The most ridiculous contest ever - coolness (in Contests)

noneedforthese February 22 2007 7:31 PM EST

I'm going to watch chat whenever I'm on, and reward cool points. The person with the most cool points wins 200k from me next Friday.

To start the day,
call_me_moosh has 10 points for mentiong it
DreadedTiger has -10 points for dissing it

Points Tally:

Call_Me_Moosh +10
[DT]DreadedTiger -10

noneedforthese February 22 2007 7:32 PM EST

Oh, I lose cool points for making a lame, but profitable contest

Points Tally:

Call_Me_Moosh +10
[DT]DreadedTiger -10
noneedforthese -5

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) February 22 2007 7:33 PM EST

You get -40k cool points for advertising your supposed coolness and completely ruining a good joke.

noneedforthese February 22 2007 7:35 PM EST

lol boy, you are in a foul mood today! -10 more points for getting angry at some light-hearted fun! No one hates free cash!

Points Tally:

Call_Me_Moosh +10
noneedforthese -5
[DT]DreadedTiger -20

GO PATS February 22 2007 7:36 PM EST

Who are you to be giving out my awards?


You don't even know what cool points are, except what you created in your head when you heard me mention the words "cool points"... Cool points are awards given out by me.

But, you actually got it right when you gave yourself -5 cool points for making a bad contest, but you also get -9 for trying to usurp my place as cool point awarder... Not a good start man... I'll keep you posted.

noneedforthese February 22 2007 7:42 PM EST

lol what is this!?!?
Do you actually think I'm being serious with this stuff?

Yes, I'm giving out the cash seriously, but NO I am not trying to say I'm the judge of all things cool.

If you like, I'll rename it "Kudos" points, and treat it like virtues, or 'hedon' counts, like hedonism. I like it when people are nice, funny, or helpful that make others laugh, smile, feel good and make this game worth playing.
If you wanna yell at me for rewarding that, then go right ahead and deny the free cash you're currently in the lead for.

I will stop calling it cool points from now!

GO PATS February 22 2007 7:43 PM EST

Hehheh... well, I thought I was being sarcastic enough to be funny, but serious enough to stop people from saying cool points every single sentence... In a moment I'll let you in on some rules to get you started.

QBRanger February 22 2007 7:43 PM EST

Even with all the teasing about it in chat, the idea behind the contest is righteous.

Ill kick in 100k towards the prize.

GO PATS February 22 2007 8:02 PM EST

Ok... lemme just give you this first, as I said in chat, to keep things in perspective...

Mahatma Gandhi was among the top 5 high scorers in "cool points" and he only had 240 when he died. So these ridiculous +500 for saying something clever are out... Cleverness is not enough for even a single point, think of it as more of a multiplier for other things that actually award cool points...

Here's some rules... there are so many that it will take me an amazingly long time to write them all, so this will have to be in installments.

1. Helping people (when you know what you are talking about) 1pt. (x by cleverness)

2. Helping people (when you don't know what you are talking about) -1pt (x by cleverness {up to 0pts.})

3. Proper Grammar and Spelling. Not enough for a point, but it helps.

4. Capitalizing words that Don't necessarily need to be Capitalized. Again, just a help, not point worthy.

5. Making contests. (from +5 to -5 depending on cleverness.)

6. Taking other peoples ideas (-1 to -9 depending on if it was my idea)

7. Pricing every single item that you sell in auctions at least 15% higher than the top price ever paid for that item in auctions... (-9 pts.)

8. Greeting people when they come in to CB2... (+1pt or -3pts depending on how zealous you are)

9. Giving someone a free TSA, like a year ago, when I was poor. (+6 pts) ((If this one sounds familiar, CM me... because I forgot exactly who it was who gave it to me... I think maybe Bast... but she might have been the one who bought my supportershiip (for 650k if I remember correctly! (+3 pts!!)))

10. Being great at CB... (+3 to -3pts, depending on if you farm me, basically.)

So... there's a few... I'll try to get more specific later...

A few more...

Saying "The Yankees Suck..." in those words or in other words awards you 1/2pt. But if you say it too much or you don't really mean it... -1pt!!!

Being committed to non-violent movements for the betterment of ones people... +7 pts.

Punching a loud-mouth tough guy in the mouth and/or making him tap out... +6 pts.

I have a list somewhere... I'll try and find it and copy and paste.

