I have pretty much had it with FS threads. (in General)

QBRanger May 23 2007 9:54 AM EDT

As the title says I am fed up with the crap going on in FS threads.

This sale in particular along with another recent sale just burns me up:

The sale in the thread above was going on for 3 more hours according to the last post. I bid more then the current bid on the BTh with no update to the sale.

And.... In a few of the FS threads i bid on, I was told someone who already bid but an ebay type of "max" bid on the item. So every time I wasted effort to bid, I was CM'd back, the other person is still in the lead due to his "autobid".

Next thing I know, someone else won the auction for both items.

Now I do realize that the seller can sell to anyone heshe/it wants, anytime he/she/it want. But C'mon, if your going to have a sale, update it, and when it is over, at least post who won and why.

Have common courtesy to let those who bid near the end know their bid was not high enough as some people keep funds allocated just in case they won, funds that could be used elsewhere.

Just be fair to everyone who decides to participate in your sale. You never know when you will sell more items and those hosed in the past will remember what happened.

I will get off my soapbox now.

bartjan May 23 2007 10:00 AM EDT

Shop here

BootyGod May 23 2007 10:01 AM EDT

That soapbox must have feet firmly printed on the top of it by now ;)

But seriously, I understand the sellers problem. They simply cannot be on 24/7 to handle the sales. Which is why the auctions exist. The main issue is people looking for items from people who are not looking to definitely sell. I think the sellers just need to think more carefully about what to auction and what to FS/WTB.

Because I don't see a solution to this that isn't already in place. For single items, use auctions. For more varied things (package deals, instas, CB, etc) use FS/WTB. Unless someone can think of something my mind is just missing.

AdminG Beee May 23 2007 10:04 AM EDT

YAY !!

Now if only everyone else would catch on. Auctions are your friend.

QBRanger May 23 2007 10:18 AM EDT

Well I do understand that auctions have limitations.

Especially for those in need of a payment plan and for those interested in an insta.

Also, the cost of auction is quite expensive for higher NW items. Too much sometimes to make it worthwhile.

AdminG Beee May 23 2007 10:22 AM EDT

Insta deals tend to be one off and easy to coordinate thru FS/WTB forum, same for items with huge NW.

If people need a payment plan then often (not always) the payment plan is from another user who has given them a loan. This shouldn't have a negative effect on selling an item through the auction interface and loans appear to be very easy to arrange nowadays.

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] May 23 2007 11:00 AM EDT

since i am the author of the sale you are critizing, here is my defense
i do not favour one player vs another one, only money matters for me.

it just appears that due to my job i was not present at the end of my sale and was not able to update the post...
i received more posts after that and was able to find the winner just this morning for me...

finally the PR shows who is the winner.

TH [money] May 23 2007 5:50 PM EDT

I've been here for a couple days now and all I see you (QBRanger) do is cry. Grow up. You remind me of a toddler that jumps and screams when something doesn't go his way.

QBRanger May 23 2007 6:06 PM EDT


For a "new" player, you certainly have a lot of chutzpah. Especially criticizing a far more experienced player. I am sure others will certainly come right to your defense as they see this as yet another way to get in a shot at me, but o well.

Enjoy CB2.

BTW, how did you manage to get a 1.7M cb2 loan while only being here a "couple of days". All I know is that someone that green would normally have quite a lot of trouble finding someone brave enough to front them at least the equivalent of 15 usd. Interesting development a few of us in chat were chatting about the other day.

TH [money] May 23 2007 6:30 PM EDT

CM Ranger sent me a pm. "you certainly have a lot of "guts" to go ahead and piss off one of the top players of a game you just started. Enjoy CB2. Ill be watching very closely everything you do."

Your intimidating no one. So you're one of the top players in the game? I don't care.
You'll keep an eye on me? That's the only smart thing I've heard you say. You *should* keep an eye on me. I'll probably be a top player soon, but, unlike you, I won't make this game my life.

