Removing mentors who haven't logged in? (in General)

th00p March 3 2007 9:01 AM EST

Does anyone think that we should auto-remove mentors who haven't logged in in, say, 1 month? Looking at the mentor list and seeing over half of them have no mentees whatsoever was kind of... 'enlightening', in a bad way. At least 8 of those people haven't logged in for about one month. Even if someone goes on vacation for a month, it's not hard for them to re-mentor when they get back. So why not, for the sake of being more accurate?

AdminShade March 3 2007 2:12 PM EST

No auto remove, talk to Jonathan to have them removed.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 3 2007 2:34 PM EST

Because the code already accounts for this and assigns mentees based on how often you're in chat.

th00p March 3 2007 2:38 PM EST

I know that novice, what I'm trying to say if you pay attention is that they should be removed from the mentor list completely, not just in the eyes of the code.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 3 2007 2:38 PM EST

lol, the whole right side of the mentor list are at '0' for mentees

[T]Vestax March 3 2007 2:51 PM EST

If you don't show up in chat, then you don't get a mentee. If you don't log in, then you don't show up in chat. A mentor without mentees does do any harm.

[T]Vestax March 3 2007 2:52 PM EST

*doesn't do any harm.

Miandrital March 3 2007 2:52 PM EST

If they are already ignored why should they be removed?

th00p March 3 2007 3:19 PM EST

Why should we have a poll about where armor should be placed? It's the same argument, and obviously that's enough to start a poll...

QBOddBird March 3 2007 4:07 PM EST

What, I missed a poll??

QBOddBird March 3 2007 4:13 PM EST

Nevermind I see it aha! This is what I get for never refreshing.

bartjan March 3 2007 4:26 PM EST

News items should appear automagically on the left bar, no need to refresh...

QBOddBird March 3 2007 8:17 PM EST

Mine don't.
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