Multi: Peyton18 / {CB3}-HR22 / GraveDigger (in Public Record)

SNK3R February 18 2007 9:04 PM EST

User Peyton18 decided to partake in a fight with several other un-named users this afternoon. After several warnings, he was /kick'd from chat. He then decided to quit, giving some of his things* (noted below) to user Raveshaw, who was his ally during the "fight." User Popsicle Man was apparently PM'd (shortly after the gifts were sent) by Peyton. The following chat conversation took place in public chat:

<Popsicle_Man> <Peyton18> im a multi
<Popsicle_Man> direct from PM
<Lochnivar> 'according to fox news', now that's a reliable source
<{cb1}smallpau1> rofl
<{scytale}> rofl
<Raveshaw> peyton, /ignore is a great function
<Tyriel> Op enjoys being kicked. :)
<Popsicle_Man> so, Rave you should give the stuff you got to an admin since theya re multi stuff
<Raveshaw> he isnt a multi
sandwich has joined the room.
Popsicle_Man left the room.
<{scytale}> "ignore is great, when i know people are right about me being totally controlling and emo,
i ignore then!"   btw, atm i am being ignored too ;)
<Peyton18> i am a multi rave, i played back when the game first started
<[TH]Carnival_of_Carnage> me 3 :)
MegaSlayer09 has joined the room.
<{cb1}smallpau1> other char is?
<Impulse> You're not a multi because I assume your other character has been long gone.
<Peyton18> so
NightStrike has joined the room.
<MegaSlayer09> what would be a reasonable price to pay someone cb$ to buy me sponsership
<[TH]Carnival_of_Carnage> hmmm... attempted scammer *and* multi... nice one.
And here I am trying to watch my language in chat :P
[[Irrelevant chat conversation continues for a minute or so...]]
<Peyton18> Final Words: [Non-PG] all you [Non-PG] woh ruined this game.
Long Live HellRazor22 and all of the old Vets! Farewell [Non-PG]. ;D
Swagger left the room.
<Rubberduck> no idea what you are talking about
<Peyton18> ./kill
Peyton18 left the room.
-- /ack_kill
-- peyton18 will be unable to login for 60 minutes.

After this incident, I seized both of Peyton's characters to my account. Upon doing so, I also removed him from his current clan. I also seized character Raveshaw belonging to Raveshaw and seized the items that Peyton had sent as gifts. This character was also removed from his current clan due to having to seize these items, however the character has been returned to Raveshaw for the time being.

*The following items that were seized from Raveshaw's character were:

An Arrow ($198)
An Iron Shot ($189)
$1,400,000 cash
A Halidon Familiar ($1866428)

I'd like a Full Admin. to look into this situation further and take care of anything that I haven't already just to make sure that Peyton isn't pulling our leg about being a multi (or if he is, indeed, innocent), or anything else that I missed. Thanks for your help.

AdminG Beee February 19 2007 10:33 AM EST

Banned Peyton18 and {CB3}-HR22 (aka TheNewKid).

TH3 C0113CT0R February 19 2007 1:34 PM EST

wow, Im lucky I got my HoC and loot.

Hyrule Castle February 19 2007 1:52 PM EST

go SNK!
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