There was a conversation about me? Nice. You're building my CB e-fame. Keep talking about me. Its nice to know you talk about me, yet I can care less about you.

How did I get a loan? Funny how one of the best players in the game doesnt know how the system works. You post in the FS/WTB forum, wait for people to reply, work out a deal, and agree to it. FYI, three (3) people offered to give me a loan.

TH [money] May 23 2007 6:31 PM EDT

whoops. Excuse my error in the first sentence.

TH [money] May 23 2007 6:33 PM EDT

...and the rest of them...

QBOddBird May 23 2007 6:34 PM EDT

Could we please try to have just ONE (1) thread that doesn't involve insulting and arguing like children? TH, there was no need for that random insulting interjection, and Ranger, no need to justify its existence with a reply. Now that he's replied again, please do be the better man and let it go.

Thanks, I've got faith in you to do this for me.

BootyGod May 23 2007 6:36 PM EDT

And I always have faith in OB for being completely insane while managing to say the sanest things imaginable. You never let me down OB =D!

QBOddBird May 23 2007 6:39 PM EDT

Back on topic, I understand where you are coming from, Ranger, and it does push me to use Auctions a little more than I did before. I still prefer the CM interaction of the FS/WTB system, the interaction between buyer/seller period...but when one system doesn't work, there's another there to be used. =)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 23 2007 6:42 PM EDT

Here's one!

[RX3]Cotillion May 23 2007 6:44 PM EDT

I think if a seller 'knows' they'll be busy at the time their sale ends, they shouldn't end it at that time. That's just common sense... G Beee is right about the getting a loan or whatever, but if you just realized that ELB in auctions has 30 minutes left and you want it, yet you don't have enough cash, there's a pretty small chance of you getting a loan from one of the top loaners in that amount of time. I, personally, don't check the auctions every time I log on. You can say it's my fault, not our problem, whatever, and it is my fault, my problem, but stuff does happen, same goes for FS/WTB threads, stuff does happen.

As for TH... no comment.

QBRanger May 23 2007 6:44 PM EDT

OB, your completely right.

Just because some putz hijacked the thread does not mean I should acknowledge it.

But it is nice to see some people seem to know the inner working of CB rather quickly, like in days instead of the usual weeks to months it takes most of us to learn the game.

TH, more power to you, please get to the top ranks quickly. I would like to see if your all bark and no bite like I suspect.

TH [money] May 23 2007 6:46 PM EDT

"TH, there was no need for that random insulting interjection"
Just wanted to leave my two cents. Isnt that what ranger does in his threads? If one player can do it, so can I. I'll leave it at that.

BootyGod May 23 2007 6:48 PM EDT

Ranger and TH... I know neither of you want to hear this but...

You two are... like..... mirror images. Even your post pattern. The methodology behind your thoughts. It's simply stunning. So, while neither of you will probably admit it, it is completely true. I can't wait for BOTH OF YOU to grow up, realize you're both intelligent people with reasons for saying things. And, if you both could leave off the pettiness, could do some cool stuff.

And I stand with what I said earlier, and what G said. This issue is very difficult to deal with, and I do not see any -real- solution yet. But I'm looking forward to it!

Nerevas May 23 2007 7:22 PM EDT

On the original post: alot of people are less than perfect working their sales. sometimes its laziness, sometimes its an oversight, sometimes they just don't know any better. Its something you'll always have to deal with, it comes with the territory unfortunately....

To Ranger: Ignore him, forget about it.

To TH: Chill. New or not, and regardless of whether you think you're right or not, we don't do flame wars here. Borderline arguments full of drama and tension are one thing, outright board warrioring is another.. if you catch my drift.

To everyone else: Sup dudes.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] May 23 2007 7:32 PM EDT

The current system in the FS/WTB threads isn't the best. I think we all know it. That's why everyone always preaches to go to the auctions all the time. I do hate seeing the big FS threads disappear, they're always interesting to keep track of.

