any really old CB1ers still out there? (in General)

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] May 13 2007 5:27 PM EDT

I was reading the CB1 history as told by Slayer and found it interesting how, with familiars, we've come almost full circle to when there used to be 5 minions. I think the 5th minion nurf needs to be recorded as it was a major change but I wasn't actually there (dug it up in posts when I was bored). Does anyone out there remember this? (other then Jon of course who made the change but is probably to busy to bother)

{CB1}Lukeyman May 13 2007 5:31 PM EDT

Im not that old :p I dont think I am anyway... 0.o

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 13 2007 5:31 PM EDT

i started in march of '03 and that was before my time. this is the first i have heard of it even so it must've been quite a ways before i started or people would've still been grumbling!

bartjan May 13 2007 5:36 PM EDT

5 minions was only in the very early stages of the game, with only a handful of players. I don't think it can be called a major nerf, as the impact was limited and the game still labeled as alpha.

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] May 13 2007 5:49 PM EDT

Maybe since there was a lot of complaint and discussion about it seemed like a bigger deal then it was. Like I said I wasn't there I just saw the posts, I guess it was just the few people that were around then talking about it.

bartjan May 13 2007 5:54 PM EDT

What complaints?

lostling May 13 2007 7:36 PM EDT

i did play cb1 for a while :x but i only remember 4 minons

Lumpy Koala May 13 2007 10:06 PM EDT

When I joined around July 2002, it's already 4 minions :P And the biggest impact wasn't 5 minions change, but it's the major rescales (yes, I have been through it three times) and removal of FOD !!

Daz May 14 2007 1:12 AM EDT

I only joined after the last Huge rescale, the one that gave people nightmares. I think I joined a week after it? I forget. that was so long ago ^_^

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 14 2007 1:18 AM EDT

Who are you calling old? o.O

bartjan May 14 2007 1:48 AM EDT

I think Saint's dad is the only one really qualifying ;)

Desperado [Chaotic Serenity] May 14 2007 1:59 AM EDT

I joined cb1 in 2002 or 2003. I cant remember.

AdminJonathan May 14 2007 11:50 AM EDT

5 minons was changed to 4 before CB1 was even open to the public. So like bart said, there wasn't much lamenting in the streets. Or even rants posted to General. :)

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] May 14 2007 12:30 PM EDT

5 minion... Yah missed that.... and I have been around along time..... not as long as some, but long...

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] May 14 2007 12:33 PM EDT

I miss the old quotes page that had all the best CB quotes.... god that had some memories....

AdminShade May 14 2007 1:05 PM EDT

Sorry, not that old I am :)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] May 14 2007 3:05 PM EDT

Hi SundariZelia, I joined CB1 in Mar 2003 I believe. Whoa!

AdminG Beee May 14 2007 3:31 PM EDT

I don't know about 5 minions but I swear there's been many a Friday or Saturday evening when I've seen twice as many minions on my team than I normally do...

Unappreciated Misnomer May 14 2007 3:32 PM EDT

i am an old cb player took me all day to read this thread and reply to it

DiabloSpawn May 15 2007 5:19 AM EDT

I was :Diablo in CB1, I had the mightiest dagger, Diablo's Toothpick! Spid got a hex hit with it when he borrowed it...I also had a large sling called Diablo's Floss :) Oh, and I was an admin for a while until RL kicked in...

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] May 15 2007 6:16 AM EDT

I was from the cb1 days, dont really remember how long ago i joined though, =X One downside to the deletion of cb1 added to my list.

Flames Fame May 15 2007 4:39 PM EDT

I Played Cb1 for a while, my name on there was Balrog of Flames, Character Flames Fame.

IndependenZ May 15 2007 4:45 PM EDT


A member of Carnage Blender since April 25, 2003.

I wasn't around in the very early beginning of CB1, but I have seen a lot of it. Even enough to remember Force Bolt, Todd's giant Heavy Crossbow and of course the Inexhaustible Arrows :p

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 15 2007 7:27 PM EDT

I've been here since October 2002, will be my 6th anniversary this year >.<

[P]Mitt May 15 2007 8:42 PM EDT


A member of Carnage Blender 2 since May 28, 2003.

BLT May 23 2007 5:17 PM EDT

This post is designed to give Todd an unfair advantage!

SBW May 23 2007 5:26 PM EDT


Fanta [Fanta's Forge] May 23 2007 11:26 PM EDT

and me

I used to be Expansionist/Fungus

Blarg May 24 2007 12:51 AM EDT

Am I old?

Mythology May 24 2007 3:37 AM EDT

I joined when everyone was still pointing Fingers of Death at each other.

