Helpful tips for those selling speciality ammo (in General)

QBRanger March 17 2007 6:48 PM EDT

This is just helpful tips, use them or not.

1) If your selling specialty ammo, it is best to sell it in as low a bunch as you can.

Most of us that use such ammo typically have a lot on us and during the day like to "top" off our stash.

With the max ammo being 14999, it is easier to sell a stack of 2k ammo then a stack of 10k ammo. During the day, I personally and I know of some others, will buy smaller stacks over a larger stack if it can get us near our max.

2) Do not put specialty ammo in auctions without a BIN if the auction is over 24 hours. I would say do not put it in auctions without a BIN but that is just my preference. The reason is that ammo you have a bid on in auctions counts towards your 15k max ammo limit. And I do not like to keep some of that cap occupied waiting for an auction to end.

Like I said, these are my preferences and does not reflect the entire CB community.

And, thank the heavens for spell check in FF Version 2.

AdminNightStrike March 18 2007 1:56 AM EDT

Something I found useful is that it's usuall ybetter to find a few steady customers so that you don't have to bother with auction sat all. If you can agree on a set price, then basically one person is paying another person to camp the auctions for them.

Flamey March 18 2007 3:32 AM EDT

I'd have to agree, NS. When I camping the store for ex. shots a while back, I agreed on a cheap rate with a particular person and sold it to them. Even if they weren't on, I'd just send them and CM them how much it would cost at say $4 a shot.

QBRanger March 18 2007 8:47 AM EDT


Just because you do put in small lots of specialty ammo does not mean they will sell for above market price. They still will only sell for what the market will bear.
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