End of NS's Sale... Awaiting NS's Approval (in Public Record)

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] May 19 2007 10:39 AM EDT

Well here it is the end of the sale... It took long enough to come and I'm sure alot of you are quite annoyed for the length... but now we are almost there... just need NS's all knowing approval to finish it off... I will fill you all in on who to send the money to and when. Make sure you send the xfer fees as well.

Also... Keep in mind that if you need a loan for an item or a payment plan... we can work it out with Nightstrike. All Buyers pay xfer fees as well.

Item Stats NetWorth Current Bid Bin Bidder
AoAC Base $7,090 $1.2 Mil SHODDAN
AoF Base $7,080 Sold Crux Terminatus
AoF Base $7,080 Sold Crux Terminatus
Aof +7 $251,976 $1.2 mil Hanzz
AoF +7 $251,976 $1.2 mil Kultur
Body Armors
MCM 28 +4 $43,535 $700k Fate
Mithril Cuirass 35 +40 $1,247,767 $450k Nonsensical_Knight
Named EG 3 +11 $678,916 $1.4 mil Rubberduck
EG 3 +10 $373,884 $1.4 mil Zaekyr
Tulkas +1 $2,267 $650k CoolWater
Corn +6 $578,059 $2.2 mil GnuUzir
Corn +6 $578,059 $2.2 mil Hanzz
Corn +8 $1,863,550 $2.8 mil BluBBen
Corn Named +10 $6,107,385 $5.6 mil Ancient_Anubis
Corn +11 $11,080,945 $8.4 mil Ancient_Anubis
HoD Base $7,413 $175k Coolwater
Named EB 10 +22 $1,075,996 $2.9 Mil Slashundhack
Named RoE lvl 20 $11,030 $1.1 mil Moosh_LooLoo
Katana 74 x152 +19 $1,556,212 $300k deifeln
BoNe 92 x191 +7 $1,516,083 $750k [TH]Riddlebox
EXBow 4 x103 +23 $1,335,179 $600k [TH]Riddlebox

SHODDAN!48 May 19 2007 2:42 PM EDT

Send xter fees? Wait, what?

Cylo May 19 2007 4:26 PM EDT

I love how I waited for for so long on the Named EB's and bid over and over and even sent a CM asking if I was outbid to have a chance to bid again. Then when the thread closed my bid was high when the thread closed. Then find out I got outbid by 100k. This sale was run very long and the ending was completely dumb. I won't be doing business again. If you don't have time to run the sale right, it shouldn't have been run at all. Thanks for wasting a good week or more of me having to hold money that I never needed and also losing the chance of getting other EB's thru auction or other means while waiting to be outbid after the thread was closed.

richard rahl May 19 2007 4:29 PM EDT

1.3 mil on AoF

richard rahl May 19 2007 4:34 PM EDT

didnt realize sale over if you dont sell EB's or AoF contact me we can work something out- RR

noneedforthese May 19 2007 7:37 PM EDT

Cylo, I feel you man. I got a loan especially to get some items only to find that I was outbid by some unknown means and had waited all this time for _nothing_. Won't be doing business either, a terrible sale.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] May 19 2007 7:48 PM EDT

Please don't hate Draco though. I seriously think it ain't his fault here...

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] May 19 2007 8:49 PM EDT

It felt like you were snping me so I pounced when you said you thought you had it . Hey I was the only bidder for the longest time Cylo .

CoolWater [Superheros] May 20 2007 3:57 AM EDT

can we settle this soon. I need to manage my funds. I have other things to buy. But I need to settle this first.

TheHatchetman May 20 2007 4:22 AM EDT

I know what ya mean Cylo, I had the high bid on a Corn when the thread ended...

chelon May 20 2007 5:20 AM EDT

tat eb is over priced plus it may only have few months maybe days left on naming..go bid a base at auction bs it get someone to name it and you still pay 200-400k less. beside the mc RoE and weapons all item finial bid is over or equal to buying a base and have someone forge it. Maybe tats why this sales took forever.. cause price not right for ns. put min next time and save everyone times if tats the case.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] May 20 2007 11:35 AM EDT

This is all I'm gonna say about the matter...

"As an after thought.... these items are all Nightstrikes... I am selling them for him... I will try to have the naming lengths as soon as I can... but the final word on the sale prices will be at his discretion.He has been very busy with RL and as soon as he can he will give me the final word. Sorry for the length of this sale. I am doing what I can to keep this sale going until NightStrike is available to finish off the sale. "

If you didn't read that part of the sale on each of the tables... then it is not my fault that you continued to bid when this sale was taking far too long... I did the only thing I could do and that was continue the sale... for as long as it took for NS to get back to the game... seeing as how some of you are taking it out on me Via forum... I feel it is not right to hang the messenger when it wasn't my fault. If you would like to retract your bids go ahead... the sale isn't all that final until NS posts who and what.

