My CB Analogy (in General)

ScY March 5 2007 8:31 PM EST

CB is like baseball is now. American baseball can be considered a 'speed' sport in the sense that the ball moves around the field so fast, that the entire game can be decided in the smallest twitch of a muscle, the tiniest movement of the body. Whereas baseball of old took much more skill in speed, placement and technique (not to say that baseball now does not require technique). Old fashion American baseball such as the rules played in say, 1864 (BTW, check out some of those old-fashion leagues, they are a lot of fun) when the pitchers pitched underhand and used spin on the ball, etc.; you had to be much more conscious of a bigger picture. Not just the smallest technique or reaction.

CB is like the same way now. You dedicate thousands of BA into a strat, only to be beaten by not evading a hit in ranged, or not doing something which maybe you could've done, but prolly not. CB is a twitch sport.

Now, i would explain this more, as it was a pseudo-epiphany moment, and i admit, what i wrote above was not the clearest i may have written, but i am tired and i want to eat ;)

QBRanger March 5 2007 8:35 PM EST

So Freed is the Yankees of baseball?

ScY March 5 2007 8:37 PM EST


TheHatchetman March 5 2007 9:30 PM EST

No... The Yankees are the Yankees of baseball... Freed is the Yankees of CB... :P

Dark Dreky March 5 2007 11:20 PM EST

If Freed is the Yankees, whose the Red Sox?

QBsutekh137 March 5 2007 11:49 PM EST


(I am the Bast of CB.)

QBRanger March 5 2007 11:52 PM EST

There is 1 and only 1 Bast of CB.

Attempting to have 2 is like having Matter and Anti-Matter in the same room. Does not work well. The Universe as we know it will cease to exist.

QBOddBird March 5 2007 11:56 PM EST

Right. He's obviously the Bast of baseball, making him grammatically correct, but a horrible left fielder. *grins*

Brakke Bres [Ow man] March 6 2007 8:05 AM EST

im stuck on 1st base with CB

Daz March 7 2007 7:27 AM EST

Does baseball stop play when it rains? If so, then it's currently the stormy season in CB...
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