Hair Direction? (in Off-topic)

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] February 4 2007 7:39 PM EST

I know this may be a weird topic, but let me explain with a little background. You know those spirals on the top of your head that control the direction of your hair? While most people have one, I have two. Basically, it means that my hair is growing in different directions in different spots and it I have to constantly snip off little bits here and there to make both sides of my head look symmetrical. Like on the right side of my head my hair grows downward, but on the left side of my head, my hair grows forward. I was wondering if there was anything you could do to change the direction in which your hair bends/grows over time. My hair is too short for a comb to be effective.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] February 4 2007 9:24 PM EST

Try a steam Iron !

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] February 4 2007 9:26 PM EST

.... Wow there sonny.

TheHatchetman February 4 2007 9:52 PM EST

Just be happy so long as it's not receeding :P

QBOddBird February 4 2007 10:13 PM EST

Go for the 'messy' look.

QBsutekh137 February 4 2007 10:34 PM EST

Keep all of your hair at 3/8ths of an inch long. Direction won't matter much then. I just trimmed my hair down to the 1/2 inch again today, felt good. It was getting unruly. I don't have differing directions, I just have several spots that "poof", and I refuse to maintain my hair or by any sort of product (other than a razor) to kep it looking acceptable...

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] February 4 2007 10:36 PM EST

Shave your head. Think of all the money you can save on hair care products and hair cuts by just getting some cheap clippers:)

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] February 4 2007 11:01 PM EST

I can't go for the messy look. My hair is too dull and would eventually just go back to its dull shape anyway.

Timberwolf February 4 2007 11:14 PM EST

I'll 3rd the shave your head idea.
Buy yourself a set of clippers, clip on the 3/8' attachment, and go to town.

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] February 4 2007 11:24 PM EST

I guess no one has a real solution then. I hate the way my head looks when it's shaved.

QBsutekh137 February 4 2007 11:35 PM EST

Then go really long so the weight of the hair drags it straight. Then braid it for the Pippi Long-stocking look.

Flamey February 5 2007 12:13 AM EST

wear a hat? become a hat person?

I agree messy look works fine, if water doesn't work, get some hair product, and thinly put it through all your hair.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] February 5 2007 2:12 AM EST

Hey Guys look at this with outside eyes.He he Freaking CB hair styling tips. Girls you want some help ?

Juzza February 5 2007 2:27 AM EST

ask Flamey about some of the products he uses ;-)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 5 2007 3:21 AM EST

it's called "product" not products...heheh

I buzzed my head this morning, noticed I'd gone too far south with the buzzer, and was going to have to use the razor on my face anyway, so I bic'ed the skull as well as the jowl...nice to be shiny clean for a day!

Juzza February 5 2007 3:32 AM EST

i meant he uses more than product lol he has a mirror on top of his monitor. he he

QBJohnnywas February 5 2007 5:12 AM EST

That double spiral is called a double crown. I've got one as well. Add to that when I was younger I also had very curly hair. Looking like Krusty the Clown is not a good look when you're 16 and trying to impress the ladies.

Shave it off. If you keep shaving it off through life then nobody will notice when you start going bald. ;)

Wasp February 5 2007 12:29 PM EST

Grow it slightly longer, add some strong gel and viola!

You'd probably have to go for a slightly messier look though. Failing that, grow it longer then that, add stronger gel and spike it.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] February 5 2007 1:49 PM EST

how about duct tape. fixes everything ;)

hammer killem February 5 2007 2:07 PM EST

it may be turning circles but at least it isnt turning loose!

Hyrule Castle [Defy] February 5 2007 3:23 PM EST

ya have 2 options...

grow it long

cut it short

the middle man is a a difficult route... so dont do it :P. Having to gel your hair every day to make it look good is a pain...

Wasp February 5 2007 3:26 PM EST

Takes me about 2 minutes to gel my hair in the morning and its slightly curly!
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