Single Minion $0 NW Strategies? (in General)

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 26 2007 2:53 PM EST

This is another of those abnormal ideas, but always good to keep the mind sharp by giving it a little challenge so I figured I'd be lazy and see what you people can come up with. ;)

Single minion.
No NW at all, not even a tattoo.

So, our forms of damage are the following: GA, AMF, UC, FB, MM, CoC, Decay.

The first two I really don't recommend you use as main damage dealers but if you can get it to work, why not.
Also UC is questionable (it's good, but not so good as a single minion with no NW).
Decay is also no good unless mixed with GA/AMF.

So my fellow CBers, have you any ideas?

GO PATS February 26 2007 2:57 PM EST

1. UC Tank: 1/3 UC 1/4 HP 1/4 DX Rest ST.
2. Mage: 1/3 HP 1/2 MM Rest Evasion
3. Enchanter: DM
4. Enchanter: AS

GO PATS February 26 2007 2:59 PM EST

Actually, a little less, maybe 1/4 into HP on the UC Tank, and Mage... a little extra on ST for tank, and evasion for Mage.

QBRanger February 26 2007 3:04 PM EST


Single minion FB mage.

Learning Evasion, HP, FB, DM and a small protection.

Obvious fighting naked as Avoid advocates.

We can go through all the forms of damage if you want:

GA--Needs a lot of HP to be effective and on a single minion, would not advocate it at all.

AMF--Very good vs mage, excellent even BUT.. you cannot finish off those enchanters, and AMF as we all know is useless vs tanks.

UC--Very nice skill for a low NW tank, BUT... without NW and the ability to use a set of HGs or a CGI it is even worse then the UC with those items. And with no NW, you cannot use a missile weapon making you mincemeat to all those mages out there.

FB--The best single minion DD spell. Damages all your opponents minions starting round 1 of missile. Too bad your at 0 NW since a HOC is the one item I would say you HAVE to have.

MM--Another great DD spell BUT.. Only attacks one minion a round. For a single minion, I would much rather use FB over MM.

CoC--Excuse me while I get up off the floor laughing. This spell has no business in a single minion strat. Waiting till melee is bad enough, but high AMF characters will make you kill yourself.

Decay--Obviously cannot be used alone on a single minion to win battles. You can use it with GA, but how are you going to kill those enchanters?

So your left with FB or MM. I do not think you can go wrong with either but for 1 minion character suggest FB over MM.

The 0 NW rule does exclude the 1 item you certain do need though--The HOC.

GO PATS February 26 2007 3:08 PM EST

RoE would be nice too...

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 26 2007 3:08 PM EST

PM, yes the single fireball mage strat does work... but it's a little too easy don't you think? Besides, I'm sure we can find something more effective.

By the way...

Bonus points to anyone who suggests CoC.

QBRanger February 26 2007 3:11 PM EST

The only way to use CoC on a single minion is to have a large/massive evasion AND a massive AMF AND massive amounts of HP. Then your left with not much left over for the CoC spell itself.

Vs DM character this may work but vs AMF ones, you will not do enough damage then your taking back.

Talion February 26 2007 3:53 PM EST

One way I can see CoC being used on a 0 NW single minion char would be:

1/4 HP
1/4 CoC
1/4 AMF
1/8 Evasion
1/8 Protection

Of course, this sucks against Dispel characters, but at 0 NW and CoC, you can't be perfect.

QBsutekh137 February 26 2007 5:33 PM EST

Talion, that strategy sounds like a lot of dilution... Actually, it wouldn't be that bad against DM, because there isn't much into DEs (just 12.5% Protection...)

But with only 1/4 HP and 1/4 DD? I can't see that strategy being very good, certainly not as good as FB where one could do something like 1/4 Evasion, 1/2 FB, 1/4 HP... I don't think FB even needs DM or AMF to go along with it.

Before Evasion had the multipliers, I think I was close to 3/4 FB and 1/4 HP, with a small GA just to act as a secondary damage dealer. I was using an RoE at that point with my NCB, too. Was able to find pretty decent targets all the way up. I would say that now Evasion is worth to invest about 1/4 in.

Miandrital February 26 2007 5:40 PM EST

This is what I would do:
3/8 HP
3/8 CoC
1/4 Evasion
Base Protection

AMF would be too small to be any benefit, as would DM. This strategy would probably only work against non-amf tank teams without ranged. So basically about 1% of cb :P

Tyriel [123456789] February 26 2007 7:15 PM EST

"AMF would be too small to be any benefit, as would DM. This strategy would probably only work against non-amf tank teams without ranged. So basically about 1% of cb :P"

Or, more generally, anybody specialized to take on tank teams, like me.

Single minion, only FB and MM are 'good' options. And that's just DD, HP, and probably Evasion.

Anything else probably needs more XP dilution.

QBOddBird February 26 2007 7:26 PM EST

Simple, 1/3 HP, 1/3 CoC, 1/3 Evasion.

You're just going to be boned when facing mages anyways with this team, might as well focus on the tanks you'll be able to beat.

QBRanger February 26 2007 7:40 PM EST

I will stand by a past statement.

Using CoC is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Simple as that.

BootyGod February 26 2007 7:42 PM EST

Actually.... as a user of CoC.... that pretty accurate...

I take 10 steps, you shoot a clip, I take 10 more (I'm a zombie now), you empty another clip, I take 10 more (shredded zombie), you empty another clip. Then I get to you, and stab you in the gut. Umm...

As for the post...


QBOddBird February 26 2007 7:47 PM EST

Nahhh, it's more powerful than that. It's like bringing a chainsaw to a gunfight! But you get hurt a lot when you use the chainsaw! And you start 300 yards away, and they have a high-powered rifle. And also a hammer.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 26 2007 8:20 PM EST

"Using CoC is like bringing a knife to a gunfight."

That's not an entirely bad situation.

I'd rather be good with the knife than poor with a gun.

That doesn't exactly say that CoC is better than anything does it? Just that it could beat poor (or otherwise vulnerable) opponents.
However without a ToE that's all I'd expect.

Kong Ming February 27 2007 4:49 AM EST

I say a single mage training HP, FB, evasion and DM will give you very good rewards. My character, First Strike, can gain $400 easily for some battles. Good generator of cash ;)

muon [The Winds Of Fate] February 27 2007 6:38 AM EST

Add a prot with effect (5) to that (something like 1,139 trained skill) will help too. costs about 6500 exp in total, and gives a nice return against non-dm teams ;-)
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