{CB1}Lukeyman May 24 2007 7:05 AM EDT


Blarg May 24 2007 11:39 AM EDT

A member of Carnage Blender since September 5, 2003. Guess I am

QBsutekh137 May 24 2007 11:50 AM EDT

Myth, how did you manager that?

A member of Carnage Blender since June 23, 2003.

?? I joined about a month earlier, and FoD was already gone... Did I miss something? Or were you like Zog, an earlier adopter who later restarted a character?

I am going to go find out the exact death date of FoD! *smile*

QBsutekh137 May 24 2007 11:55 AM EDT

Goodness, this is fun!

To prevent high level characters deliberately unequipping so lower levels can beat them in return for a quid pro quo, the defender will be assessed a penalty for losing to someone whose (virtual) PR is less than a certain fraction of his score. Currently that fraction is 0.15.

Alas, this means that the long-running and often-amusing debates on FoD must come to an end. Obviously it wouldn't be fair to penalize someone for losing to an FoDer who finally got lucky. Fare thee well, FoD.

All FoD spells have been untrained for zero penalty. A new spell replaces it -- Decay. Decay is currently subject to the same hp/decay ratio penalty that fod was under, but none of the other special cases.

Currently the farm penalty is fairly low. After a short period to allow former FoDers to decide how to retrain, it will increase.

--Jonathan, January 2 2003 12:26 PM EST

FoD died on Jan. 2, 2003. How sad.

AdminLamuness May 24 2007 12:31 PM EDT

Finally found mine.
A member of Carnage Blender since August 9, 2004.

QBOddBird May 24 2007 12:35 PM EDT

Woooot! Lamuness, you started on my birthday! *bootydances*

Miandrital May 24 2007 12:37 PM EDT

Officially mine is: A member of Carnage Blender since August 26, 2002.
However, that doesn't include the failed merge between me and xingu and a few multis that I made when I first started playing so my actual join date was June 2002 sometime.

Ah, good times.

{CB1}stingiestbard [why] May 24 2007 2:10 PM EDT

October 4, 2003

Daz May 24 2007 8:58 PM EDT

Wow. I was earlier than I though!

A member of Carnage Blender since March 20, 2004.

I also happened to come across Bast and thought I'd have a looksie....

A member of Carnage Blender since May 17, 2004.

I joined before Bast!? That seems so wrong.
For some reason, the wayback machine didn't like looking at MrsDi

Lochnivar May 24 2007 9:07 PM EDT

A member of Carnage Blender since October 24, 2003.
Realm: Gondor

I'm coming up to that magic 4yrs.

Why is the 4yr mark magic you ask?
Because I said so!

RedWolf May 24 2007 9:10 PM EDT

I didn't consider myself old at first, but now I might as well say I started June 11, 2004. Wow, that was three years ago, I guess time flies when you don't do anything ;-)

Lumpy Koala May 24 2007 10:14 PM EDT

Nonsensical Knight

A member of Carnage Blender since July 17, 2002.

Thraklight Resonance May 24 2007 10:47 PM EDT

November 22, 2002. I fondly remember the days when my retired tourney characters had higher scores than my active characters.

Active Characters
Nonborn King (246183)
Scout (25564)

Retired Characters
UpUpandaWoogie (338399) (tournament 56)
OssifiedWoogie (129211) (tournament 51)
WoogieSixthSense (108193) (tournament 47)
WoogieTakeFive (56582) (tournament 44)
Woogie4Everclear (42354) (tournament 42)
Woogie3 (31070) (tournament 41)
Spare Weapons (13115)
Woogie2 (7269) (tournament 39)
Woogie (2811) (tournament 38)
PetrifiedWoogie (1) (tournament 50)
Riztirement Home (1) (tournament 62)

Mythology May 25 2007 1:14 AM EDT

Hey thrak, king of tournies :) I remember if you entered I didnt bother :P

@Sutekh - Yeah I made a char before that one and being the strat head I am pretty much worked out the game was all focused around FoD and really didnt like it, when I made a new account FoD was gone and I was happy and stayed :)

By the by id also thankfully kitted out my first chars minions with crap loads of elven gear when they worth little more than leather armour and when I came back had v nice windfall to begin CB life with :)

And yes I am back (even made a new minion image) and will be staying, however please leave me on the wall of remembrance or I shall cry :/

I still kind of talk to Mush + trillian on myspace, i might try to get her to come back.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 25 2007 10:14 AM EDT

Yea Myth, we really need Baal back, she was the life and soul of the party :D
Not that you, TC and the 2 Brandons weren't fun and all :P

Heavy May 25 2007 3:57 PM EDT

I am still alive but far less active than I used to be.
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