Tattoo PR Idea (in General)

Relic March 14 2007 10:49 AM EDT

Ok, first off, we all know that not all Tattoos are created equal. So, following that thought process I propose that the PR weighting of your Tattoo be indicated based on the percentage distribution of usage.

If there were 10 players on CB, and 5 used a ToA, 2 used a ToE, 1 SF, and 1 RoS then (taking into account a PR baseline for each Tattoo) the additional PR a ToA would receive would be 50%, 20% for a ToE, you get the idea.

Basically the community will dictate the most powerful Tattoos (by elective usage) and as such will also dictate the PR impact said Tattoos will have if the choice is made to use a particular Tattoo.

If there is an even distribution, then the PR weighting will be equal.

Make sense? Thoughts?

Relic March 14 2007 10:51 AM EDT

This could operate on a rolling daily period (cached for speed), it could also be used toward all item PR weighting as well. I think it makes more sense for Tattoos, but who knows maybe it can work for items also.

Tezmac March 14 2007 10:51 AM EDT

I've always thought that the different tats needed to be weighted differently, but I couldnt figure out a way to go about it. I think your idea is definitely a good start!

QBRanger March 14 2007 10:59 AM EDT

Good idea.

Need a bit of tweaking though.

There are some people how have tons of lower level tattoos that they cannot sell. What about those? What if someone makes all his unused tattoos SF's just to mess with those SF users, or makes them all TOA's to mess with TOA tanks.

Perhaps using the top 25-50 level tattoos, but then those in the lower levels would cry out that is unfair.

But, overall not a bad idea. When one tattoo is too powerful and people use/abuse it, the PR gets boosted likely reflecting it.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] March 14 2007 11:04 AM EDT

I think there would be some big problems associated with it.
The main problem I see is the large number of people switching from a popular tat to a less popular one to gain better rewards.
If a RoBF was only adding 1/5th the PR then people could change to that to gain better challenge bonuses as their MPR is good enough to make up for the slight drop in score it may cause.
There would be a huge movement in the tats which people move within every month and although cash sinks are a good idea, this could create a really huge one at the tattoo artist.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 14 2007 11:08 AM EDT

Not only that, you could start to use your farm charcters to skew the distribution. ;)

Dark Dreky March 14 2007 12:03 PM EDT

"Not only that, you could start to use your farm charcters to skew the distribution. ;)"

Not if you only used the larger end of tattoo's IE top 25-50. I like this idea.

Talion March 14 2007 12:09 PM EDT

What if the PR was only calculated according to equipped tattoos.

Also, instead of tattoo quantity, the PR could be caculated according to total equipped tattoo level (limited by max tattoo).

It would then become very hard for one user to influence a tattoo type's PR weight.

Relic March 14 2007 12:51 PM EDT

I had thought that it was implied that only _equipped_ tattoos would be used in the PR weighting. And, really, so what if farm characters have a certain tattoos on them. It is not like people have 400k to re-ink and keep skewing the data daily. The PR weighting would be largely based on _full_ tattoos and not lesser tattoos. I really don't think there should be lesser tattoos, but that is just my opinion.

Battles fought could also be used in calculating this PR weight, if the character that had a certain tattoo equipped did not fight then their tattoo would not be counted in the PR weighting, simple as that.
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