Mantra the Multi (in Public Record)

Flamey March 10 2007 6:27 PM EST

he basically admitted it.

this is the whole conversation with him, Rubberduck and myself.

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<Duke> good nigh folk
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<Mantra> hey hey hey
<Mantra> everyone still grinding it out?
<Rubberduck> hi
<Flamey> mantra!?
<Mantra> the ole carnage grind, tee hee
<Mantra> I see ranger still kicking but with my ole char
<Mantra> or shall we sile popsicle
<Flamey> yep
<Flamey> Sut has top spot
<Mantra> what a great name....i'd hate to be beaten by a popsicle
<Flamey> what brings you back?
<Mantra> daughter pulled up the site earlier it was on my favs still
<Mantra> thought i'd log in and see how u guys were doing
<Mantra> just got done selling my vanguard:SOH account for 300 bucks
<Flamey> what's that?
<Mantra> A real MMO
<Flamey> righty
<Mantra> heh, but i'll never forget CB it's the best web based MMO
<Mantra> gonna head to LoTR next
<Mantra> SoH was so very beta'ish
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<Mantra> tons of bugs in that game, i'm lucky to have gotten out of it what i did before the word spreads
<Flamey> do you play any games and keep the stuff?
<Mantra> can't take anything with ya my friend
<Mantra> even in this great game we call life
<Flamey> I meant, do you play a game just for the sake of playing and not sell anything?
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<Rubberduck> I don't think he played cb to make money ;)
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<Rubberduck> those minions are pricey
<Mantra> if we could all be communists i would gladly play for fun
<Mantra> luckly for me i have fun while playing
<Mantra> but i try to stay detached from the things I cannot control
<Flamey> they are?
<Mantra> oh wow queen bee has done very well with one minion
<Mantra> you know I just remembered one account I didn't sell
<Mantra> my account from CB1 because the game got deleted
<Mantra> i was offered 150 for my account back before CB2 came out and i turned it down
<Mantra> I still feel like an idiot for that
<Flamey> why'd you join CB2 so late?
<Mantra> I didn't
<Mantra> the account that ranger is playing is bunk
<Flamey> you joined in october like me
<Flamey> what?
<Mantra> nope this is my 2nd account
<Mantra> lol
<Rubberduck> heh
<Mantra> haha hate to drop the bomb on ya
<Rubberduck> sadly, I'm not terribly surpirsed
<Mantra> why would u be
<Flamey> erm.. what happened?
<Mantra> i cheated and got away with it
<Rubberduck> CB the game where multis fund usd arms race :P
<Flamey> yeah, but what were you saying about Ranger?
<Mantra> oh i sold him my account
<Mantra> long long ago
<Flamey> Ranger was actually yours?
<Mantra> back in....oh wow it's been atleast 4-5 months
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<Flamey> or do you mean the character?
<Rubberduck> yea
<Mantra> the char
<Rubberduck> charcter
<Flamey> oh right
<Flamey> what was your first account..?
<Mantra> i restarted right when the xp item came out
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<Rubberduck> I think Ranger should retire him on principle now ;)
<Mantra> haha yeah that would be haliarous
<Flamey> RoE?
<Mantra> i started with the new xp item and played every turn of every day
<Mantra> yep
<Mantra> and i passed EVERYONE
<Flamey> what was your previous account?
<Mantra> then i sold to ranger and left
<Mantra> ranger almost quit because of me
<Rubberduck> he had quit
<Mantra> yeah he did
<Flamey> It wasn't because of you was it?
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<Rubberduck> hard to say
<Mantra> dunno there was alot going on then
<Rubberduck> he had had a spat with Jon as well as getting passed in mpr
<Mantra> it was fun times
<Mantra> the lesson here is don't work so hard cause the game is fixed
<Mantra> if i could do it there's someone doing it right now
<Rubberduck> heh, yea, Dawg was recently banned for botting
<Mantra> lol crazy
<Rubberduck> Duke came clean about 5 or 6 accounts recently
<Mantra> yeah i was wondering why i didn't see him up here
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<Mantra> people get way to addictied to this game
<Rubberduck> yea, I used to be
<Mantra> after cb1 closed i just wanted the money i'd put into the game back
<Mantra> when i got that i was out
<Flamey> You said it was your 2nd account, what was your first..?
<Mantra> well guys nice talkin to u all again, i had fun times here.
<Rubberduck> that is why I argued so much against the nub, its just too big a temptation
<Mantra> the nub was dumb
<Mantra> crappy idea
<Mantra> cb1 was good
<Rubberduck> yea
<Mantra> he just should've reset
<Mantra> and put in the tatoos
<Mantra> i mean it was reset anyway
<Mantra> lost alot of good people in the swtich
<Rubberduck> yea, but many left with the reset
<Mantra> yeah it took all the fun out of it
<Intox> when was this reset?
<Mantra> i would've never did what i did had i know just bought a couple of really good rares in cb1
<Nerevas> 2 years ago
<Mantra> i was a legit working my way up in cb1
<Flamey> who were you in CB1?
<Mantra> i started cb1 in the spring of 2000
<Mantra> or maybe it was 2001
<Mantra> the game wasn't that old though
<Mantra> well see ya later if i ever log on here again...probably not since i'm deleting the site from favs
<Flamey> what was your user in cb1?
<Mantra> u guys have a good night
<Flamey> bye...
<Rubberduck> bye
Mantra left the room.

Just thought I should let you guys know.

QBRanger March 10 2007 6:30 PM EST

Interesting but not surprising.

I 100% agree with RD in the above, the NUB is such a temptation to multi.

{CB1}Lukeyman March 12 2007 3:36 PM EDT

ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, Mantra... is kinda like Manta Ray..... right?

QBsutekh137 March 12 2007 3:49 PM EDT

What a dork... gaming the NUB system with some righteous "to get my CB1 cash back"... I wasn't nearly out of CB1 with what I had put in (even after 6 months of forging)... What a punk, good riddance.
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