Unappreciated Misnomer February 22 2007 8:02 PM EST

he deserves cool points just for that! i like saying cool points

noneedforthese February 22 2007 8:04 PM EST

? My points didn't go through - I said, CMM, next time use the feature :), and i apologise for the misunderstanding, The points have been reset, and let me just rephrase! Overview: To me a big reason I (perhaps we) play CB2 is the community. In light of this, and the mention of 'cool points' by CMM, I decided to give back to the people that keep me browsing through forums, and chuckle while in chat. Coolness/Good-ness/Awesomeness wins here, and no one enters the contest, and no one leaves the contest. Read these rules before posting here 1. I will make 'official' posts on point standings though I am terrible with html therefore cannot make neat looking tables. 2. Only CMM and myself my award points 3. You may 'suggest' point award by giving evidence why it should be, though if it is for yourself then it's highly unlikely it will be approved. 4. Don't take this too seriously! I don't want any fights between a person who suggested negative coolness and their victim ;) 5. Constructive criticism belongs in my Chat mail 6. Final score will be calculated by Friday 30th, 12:00pm 7. Prize will be 200k for the winner, and 100k (thanks to Popsicle_Man for his donation) to the 2nd place, and 50k for the third place. 8. Most importantly, I CANNOT receive any points (isn't that nice to know ;P) See you guys in chat/forums!

noneedforthese February 22 2007 8:05 PM EST

OMG i forgot all about formatting in the last post. And while I was typing CMM made a much better post. It's better if no one listens/reads on what I say really,

Keep on, keep on... /cry in a corner

GO PATS February 22 2007 8:09 PM EST

I got 25k on each of those prizes too... I'm out of the running, so I'll throw in 75k.

GO PATS February 22 2007 10:56 PM EST

Note on Grammar: If you refuse to use proper grammar and make no effort to spell correctly, you don't lose points, you just don't gain as many as you would have, normally.

Second list...

1. Calling someone by their initials, even though their name specifically tells you what to call them... (-1 pt)

2. Complaining about established rules that don't fit your demeanor... (-1pt.)

3. Murdering an innocent... (-11 pts. One of the largest penalties, for reference)

4. If you think watching golf is better than playing Tiger Woods... (-2pts.)

5. Who's a better songwriter? A. John Lennon B. Jim Morrison... (If you picked A. 3pts... if you picked B.... If you picked B... I won't even penalize you because you don't need that weighing on you, with that massive cloud of wrong answer that seems to be hanging about you.)

6. If you can name 5 good (good in my book) MMA fighters off the top of your head... (2 pts.)

7. Praising G. W. Bush... (-3 pts.)

8. Being able to burp on command... (+1 - 2 points, depending on skill of command.)((+1 bonus point for being female and admitting this.)

9. Carping people... (Negative 1 - 2 pts. No one wants fish smell on them, real or text.)

10. Routing for the underdog... (+2 pts.)

11. Naming your children after cool characters from good books... (+1 pt. for a common name ((example: Winston Smith 'Surname': 1984) , scaling up to +4 pts. for very uncommon names ((example: Lauralanthalasa: DragonLance)))

12. Naming your children after cool characters from TV... (-2 pts... read a book, man.)

13. You're favorite Weird Al song is "Yoda"... (2 pts... otherwise, if you have another favorite Weird Al song... 1pt.)

I guess I'll do 13 rules per post, when I get the ambition from time to time.

Side Rules:

Once you have gained points (or penalties) from a rule or a certain situation, that's it for life... you can't redeem yourself by changing later, or lose previously gained points by going turncoat... (Exception to this rule: Red Sox/Yankees feud...)

Spelling Armor as "Armour" doesn't give you points, but it makes you sound classy.

No, controlling flatulence is not the same as controlling burps... not cool, and not at all enjoyable.

Oops... I gotta add one more rule before I forget it... but I'll letter it, not number it... so there's still 13 rules in this post... this will be a side rule on rule #13, even though it has nothing to do with Yoda.

13 a. Holding doors open for every single person that you see (without going overboard and waiting more than 7 seconds for someone walking in/out... (+3 pts.) ((If Yoda is also your favorite Weird Al song, add +1 bonus point to the door holding thing...))

GO PATS February 22 2007 11:09 PM EST

Hey Noneedforthese... When Dark Dreky comes on, I nominate him for a spot in the judges position here... He may not know a single thing about CB but he's a cool cat, IRL, and he's in the know about "cool points"...

