Want to help with cbstuff, apply here (in General)

AdminShade March 11 2007 12:08 PM EDT

Hey everyone,

last few months I haven't had a lot of time to do much about cbstuff so it is behind on some (if not most) of the information.

So what I need is a few (2 maybe 3) people who want to help me by creating articles (pages) which I then easily can upload.

You need to have some HTML and CSS skills as to be able to create tables and work with the style I use on the website.

Please apply here or let me know through CM.


{CB1}Lukeyman March 11 2007 12:13 PM EDT

Well, if you just take a look at my resume, you'll see i am very qualified for this position.

I know HTML... and..... I have lots of spare time......

what else do ya want? haha

AdminShade March 12 2007 12:58 AM EDT

Perhaps a person some more serious? Or are you serious enough Lukey?

AdminNightStrike March 12 2007 1:33 AM EDT

Shade, I keep giving you all of my additional information regarding stats, but you still have all of the old CB1 Excel files that don't apply anymore.

AdminLamuness March 12 2007 1:43 AM EDT

I could help, but I wouldn't know what articles (pages) to create.

AdminShade April 1 2007 7:33 AM EDT

I know NightStrike, I just simply don't have the time (or keep on forgetting) to upload the new information...

Lamuness, that would be simple enough to start somewhere and continue from there on :)

AdminLamuness April 1 2007 3:14 PM EDT

k, let's get to work! :)
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