Thanks for your time,
Messenger Boy,

Cylo May 20 2007 4:28 PM EDT

Draco it's different to say the items are NS's and that the sale will continue as he has RL issues than to have a bid showing as high bid when the sale thread closed and not win the item.

Oh and to slash. I wasn't sniping. I saw the thread. Bid on an item that I needed for my strat then continued to bid. I didn't wait till I thought it was over and try to sneak a bid in. That would be sniping. My gripe was that I specifically sent a cm to Draco asking to be notified if I was outbid to give myself a chance to bid higher if I wanted to. Then he posts on the last thread saying that when it closes the sale would be over. MY bid was the highest when the thread closed. Then to see the final bids post on who won, which by the way was a day or 2 after the sale thread closed, and find out that I was outbid by 100k after the fact. That is the part I'm complaining about and that the sale in my mind was run in a bad way.

Oh and on the specifics of not killing the messenger. If you are running the sale. Then you should expect the backlash when things go wrong. I have run a sale for someone else before on CB1 and when someone wasn't happy I heard about it. That's what you signed up for when you decided to run it.

TheHatchetman May 20 2007 4:41 PM EDT

For the record,
Kulter on AoF bid,
Drakon TGs bid,
my Corn bid,
BluBBen's Corn bid,
noneedforthese's Corn bid,
and Cylo's EB bid,
Were all the high bids at the end of the sale thread that arent on the finalization thread...

TheWyldeOne May 20 2007 4:44 PM EDT

you forgot my Corn bid :)

TheHatchetman May 20 2007 4:52 PM EDT

okay, sorry i missed ya there... so 7 bids placed after thread was closed, but before finalization was decided on. I am inclined to follow Cylo's logic, as you ran the sale. Sure the items belonged to NS, sure he has final discretion on whether or not items will be sold for the prices bid, but you made the threads, you ran the sale, and from what you've posted, NS hasnt had a say yet... So, as the one running the sale, Draco, i must ask, how were those who got outbid to know?

CoolWater [Superheros] May 20 2007 5:55 PM EDT

The problem was actually the FS thread itself not Draco. The FS thread only allows you to send CM to Draco for bids. It doesn't allow you to post the bid in the thread and thus the bids weren't transparent.

But what Draco should do is to update the thread as soon as he received a bid. Unless the thread ended and he was unable to update it.

CoolWater [Superheros] May 20 2007 6:03 PM EDT

another thing to add, updating the thread with each and every bid can be too costly with $5000 per update.

the thing that's not good with this is we have to wait for NS approval. He should have a min on each item and when the min is reach, Draco should have the authority to sell that item instead of waiting for his approval. Who knows how long he's going to be before he checks the sale, a week, a month?

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] May 21 2007 12:42 AM EDT

I'm sorry you didn't get your bid, but did you bid what you felt it was worth? If you didn't, that's why you didn't win your bid. If you had actually bid what the item was worth no one would have outbid you. I have a Job, I have a Life... I can't play this game 24/7 so I do what I can... The thread had closed so I could not update the last bids on the sale. Well looks like its your loss not mine.

TheHatchetman May 21 2007 12:50 AM EDT

The mark of a great salesman. Eye on the bottom line, no matter the circumstance. Don't worry about people holding onto their money when various items have flown through auctions they could/would have bid on, especially when running a sale for someone else. Hell, why concern yourself with the customers when you can pass the heat to the guy that isnt around. Cylo claims to have CM'd, asking to be notified in the event he was outbid, how was he to know? Shortly after the thread closed, I CM'd asking for a status report, "You've been outbid, the current is 2.2m." didnt take me long at all to type...

You ran a bad sale. Spin it, twist it, blame it on everyone, but with 7 new bids, and none who were outbid notified, the facts are clear...

MissingNo May 21 2007 12:51 AM EDT

"Well looks like its your loss not mine." That's a pretty horrible way to treat your dissatisfied customers. I am not a dissatisfied costumer, just merely giving my observation opinion.

noneedforthese May 21 2007 4:20 AM EDT

To: DrAcO5676 Sent: May 16 7:30 AM EDT Delivered: May 16 7:31 AM EDT
7.5mil on +11 named, pls notify me before completion of sale if i get outbid! ;)

People don't expect you to update the thread after each bid, but we do expect courtesy CMs in the _least_.

