1. How To Become a Supporter
  2. Benefits of Supportership
  3. Supporter Items
  4. Supportership Item Trivia

How To Become a Supporter

You can get the Supportership upgrade to your account by donating $11 USD to Carnage Blender! You may do so at the Donate page [1], where you can also help others become Supporters by making a donation for them. See benefits below.

The payment is processed through Paypal[2]. If you cannot pay through this method, there are many other players who may be willing to help you out in chat or in the forums. You may also be able to find individuals willing to pay for your Supportership for small in-game favors.

Benefits of Supportership

  • Supporter items (see below)
  • Save clan members or other opponents to a per-Character favorite list to maximize your battle efficiency
  • Increase the number of opponents shown in the standard fight list
  • Increase maximum of 5 active characters instead of 2
  • Save training setups
  • No more ads!
  • Free votes in the Black Market
  • Early access to new features
  • Supporters may create new chat rooms. (Once created, anyone may join). You will be the Op (able to /kick) of a room you create
  • Supporters have their names listed in italics
  • Supporter accounts are never deleted due to inactivity

Supporter Items

Supporter items are given to new supporters to give them an edge as they grow their characters. When the Supporter item changes, Jon will sell the new one to current supporters for $6 sent to his Paypal account. Supporters are allowed to purchase one item every time the supporter item changes.

These are all of the past and present Supporter Items. These were not available in stores and will never spawn. There are two ways to acquire them: either buy from another player, or buy it directly from Jon through the Special Items menu under Business at the cost of $11 per item.

  1. Jigorokano Familiar
  2. Mage Shield
  3. Vorpal Blade
  4. Rune of Enlightenment
  5. Trollskin Armor
  6. Amulet of Invisibility
  7. Amulet of Focus
  8. Helm of Clearsight
  9. Rune of Enlightenment (Reintroduced)
  10. Noldorin Spellcasters
  11. Helm of Clearsight (Reintroduced)
  12. Amulet of Leadership
  13. Mace of Disruption
  14. Breastplate of Expertise

Supportership Item Trivia

In CB1, supporter items were initially meant for newer characters. The idea was that the usefulness of the item would reduce over time, somewhere around the ad hoc value of 400k MPR. This gradually changed without much fanfare, and Jonathan mentioned in a forum post [Ed. can't find the post right now] that he changed the mentality behind supporter items to give supporters a more worthwhile, long lasting investment. Certainly by the time the Mage Shield was introduced this was an established tradition; in its original form, the MgS reduced magical damage by 2000 points per enchantment level. Jonathan changed it to .75% per level to make it more useful at higher levels.

Currently, the JKF fits the original profile of phasing out as the character grows (though some have found ways to use them at higher levels.) The second item is almost a requirement for any team with any intention of creating a 'Mage Wall'. The fifth item is the only one in the game capable of regenerating HP during the actual battle, and the sixth item has found uses all across the board in some very cross-generational strategy creations. The third item is a BoNE of contention for many, and is a volatile topic due to a massive recent nerfing of its base damage from 75 down to the 51, and then back up to its current damage of 63. The eighth is considered all but necessary for any team with a focus on ranged combat and for all Mages (including CoC and Decay), and the fourth, the Rune of Enlightenment, was the first Supporter item in CB2 to have been reintroduced, though it was soon followed by the Helm of Clearsight when the price of these became astronomical due to utility and rarity.

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