What's the point? (in General)

BootyGod April 3 2007 6:07 PM EDT

Of spending so much cash to get a reink? Now, I really don't want to get my head bitten off over this, so just tell me, calmly, and without snide remarks, why the reink must cost so much. Thanks =D

th00p April 3 2007 6:08 PM EDT

Stupidity tax. The same reason why it costs so much to untrain.

BootyGod April 3 2007 6:26 PM EDT

I do NOT consider that an answer. I would like a better one soon.

AdminJonathan April 3 2007 6:28 PM EDT

A lot of things in CB are designed to let you change your strategy every once in a while, but not daily and certainly not every set of BA. This is one of those.

BootyGod April 3 2007 6:39 PM EDT

I do understand the need to reduce constant reinkings. But there are two small issues with it.

1) People with enough money can do it anyway. So the current rule really only penalizes light or no USD spenders. People in the top 25 (well, most of them) can do it anyways.

2) There are other systems that could get the same effect, but more efficiently, I think. Make the reink cost based on level. This would actually stop high players from getting unfair advantages, especially during free retrain, and allow new players a huge amount of experimentation, which they need.

Just... my thoughts.

bartjan April 3 2007 6:40 PM EDT

For a tattoo with a low level it's a lot of cash. But what if I decide I want another type of tattoo? Selling my 2.3M one and then finding another one of the correct type at about the same level? Not easy or cheap (pick one)...

MissingNo April 3 2007 6:42 PM EDT

Tattoo reinking costs are one of the few things I can think of that's the same for everyone. I think it's fine the way it is.

BootyGod April 3 2007 6:44 PM EDT

I'm sorry bartjan, but that's just bad logic. If everytime someone thinks of something, someone says "Well, it could be worse", nothing would ever get changed. I understand the concept of the reinks. I understand that the current system is better then many others. But why not make it even better?

I don't mean to sound hostile, because I really do understand this. But... I don't know... seems like a change could help alot of new players, and less wealthy players, and the vets wouldn't have much to complain about if a change was made.

AdminNightStrike April 3 2007 7:16 PM EDT

Titan, it used to be cheaper, but resulted in an experience loss in the tattoo. I believe it was 200k to re-ink normal tattoos, and a 5% experience loss. Are you advocating that the old method was better?

QBOddBird April 3 2007 9:19 PM EDT

What's the point > "Of spending so much cash to get a reink? Now, I really don't want to get my head bitten off over this, so just tell me, calmly, and without snide remarks, why the reink must cost so much. Thanks =D"

Well, you've got your answer from Jon.

As NS said, are you advocating that the old method is better? What are you proposing be spent to change it, if not cash? I'm certainly not willing to give up EXP, nor would I like to return to the old method.

Sir Woot April 3 2007 9:34 PM EDT

Why not make the cost to re-ink proportional to the size of the tat?

Lumpy Koala April 3 2007 10:27 PM EDT

Actually I was thinking along the line that, reink cost should be the exact same figure as Tattoo's level :) With a minimum of 200k :P

But then again, I am nonsensical...

miteke [Superheros] April 4 2007 12:42 PM EDT

Re-inking is not cheap, even for us at the upper levels. I think you would be surprised at how few people re-ink because of the cost. Actually it favors the lower level folks. They can simply insta or sell/buy their way into a new tattoo far more cheaply than the re-ink. I've done it that way myself a few times. If you have a near base tattoo it is as easy as selling the old one and buying a new one. So I contest your point that it favors bigger characters. I would agree it favors USD spenders who don't mind dropping $4USD for a strat change. But then USD spenders can buy all kinds of stuff anyway, so why should this be any different?

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] April 4 2007 2:35 PM EDT

I think the 400k is fine, high enough to stop you inking every other day, low enough to allow for a strat tweak/change : ) (And no, I'm not a USD spender)
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