If I was NS, I'd be a little mad with Draco, because he could've gotten at least another mil with buyers wanting to bid higher.

Having said that, it's not all your fault, we all make mistakes (god knows I've made enough). Hopefully your next sale will go a little smoother :)

Cylo May 21 2007 5:47 AM EDT

Uh. You say did we bid what we thought the item was worth. Yes I actually bid over the amount the item was worth. In the end I got a Eb in auction and after upgrading it I will save money over what the end price was. So don't say if I bid what it was worth I would have won it. That is a completely wrong statement. This sale went on so long you got milions more than the items were worth, but still tell your customers that they were the bad ones not the buyers. that will help you out on future sales.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] May 21 2007 8:23 AM EDT

Ya I think I over bid my self and if this doesn't end soon ,I'll wait till the end of Tuesday,I'm withdrawing my bid and getting one some other way .

CoolWater [Superheros] May 21 2007 8:50 AM EDT

put everything aside. Any news from NS yet?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 21 2007 8:58 AM EDT

It would appear he hasn't logged in since Friday morning, CW.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] May 21 2007 12:56 PM EDT

No some of you are a little Wrong... Bottom line is this sale will prolly die before everyone gets the items they bid on... I already said this sale prolly won't actually get finished unless NS gets back from what hes been busy with in Real life. Its just a moot point in complaining more and more when I did what I could... I had about 300+ cms in that entire time the sales were running... I would like to see any one of you catch everyone of them... If I didn't respond to your CM near the end like you asked... all you needed to do was make a comment or drop me another cm and I coulda took care of it... but instead you attack me... a fellow member of this here community... Nice to see everyone understands everything about the game /end Sarcasm.

Ohh and NoNeed... I highly doubt you would have outbid Ancient_anubis he was planning on spending what ever he had to for the Corn +11.

Ohh and TH when you have been a reliable part of the community, who held a sale for someone without even having all the facts for it, just because he can... not because he had to... then you can step in and make some rude and selfish comments about it. Whats it take... 15 seconds to type another CM to me making sure I got the last CM or refreshing my mind... well sorry for not being on the ball the whole time... sorry for holding the sale... sorry for even speaking up in the forum letting everyone know whats going on with the sale... Next time figure it out yourself....

I'm tired of the rude and very selfish community members here in this community... I have been here thru the thick and thin... I have seen Cheats, liars, and multis go by like nothing and I have remained here for the entire duration of it. But this is just too much... I will prolly resign to a life of no forum... just so I don't have to deal with nasty comments from members like yourselves that just troll the forums for someone to Flame. Thanks for everything...

TheHatchetman May 21 2007 3:41 PM EDT

"Ohh and TH when you have been a reliable part of the community,"

Oh? So you say I haven't shown my worth? Any time I have an oppertunity to help, or a fun idea to be carried out, do I not do so?

"who held a sale for someone without even having all the facts for it"

you said it yourself... btw, don't try to call others unreliable when you're admitting your own ignorance...

"just because he can... not because he had to..."

Masochism much?

"then you can step in and make some rude and selfish comments about it."

I may have been rude, perhaps even overly so. But where was I selfish? I recall being the one pointing out 7 bids misplaced when only one was my own, just because I can, not because I had to.

"Whats it take... 15 seconds to type another CM to me making sure I got the last CM or refreshing my mind..."

I know how annoying it is to get several CMs from the same impatient person. To put others through it would just be hypocrisy

"well sorry for not being on the ball the whole time..."

Apologize to NS for that one.

"sorry for holding the sale..."

Apology accepted ^_^ just dont blame the customers for your shortcomings.

"sorry for even speaking up in the forum letting everyone know whats going on with the sale..."

as the one unning the sale, it is kind of your obligation...

"Next time figure it out yourself...."

Might've made things a lot easier.

noneedforthese May 21 2007 3:47 PM EDT

It's probably time to move on from this thread before it turns into another 200 post argument :O)

TheHatchetman May 21 2007 3:50 PM EDT

no more future arguments from me, that was all I had...

Miandrital May 21 2007 4:06 PM EDT

Seeing as how NS still hasn't logged in, wouldn't it be a whole lot simpler to just accept any higher bids if they exist?

QBRanger May 21 2007 5:32 PM EDT

Seems NS is back on.

Perhaps he can end this sale and thread, please!

SHODDAN!48 May 21 2007 7:32 PM EDT

I'm still confused.. "Make sure you send the xfer fees as well."

