Character question (in General)

krasko April 3 2007 5:33 PM EDT

Is it legal if two users create one char and send it between each other a few times for better NCB start?Thanks in advice

GO PATS April 3 2007 5:39 PM EDT

If you are on the same IP I wouldn't do it... just too suspicious... if you are actually two different people on two different IP's it should be fine.

krasko April 3 2007 5:44 PM EDT

Lol i am asking for different people with different IP's and such.There is just one thing:I dont want to do it and get my char reseted after a week or so ,when i have invested around 1-2mils into the char.

BootyGod April 3 2007 5:48 PM EDT

I do not think that's allowed. But I could be wrong. But you forget xfers. It would be ridiculous to try it.

[T]Vestax April 3 2007 5:48 PM EDT

If you transfer the character and pay the costs (50k minimum) then that technically doesn't violate the "one person, one account" rule. It will get real expensive real quick though and you only get a benefit of 160 BA + your daily purchase of BA per transfer.

You might just be better off saving your money and buying BA daily for as long as you can afford to.

GO PATS April 3 2007 5:55 PM EDT

Oh man, I really really read that wrong... I have no idea now... I thought you meant gear, not the char itself... I doubt it.

AdminNightStrike April 3 2007 7:19 PM EDT

I would guess that the transfer fees associated with doing this would be enough of a price to pay. I thought of doing it myself, and it just doesn't make sense after the first day or two. A base NCB costs about 50k to transfer, and it only goes up from there (very quickly, too). But if you can afford it, more power to you.

QBRanger April 3 2007 7:53 PM EDT

The transfer fees are 4/3 times MPR plus 50k.

AdminG Beee April 3 2007 8:10 PM EDT

No, this would not be legal as it would be exploiting the spirit of the 1600 BA cap and the ability to create and transfer NCB characters between accounts.

Lumpy Koala April 3 2007 9:02 PM EDT

Argh GBee has 1600 cap....

AdminNightStrike April 3 2007 11:54 PM EDT

G, how is this exploiting anything? The character transfer fee is very hefty, and if they are willing to pay it, more power to them.

AdminG Beee April 4 2007 4:35 AM EDT

1600 BA cap was put in place after someone took advantage of the ability to purchase and store BA on a daily basis to the extent that several 000's of BA were stored on a character about to start an NCB.
Several people storing 1600 BA to artificially boost an NCB (or any other character) is exploiting the loophole that allows them to do so and as such this type of action will be considered an exploit.

I don't remember anything good ever happening to someone who was considered to have exploited a loophole on CB.

muon [The Winds Of Fate] April 4 2007 6:02 AM EDT

Ok, I'm going to weigh into this argument now against my better reasoning.

Basically, what is a loophole and what isn't, is my concern.

Let's say that somebody figures out that a certain familiar is exceptionally powerful when combined with a few other skills when at a certain MPR; so much so that the highest MPR in the game cannot kill a single one of his minions. Is this exploiting a problem in the way CB handles damage reduction abilities, or just a clever strat?

What about having the largest weapon in the game? If somebody invests, say, ten thousand USD in a single weapon (say, I dunno, a SoD with exp shot) and thus is able to train all of his/her MPR into HP and still hit 6 times a round against a top order evade tank, is this exploiting a problem in the way CB handles PR and WA, or just a well spent fortune?

What about swapping a character between two accounts, using the in-built transfer functions that the game provides, spending enough USD to keep the swapping viable, and thus earning experience quickly? Is this a problem in the way CB handles BA regeneration and the transfer of characters, or just another well spent fortune?


In short, for me, anything that is not prohibited by the rules is permissible; if one thinks that it may be against the spirit of the game, then asking in a thread such as this is, of course, advisable just in case.

But I think there is a difficulty for players in that no game will ever be 100% bug free, and the creator/s of the game can never predict 100% what players will try to do in order to "gain an edge" or whatever, so I understand that from the perspective of the creators, such and such a thing might be a loophole.

I'm glad that krasko asked this instead of simply trying it, simply because I would have been disappointed in the admins if he/she was penalized for doing it after the fact - despite it being "legal" according to the rules and already "allowed for" to some extent by the game (in terms of the transfer fee).

Well, that's my rant.

AdminNightStrike April 4 2007 7:18 AM EDT

G, it'd be an exploit, and your analogy would hold water, if they could circumvent the transfer fees and somehow keep transferring the character for 50k each time. But what will really happen is that the fees will get incredibly large very quickly. It becomes the price to pay to do what they desire.

krasko April 4 2007 7:30 AM EDT

Thanks to everyone for their replies.If this is really illegal i think it should be writen somewhere(atleast the place where you choice the NCB option).Or maybe there should be a limit to transfer of NCB(lets say 1transfer per month or something like that).

AdminJonathan April 4 2007 6:54 PM EDT

of course it's illegal. what a stupid question.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] April 4 2007 6:56 PM EDT

here is a fors for you:
shall we add a list of wrong doings to wiki or faq what can and can't be done to a character. Like the question above?

AdminJonathan April 4 2007 7:01 PM EDT

I mean, come on, when I just recently capped saved BA to prevent a simpler form of the same exploit, I would have thought it's pretty blindingly obvious that thinking up clever ways to "get a better NCB start" than everyone else is not something I'm trying to encourage here.
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