Hello there (in New players)

rodz91 April 24 2007 1:05 AM EDT

So I'm a little newblet here, nice game and all, liking it so far :)

Bit about my character: I'm going for Tank, maybe solo until some high point-age, but for now I'm a sort of Tank/Archer Hybrid...

equal HP, ST and DX and pump just enough archer skill to keep it at 1

Any suggestions or w/e are welcome :)

TheHatchetman April 24 2007 1:26 AM EDT

save for an ELB, and use a ToA or RoE, you'll be set for life. Get some BGs down the road, and keep making upgrades to the ELB.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:43 AM EDT

Be careful about when you buy minions. I have no idea how to time it right, but I know that I never do.

TheHatchetman April 24 2007 2:01 AM EDT

Timing it right = waiting as long as possible.

Flamey April 24 2007 3:27 AM EDT

What these guys said.

and Welcome.

QBJohnnywas April 24 2007 4:45 AM EDT

welcome to CB!

QBOddBird April 24 2007 12:30 PM EDT

Welcome to CB, rodz!

Gandalf April 24 2007 2:33 PM EDT

Welcome :) and you've either received alot of help or you've done the

thing what many new people didn't do including me... 'The Wiki'.

Have fun..

rodz91 April 24 2007 5:20 PM EDT

save for an ELB, and use a ToA or RoE, you'll be set for life. Get some BGs down the road, and keep making upgrades to the ELB.

Thanks for the help, I'll try to get the Bow but seems far off and nobody's selling...

Is the ToA worth it? Because armor may seem kinda important, and the RoE looks quite expensive :/...

The beleg gloves look real expensive though...

What does the ToE do anyways? I don't understand what endurance is or how it works... any light? I get it's something like 75% damage reduction, but I don't see it :S

DiabloSpawn April 24 2007 5:28 PM EDT

Have your tried taking the tattoo off and then checking the average damage done to you in a fight by the same opponent? Or better yet, try it for a few opponents and write down the damage done by them. Then you can work out if you're getting a reduction in damage ;) Best for you at such an early stage is actually a Tattoo of Enlightenment, which gives you bonus XP. You can get one by becoming a supporter or maybe from someone who's selling them.

rodz91 April 24 2007 5:52 PM EDT


How much do they go for on average?

And is donator status a 1 off deal, or monthly?

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 24 2007 5:53 PM EDT

1 time cost.

Tyriel [123456789] April 24 2007 5:55 PM EDT


Donate once, and you're a supporter for life.

You can also get each new supporter item for $6 each time their released.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] April 24 2007 5:55 PM EDT

And I should mention you can get someone to pay that for you for about 1mil-1.1 mil CB cash.
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