Archers kill in 1 round?? (in General)

Mikel April 23 2007 8:30 AM EDT

King of Pain Dixie Cousins King of Pain 9 8:18 AM EDT
King of Pain Dixie Cousins King of Pain 1 8:17 AM EDT
King of Pain Dixie Cousins King of Pain 4 8:17 AM EDT
King of Pain Dixie Cousins King of Pain 9 8:16 AM EDT

lostling April 23 2007 8:36 AM EDT

lol cool maybe you hit after someone else hit and left 1 character?

Mikel April 23 2007 8:38 AM EDT

Nope, that is taken straight from Dixie Cousin's fight log. And I posted the before and afters.

IndependenZ April 23 2007 8:57 AM EDT

You monster ;)

NoFear April 23 2007 10:25 AM EDT

Im pretty sure I seen that, and You lost the fight before... and in the rematch it was a 1 round fight.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 23 2007 10:30 AM EDT

NoFear, if you'd read Mikel's response you'd see he says it came cut and pasted from the fight log, either a minion lingered somehow, or there is an ugly bug.

Some way to reproduce the bug would be nice however.

NoFear April 23 2007 10:34 AM EDT

ok I rechecked it and Mikel was right... i seen a fight at a different time. with basically the same results except the 1 round win was after a loss.

QBRanger April 23 2007 11:33 AM EDT

I guess you must have used Magical Arrows.

Likely bought from the same person that sold Jack the Magical Beans.

Go Mikel, Go Mikel, Go Mikel, Go Mikel!!!!

AdminNightStrike April 23 2007 12:36 PM EDT

That was a fight that you initiated, yes? So do you remember what transpired during the fight to allow you to accomplish such a feat?

Mikel April 23 2007 7:03 PM EDT

NS unfortunately no, I only look at fight logs when I lose.

My best guess is that DC unequipped a healthy ToJ, cause if you notice, I killed 4 in the previous round. When she put the healthy ToJ back on, I then killed it.

QBsutekh137 April 23 2007 8:06 PM EDT

That would still go against the "outer/inner" version of a character... If an opponent is fightable, and no one else has "worn them down", then you should always be facing a fully-healed version of the team. Unless she fired and re-hired enough kill slots to handle your arrows, Dixie Cousins should never die in one round. Only Fireball or explosive shots can achieve an active-damage 1-round kill against a multi-slot team. I say "active-damage" because passive damage can kill any number of folks in one round. Think of 4 MM mages and an SF familiar with only 20 HP each against an AMF or GA team -- instant ritual suicide. *smile*

I'd still love to know how this happened...

QBRanger April 23 2007 8:08 PM EDT

Maybe it is the new supporter item Jon is letting Mikel try out:

Instakill arrows. It seems archery is not powerful enough, ;)

Mikel April 23 2007 8:37 PM EDT

that new ammo is supposed to be a secret.

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) April 23 2007 9:15 PM EDT

Better watch out, those 100 watt light bulbs are overpowered.. now they'll be nerfed :(
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