But the sale threads now have problems. CM communication can be spotty (overlooking one or something), you have no public records of who bid what, you can't tell if anyone has outbid you until the thread owner sees fit to update, etc. I hate to bring up this old dead horse, but we really should have replies back in the FS/WTB threads. Please. It would make buying and selling that much more easy and friendly. Have admins actively fine and enforce no spam rules. If it's off-topic, fine and remove.

And sorry to hear about your poor experience in that sale. It seems like more and more people have had that happen. I know I've had mine.

Mikel May 23 2007 7:43 PM EDT

Ranger has two very valid points here:

1) I'm all for Auctions instead of selling stuff via CM's, it's so time consuming to try to sell it via that method and there's no guarantee that you'll even win it even if you are the highest bidder.

2) TH (not a supporter and the account is under 5 days old) already knows Ranger like the back of his palm...... very interesting since Ranger hasn't been in any flame wars, but he has been testing some stuff and questioning things, but none were done in a negative way, and most wouldn't even benefit him... So how do you know him so well for a newbie ?

3) Extra stuff, already looking for/in a clan and you are "I'm very competitive and dedicated." but you haven't been around with this name long enough to prove that yet hmmmmmmmmmm?? Unfortunately, you have too many red flags to not bear watching for a possible slip up.

lostling May 23 2007 8:16 PM EDT

/me ignores the wars and plows ahead ^^
well i think a moderated chat system should be put up so that people can see the max bids on the FS threads... maybe admin enforce it meaning (if anyone complains about spaming or bad bids fine the person doing that) maybe ^^

TH [money] May 23 2007 8:45 PM EDT

I should make a separate thread, but I guess I'll just ask you guys to spell it out for me. What are you watching me for again?

QBRanger May 23 2007 8:59 PM EDT

We are watching you for being you.

A new player who goes on the attack with a more experienced player after only a few days of joining the game.

A new player that picked up the game quicker than I think any NEW player ever has, or at least your posts indicate you have.

A new player who seems to know the history of other players well beyond his few days in CB.

A new player who managed to get an elb within a couple of days of starting, almost unheard of.

Someone who is foolish enough to call attention to him/her/itself rather then stay in the background learning the game, its players, and its history.

Someone who may give the top players a handful in the future, so we will be watching and seeing how you do. But with only 2k battles fought in the first 5 days not very likely.

Best of luck to you, you certainly will need it.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 23 2007 9:11 PM EDT

Welcome to welcome wagon! We've got a noose all ready for ya!

For a thread you started with a comment about soapboxes, you sure took a lot of umbrage at someone who simply pointed out that even all the way up there on your soapbox you still seem a little short. Way to don your tinfoil conspiracy hat btw, I take it he's part of the hoarde of new user multies you're always on about?
"She turned me into a newt!"
Sadly...I don't think you'll get better...

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] May 23 2007 9:15 PM EDT

Ebay style bidding in FS/WTB? I think there is an acronym I'd like to use to describe that, but it isn't PG.

Either way, I would like the FS/WTB forums to change a bit; I think it's silly that they are even 'forums' if only the creator can post in them, I know it is in the name of making it impossible to hijack someones sale, but "come on"!

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] May 23 2007 9:20 PM EDT

Give people who make FS/WTB threads the choice to either:

-Close their thread to outside posts.

-Open their thread to outside posts.

Or even give em the option to do so as long as the said thread is open, so if a ''Hijack'' is taking place....Closed

QBRanger May 23 2007 9:21 PM EDT


C'mon now man.

My first post was yes a soapbox moment. A way for me to vent out my displeasure at how some of the more recent FS threads went down.

And this putz, TH posts something very uncool about me in the thread. Someone I do not think I have ever had any interact with until now. Did not even say it nicely, went right for the jugular.

