Lets give some loving to FF/SF/IF (in General)

QBRanger March 29 2007 12:43 PM EDT

Since these familiars train HP and DD, 2 of the 3 essential skills a mage needs, why does it not train evasion?

So, I propose having the DD familiars train evasion at some level to be useful.

With junction, there is no way to get evasion on your familiar and with seekers and no evasion, the familiar is toast.

Yes, you can use DB's and evasion but let us be realistic. You need at least +100 DB's to start to have a chance, but the PTH of the TOA combined with PTH of arrows/elb overwhelms even that. And most of us will agree that 1 hit from a good elb should take out most DD familiars of equal level. If not 1, certainly 2. And DB's do not give a multiple effect as does evasion.

So, at the risk of someone going all novice on me, this is my proposal.

{CB1}Lukeyman March 29 2007 12:45 PM EDT

Here Here!!

Familiars need a little help to go against those ToA archers who, if you don't take them out in the number of rounds for each minion you have, you're basically done. 1 round = one minion dead.

So ya, Evasion would be really helpful.

miteke [Superheros] March 29 2007 12:49 PM EDT

Use DBs + Junction. I'm rather tired of seeing evasion everywhere so the last thing I want to see is familiars training it.

lostling March 29 2007 12:50 PM EDT

-.- then y not give HF evasion too? its the most unloved famliar around you know.... with one of the worst PTH around or even better -.- AMF

QBsutekh137 March 29 2007 1:15 PM EDT

Well, HF has dexterity, which should help some...

Evasion would be nifty on the familiars... I don't really see it as much since seekers still seek my mage, but having a mage bigger than a max familiar is not a standard thing for most teams. Their familiar probably gets pegged by seekers first, with no way to get Evasion in there as a foil.

MissingNo March 29 2007 2:58 PM EDT

I agree with Miteke. Evasion this, evasion that. I used to run a couple mage strats and I always used a SF, never had a problem with it not having evasion.

AdminNightStrike March 29 2007 3:19 PM EDT

<novice>PM, stop trying to change the system to benefit you and your new strat! You know full well you're about to re-ink to a familiar and unleash a new reign of terror upon the CB townsfolk!</novice>

QBOddBird March 29 2007 9:58 PM EDT

Erm...why the FF/SF/IF, which are still useful and good familiars, when the two physical - attack based familiars (JKF/HF) are both so incredibly in need of help?

lostling March 29 2007 11:08 PM EDT

yes save JKF and HF too :)

Flamey March 30 2007 4:05 AM EDT

I'm sorry, you're not saying that IF > JKF/HF.

Even if you did, I'm going to pretend you didn't because it's obvious that JKF/HF > IF.

AdminNightStrike March 30 2007 4:17 AM EDT

Did you just say that anything is better than the HF?

QBRanger March 30 2007 4:34 AM EDT

With the recent boost to the HF, 70% to damage and PTH, we do not yet know the power one has if it is a high level HF.

The highest one out there, so far is under 1M while there are some tattoos out there over 3M.

So, until someone inks a high level HF, personally I will reserve judgement on whether a HF is good or not.

Kong Ming March 30 2007 6:05 AM EDT

Actually you just need to remove seeker arrows and all problems are solved ;)

QBsutekh137 March 30 2007 12:45 PM EDT

I hope to be able to do the HF test Sunday. I am currently gathering damage inflicted by my FF for eight varied teams, gathering all the data I can. I will then perform attacks on the same characters (only if I can beat them, though).

If anyone has ideas on a better way to analyze, let me know. Basically, I am just going to see how it affects my fight list, and then compare damage inflicted. One of my main focuses is to see how hard it hits, to see if the damage overwhelms ToEs more than my spread-thin FF.
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