Another question on EC: (in General)

QBRanger April 24 2007 11:40 AM EDT

If you use EC on someone with evasion and trained/enhanced dex does the EC cut both or just one of the two. And if just 1, which one?

horseguy001 April 24 2007 11:42 AM EDT

I would assume (won't be able to provide any evidence on this one) that the entire amount of dex is lumped together, and then EC is subtracted from that. I don't think EC actually reduces the (n) on evasion, only the defensive dex anyways, but again, no evidence on that one.

QBRanger April 24 2007 11:43 AM EDT


I do assume that (x) is unaffected by the EC, only the defensive dex.

But perhaps EC works on the dex thing as DM works on individual ED spells, on each separately.

horseguy001 April 24 2007 11:51 AM EDT

Well this is how I look at it, wrong or otherwise:

Say you have a 500k Evasion and 500k dex. When some one takes a swing at you, they are up against an Evasion effect (n), and 1 mil defensive dex. If your EC hits that for 600k, I would reason it would become an Evasion effect (n), and 400k defensive dex.

The reason I think it would work differently then DM is because you can't have more then one ED on any given minion, so ED spells can only be merged across seperate minions, hence why DM acts on each one seperatly. In the case of dex, you can have more then one source of it on one minion, so I would assume they are just lumped together in battle.

Just my 2 cents :D

QBOddBird April 24 2007 12:25 PM EDT

horse - you can't lump them together for offensive purposes, otherwise you don't know how much DX is left for attacking.

I would assume EC cuts into trained DX first and then into the hidden defensive DX - but that's just my assumption since it seems most logical. It would be very NICE if it cut into both separately, like a DM...that'd make EC much, much nicer *grins*

Nerevas April 24 2007 12:53 PM EDT

Normal dex first, then evasion defensive dex. So basically they are "lumped" together, and EC subtracts from that total amount. This is why I originally abandoned my EC strat- Too easy to have a defensive dex higher than the EC effect and make it extremely difficult to hit.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:08 PM EDT

EC simply applies an additive negative value to your DX. If you hit someone with a 1m EC, they subtract 500k from their DX, plain and simple. Evasion then adds an amount to their DX.

The kicker is when %-boosting items come into play. If you are kicked into the negative, say -100,000, and you wear EG +10, you will receive -110,000 DX. %-boosting items increase the magnitude of the stat regardless of whether it's positive or negative.

EC and %-boosting items are applied before the battle starts, and Evasion is calculated during the battle. Therefore, EC will lower the DX, %-boosting items will either increase it if it's positive after EC, or continue to decrease it if it's negative after EC. In the example above, this may make you start a battle with -110,000 DX. Then, each round, Evasion can increase that value for defensive purposes.

Nerevas April 24 2007 1:24 PM EDT

NS I thought you found that EC hitting pre-bonus was a mistake because you were wearing AoF? That'd be worth a second round of testing to confirm.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:38 PM EDT

Is that the thing from February where I changed the wiki and then reverted it? Darn... twice on the same error.

Ah, well. Ignore that whole paragraph, then. The rest of it still applies.
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