in the belling and no beer :P

As for the low blood sugar thing, that makes sense one of the first things the paramedics did was check my blood sugar. ironically they didn't check if i had a concussion, and I still have a serious head ache.

QBsutekh137 January 29 2007 12:24 PM EST

I would assume you are going to follow up with a doctor appointment, yes? Especially with a continuing headache? I would highly recommend it. Using CB forums as a diagnostic tool might not be the greatest idea. *smile*

TH3 C0113CT0R January 29 2007 12:36 PM EST

Yea, I have a doctors appointment that I had scheduled a few weeks ago coming, so I'll just bring it up then.
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