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) February 22 2007 11:11 PM EST

I think your rules are all full of crap.. and Morrison completely and totally wins.

noneedforthese February 23 2007 12:01 AM EST

Sure, DD can be a judge!

Let's start it off!

OB - +2 points - helpful, lively and entertaining in the chat, definitely cool

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 23 2007 12:15 AM EST

Pfft, I'm not a huge fan of The Doors but Morrison is a far better writer, except for The End when he goes off on one in the middle of the song.
Oh, and Gump is by far the best Wierd Al song.

noneedforthese February 23 2007 12:15 AM EST

RedEcksThree - +1 points for putting up a valient fight in the booty-off

QBOddBird February 23 2007 12:17 AM EST

Whaaaaat, that was all me and my grasshoppa pupil Lamuness! Red was an observer! (but it is uncool to unassign cool points, let him keep them!)

noneedforthese February 23 2007 12:20 AM EST

My bad, RedEcksThree received spectator bonus I guess, Lamuness, +1 points!

Points Tally:

OB --------------------- 2
RedEcksThree ----- 1
Lamuness ----------- 1

GO PATS February 23 2007 12:27 AM EST

1 pt. for Zog for having a favourite Weird Al song... no points for choosing Mr Drowny-when-drunky... BUT, since you did say that he was "far better", your opinion doesn't count because even if it were true that he were better, there is no way to be "far better" than John Lennon... So no points for the Weird Al thing... but +1 bonus point for being the first person with a rhyming name to post in this thread.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 23 2007 12:31 AM EST

If I have to sing it to get my point back for my Wierd Al song then I will, and let that be a warning! :P

Unappreciated Misnomer February 23 2007 12:45 AM EST

if someone tells you youre cool thats not cool at all, no one should have to tell you. i just watched the departed, now jack nickolson is cool.

GO PATS February 23 2007 12:46 AM EST

As per a previous thread...

"Once you have gained points (or penalties) from a rule or a certain situation, that's it for life... you can't redeem yourself by changing later, or lose previously gained points by going turncoat... (Exception to this rule: Red Sox/Yankees feud...) "

Sorry, no retrys... But, you can still gain points by being cool in other areas...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 23 2007 12:57 AM EST

Therefore you can't give me the point then take it away for another comment, that means that my Wierd Al point still stands unless you want to break your own rules :)

GO PATS February 23 2007 1:10 AM EST

Side Rule:

Points are not awarded until the completion of the post in which points are being discussed.

I forgot to put that earlier...

noneedforthese February 23 2007 5:10 AM EST

+1 points to Nerevas for taking that extra step in answering my question ;) cheers

AdminG Beee February 23 2007 6:51 AM EST

Just remember it wouldn't be cool to award your prize to someone who could be confused with you as a multi. Giving away cash and/or prizes in an uncontrolled contest with no obvious process for determining a winner to friends can confuse us un-cool admins into thinking we see ducks :)

QBJohnnywas February 23 2007 6:53 AM EST

You don't get cooler than Officer Dibble, sorry I meant G Beee...

noneedforthese February 23 2007 7:09 AM EST

+1 to Johnny (see above)

noneedforthese February 24 2007 3:17 AM EST

no one's talking in chat :(

noneedforthese February 24 2007 4:53 PM EST

+1 to Life
+1 to G Beee
+1 to OB
+1 to Flamey

For having an entertaining conversation ;) (_a_ conversation -.-)

noneedforthese February 24 2007 4:56 PM EST

+2 to G Beee for a pun double whammy!
+1 to Lamuness for a sensual bootydance!

noneedforthese February 24 2007 4:58 PM EST

The chat is on fire!

+3 points for the next person to post the best acronym for U.B.L.S!

noneedforthese February 24 2007 5:03 PM EST

OB ------------------------ 3
RedEcksThree --------- 1
Lamuness --------------- 2
The Wizard of Was -- 1
G Beee ------------------ 3
Life ----------------------- 1
Flamey ------------------- 1

QBOddBird February 24 2007 5:10 PM EST

Because it is amazing:

<OddBird> Unlimited Booty-Licious Service!

If Beee's pun got points, that sure as heck oughta.

AdminG Beee February 24 2007 5:11 PM EST

Hot steam didn't do the trick for me today which is kinda weird as U.B.L.S. (Usually Beee Loves Saunas)

QBOddBird February 24 2007 5:14 PM EST

It's gonna take more than hot steam to do something about that, Beee.