Did I miss something? Transfer fees for what?

TheHatchetman May 21 2007 8:30 PM EDT

"All Buyers pay xfer fees as well. "

Said it at the end of every blurb before the bid table :)

QBRanger May 21 2007 11:41 PM EDT

Transfer fees for NS to send the item to you.

You pay them.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] May 23 2007 3:29 AM EDT

Well its into Wednesday morn and still no yea or nay so sorry but I'm going to bid in the auctions for some EB's .

CoolWater [Superheros] May 23 2007 3:52 AM EDT

when you say awaiting NS approval, does that mean if he doesn't like the price, the sale is cancelled?

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] May 23 2007 7:45 AM EDT

most likely... but its more I'm just waiting for NS to send the items and request payment.

AdminNightStrike May 25 2007 3:06 AM EDT

I'm taking care of this as I can. I will just start at the top and work down.

AdminNightStrike May 25 2007 3:08 AM EDT

Got through amulets...

AdminNightStrike May 25 2007 3:09 AM EDT

...and Body armor..

AdminNightStrike May 25 2007 5:30 AM EDT

You know.. I just skimmed through this thread... Some of you guys need to realize that CB is not real life. Things happen. Get over it.

As for bids and whatnot... some of the bids here are really low. If you want to offer more, send me a CM. The Corn +11 is gone, and is now a Corn +8 named. The other items I'm waiting for payment on.

AdminNightStrike May 25 2007 5:35 AM EDT

Anubis' stuff is complete.

Cylo May 25 2007 7:04 AM EDT

You definately must have skimmed and not read the majority of it. Most items are not under price, they had so much time on sale they went over what is normal, and just the basic way in which it was handled was bad. Yes real life is more important than a game, but when you do start something in the game you should do one of two things. Finish it or cancel it if your real life gets in the way of you being available. I doubt many would have minded if you cancelled the sale till you were more available because of real life issued, but to drag this on for so long then have draco say the last thread was the final only to allow bids after the fact is bad form. Just as is you taking more bids in a Public Record forum a full week after the sale was over. That comment alone speaks volumes in my mind.

BluBBen May 26 2007 5:17 PM EDT

So, do I get the Corn?

Mikel May 26 2007 6:38 PM EDT

There was always the auctions, and you people could've pulled your bids at anytime before the thread was closed. Just because it lasted longer than anticipated is not anyone's fault.
Stuff happens, and did all of you forget how much good stuff NS has done for the community? I give him and Draco (the messenger) a pass on this whole thing.

BluBBen May 27 2007 4:28 AM EDT

I'm really angry at NS now. I have this bid on 2,8 mill on a +8 Corn. I send him a CM where I ask like this "So, did I get the Corn in your sell", and I get the response "No, 2.8 is to low. If you want it you need to give me 3.2 mill". OMG! What is this! Isn't the person biding the highest bid supposed to get the item? If it really is worth 3.2 mill, why NS? I ask you why? Haven't anyone bidded over my 2.8 mill bid!? You have to options now. Either you give me the Corn or 2.8 mill or I will never bid in one of your sells.


AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] May 27 2007 4:48 AM EDT

Okay guys, this thread is going to be locked if you all don't stop bickering.

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) May 27 2007 5:18 AM EDT

This is what happens when someone sells items for someone else and doesn't have a MIN on any of them..

FYI guys, when you're using the forums, anyone can sell anything they want to whoever they want. That's the beauty of the FS/WTB section.. it's not auctions!

CoolWater [Superheros] May 27 2007 8:17 AM EDT

lol, this sale has become a joke. What's the point of having it in the FS thread. You should put your items in auction and put your minimum. This way, you can get the price you wanted and not wasting everyone's time.

AdminNightStrike May 27 2007 8:33 AM EDT

"or I will never bid in one of your sells."


BluBBen May 27 2007 8:51 AM EDT

This one is to you Draco. Don't hold in anymore of NS's sells. You just get all crap that NS deserves.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] May 27 2007 2:40 PM EDT

The best part of this thread is how accurate Blubben's userpic has proven.

BluBBen May 27 2007 3:15 PM EDT

Thanks for that one.


MissingNo May 27 2007 3:29 PM EDT

I agree that it would have been a better idea to have used auctions instead of trying to have a sale. BluBBen, don't worry, I understand where you're coming from. I'd be really mad too if I got the highest bid and then was told it wasn't enough.

Fate May 27 2007 7:52 PM EDT

i bidded 700k and he wants to charge me 800k...don't even want to bother anymore
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