Axbow targetting (in General)

AdminNightStrike February 11 2007 11:18 AM EST

My Opponent: First Aid
Odloru, Evasion and DX 27
Ebil , DX 24, AoI
Ebil's SF, DX 24 (Junction EB, AoI)
Thenor, DX 18
Kifashar, DX 18

In round 1 of ranged, I shot Ebil's steel familiar twice. If I get a double, that means that my to-hit is high enough to always guarantee at least a single. This is in round 1 where penalties are rather high. In round two, I targeted Odloru and missed. Round 3, same.

I am confused as to why the familiar would be targeted first. When figuring out who has the highest DX, is Evasion defensive DX not calculated? Even if it isn't, I see no way that the familiar could have more DX than the minion holding it when the minion holding it has no DX-penalties. Further, it would have to be less than the first minion, and he has an Evasion so large that I can't hit him at all.

I also noticed something else -- The PL minion did not absorb the DX drain. His DX is at 18. PL minions are supposed to absorb stat drain until they are at 0 or below, not below 20. At least, that's how Jon explained it.

AdminShade February 11 2007 3:25 PM EST

The in battle DX of the SF is higher due to the EBs than the DX of Odloru I think?

AdminNightStrike February 11 2007 4:59 PM EST

If Oldloru has Evasion so high that I can't touch him in melee, then his DX for purposes of defense should be far higher than a SF with EB. Further, the familiar should have DX equal to the minion wearing it, as they are both wearing the same gear. That means they would both have DX of 24.

The only way this makes sense is if familiars that train DD now train DX as well. I highly highly doubt this is the case.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 11 2007 5:03 PM EST

familiars take no dex penalties...minions Junction

Lochnivar February 11 2007 5:10 PM EST

from wiki:
Junction transfers both positive and negative effects (such as armor dx penalties) but as junction gets higher it can block out the negative. At 1.0 you get 100% of the positive effect for most things, and 150% for ST and DX. At 1.0 you get 0% of the negative effect.

Since the junctioned minion has DB's the dex bonus is probably getting 150% thus making it a more appealing target.

As far as the evasion/def dex on the lead minion I believe Axbows only target trained dex, not theoretical dex.

Lochnivar February 11 2007 5:19 PM EST

I meant EB's, not DB's d'oh!

QBOddBird February 11 2007 11:26 PM EST

Interesting, I hadn't noticed that 150% bit in there.

So theoretically with just fairly well upgraded AoM, TG, HoE, and EB on a junctioned JKF I could add 110% STR and 50% DX, right? O.o (though I'd use HG, but nonetheless - I could still eke out ~30% STR off of them)

Well that is interesting.
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