*looks sadly at poor Mr. Solid-White-Legs-But-Wears-A-Skirt-Anyway*

QBOddBird February 24 2007 5:14 PM EST

oh, right, kilt

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 24 2007 5:24 PM EST

A bodybuilder chav would have this condition.

Unusually Broad Lop-sided Shoulders

Flamey February 24 2007 5:25 PM EST

3rd one

<G_Beee> A neutron walks into a bar. "I'd like a beer" he says. The bartender promptly serves up a beer. "How much will that be?" asks the neutron. "For you?" replies the bartender, "no charge"

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 24 2007 5:25 PM EST

Lopsided shouldn't have a hyphon, that was a typo.

QBOddBird February 24 2007 5:28 PM EST

pit reco'nizes too, bad puns!

<Pit_Spawn> bad pun bad pun

noneedforthese February 24 2007 7:25 PM EST

Sorry, but you cannot beat Unlimited Booty-Licious Service. +3 to OB, well done!

Next challenge - coz I like challenges - the best 3 line rap about how awesomely cool you are wins 3 points!

I've also decided to include a 10k spot prize for anyone who reaches 10 cool points, coz in my books, anyone who gets there is a winner :)

OB ------------------------- 6
RedEcksThree --------- 1
Lamuness ---------------- 2
The Wizard of Was --- 1
G Beee ------------------- 3
Life ------------------------ 1
Flamey -------------------- 1

noneedforthese February 27 2007 5:23 AM EST

+5 to barzoo for the best contest ever, and perhaps the best prize i've seen yet
+1 for Dark Dreky for a cool tribute thread
+2 to Lamuness for LER - you're the man

Points Tally:

OB ------------------------- 6
RedEcksThree --------- 1
Lamuness ---------------- 4
The Wizard of Was --- 1
G Beee ------------------- 3
Life ------------------------ 1
Flamey -------------------- 1
Dark Dreky -------------- 1
BarzooMonkey --------- 5

noneedforthese March 1 2007 8:23 PM EST

closing the contest after i get home from work - about 12 hours!

QBOddBird March 1 2007 9:42 PM EST

My name's OB, and even though I can't rap
I've got a booty you just wish you could tap
tap with your finger, to clarify. Back up, or I'll bootydance out your eye!


Thank you, thank you. That was pretty fun. Someone else make a rap now! xD

[RX3]Cotillion March 1 2007 10:02 PM EST

I'm so cool because I got the Defenstrator
with it, I'll be your decapitator.
You better close in quick or you'll need a resuscitator.

/me breaks em off real bad.

^You probably won't get that unless you know who Paul Wall is, and now I'm typing all of this to pass the spell check even though there is only one word that it should not realize but that's okay, hopefully this has been enough. Thanks :)

Nerevas March 2 2007 3:12 AM EST

I rock.
Uh huh.

noneedforthese March 2 2007 6:08 PM EST

Sorry I took so long! noneedforthese (Kiesova) Lamuness (Lamuness) $50000 -- OMG so cool! no. 3 6:06 PM EST noneedforthese (Kiesova) QBBarzooMonkey (Ninja Pirate Monkeys) $100000 -- OMG so cool! no. 2 6:06 PM EST noneedforthese (Kiesova) QBOddBird (Bridgeburners) $200000 -- OMG so cool! no. 1 6:05 PM EST w00t!!

QBOddBird March 2 2007 6:17 PM EST

Cool, thanks! =)

[RX3]Cotillion March 3 2007 3:56 AM EST

Didn't even get points for my rap. :P...oh well congrats to the top 3.

noneedforthese March 3 2007 3:49 PM EST

sorry redecks, i didn't count any of the raps because they came so late! :)

It was a good rap, it's just i don't like ELBs lol

QBBarzooMonkey March 3 2007 4:02 PM EST

I'm cool! I'm cool! Thanks!


[RX3]Cotillion March 3 2007 10:14 PM EST

Should've rapped about my VB or somethin...

GO PATS March 3 2007 11:01 PM EST

Call Me Moosh (D.U.I.) QBOddBird (Bridgeburners) $25000 10:59 PM EST
Call Me Moosh (D.U.I.) QBBarzooMonkey [t]
(Ninja Pirate Monkeys) $25000 10:59 PM EST
Call Me Moosh (D.U.I.) Lamuness (Lamuness) $25000 10:58 PM EST

Sorry, I totally lost interest in this contest so I stopped reading it... forgot I promised prize money... good job all, although I don't really know how it was scored...
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