And your problem is with me? Of course I did not expect you to post any differently. Side with the person who is against me, very predictable.

Sure, we have the noose for you, if you bring the rope to the party.

QBOddBird May 23 2007 10:01 PM EDT

I really like Ashilizator's idea.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 23 2007 10:01 PM EDT

are we allowing name-calling on the forums now? i looked up putz on urban dictionary to see exactly what it meant before asking this and it has some pretty negative synonyms....ones i would think are definitely not within the pg guidelines here.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 23 2007 10:10 PM EDT

Ash rules!

QBRanger May 23 2007 10:31 PM EDT

It is nice to see the usual suspects piling on a thread where I was the one who was being attacked. By a noob non-the-less. But of course to these people I can do no right.

Good Job guys!!!!

noneedforthese May 23 2007 10:54 PM EDT

As much as I'd like to comment on the hijack threads, I'm gonna stay on topic.

I like Ash's idea.

I would also like FS/WTB threads to not close automatically, or at least have an option to cough up another 5k to keep it open. Aren't we all sick of seeing massive sales that go "sale part 2..3.." etc...

especially when people get confused and bid from part 2 instead of 3 or somethign.

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] May 23 2007 10:57 PM EDT

;) You should be aware of the kind of infamy Todd had. People are envious of players who's teams are better then thier, or they are unable to beat.

It's expected that vetern players may make snide comments concerning you, however i feel the same way as you in regards to someone who is completely new to the game acting the same way.

TH: Be warned, if you make a bad rep here at the start, no matter how much you like the game, you'll find it hard to erase. Ex. Monty. You openly state that you had 3 people offer you loans. Monty had Millions in loans, and he still got more, enough to the point where the admins created a red-flag ability for players with excessive loans.
In all fairness to yourself, watch what you say to everyone, whether new player or CB Vetern. It's much more likely to help you then harm you.

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] May 23 2007 11:05 PM EDT


The solution to the FS/WTB problem could also be solved with a final sale thread. In the Public Record, state all the winners of the sale. If anyone has a problem, higher CM bid, etc, they can take it up there. You need to get people to confirm thier bids someway, and that's what the forum is for anyway.

Since your not using it to actually sell items, you shouldn't get charged for trying to 'sidestep' the policy. Your simply making sure everyone in your sale is a happy and satisfied customer.

TH [money] May 23 2007 11:10 PM EDT

I think I figured this game out. Veterans threaten and intimidate promising new players to get them to leave; they form an alliance to harass newbs via pm. And (judging from this thread) you are either with them or against them.

QBRanger May 23 2007 11:13 PM EDT

As we know from auctions, the first 9/10th of the sales time is very slow. Things pick up in the last hour or so.

That is when most bids come in on the "hot" items. I would hope that perhaps if you have a nice sale, one could be around during that time to go through the bids and let people know if they are too low or not. As was stated in past threads, one does allocate funds in case their bid is the highest. To not see an update for hours is rather insensitive to those who are actively bidding, as those funds can be used elsewhere.

However, I do realize that this is not possible for everyone.

I think for my next sale, I will have my last post say: This is the last update, any bid from this point on, to the end in xxx minutes, will be considered a FINAL BID, not subject to be modified. The first one of any similar bids wins the item. Or something like that.

QBRanger May 23 2007 11:28 PM EDT


That is 100% not true,

I have helped many a new player out via strategy advice, loans of items, buying free supporterships etc.. I have had new players join my clan. I always hope this game attracts new, good, friendly players.

However, when a brand new player disrespects someone who has been around since the games beginning, yes, people get upset. To type what you did, and not expect backlash is very shortsighted from a "promising" player.

But if you think the older players are "ganging up" on you to get you to quit, your mistaken as novice's and dudemus's posts should show you.

What happened in PM between you and deifein was between you two. I had no idea what went on until deifein PM'd me your CM to him. Since I do not post other people's CM's, I will leave it to delfein to deal with it.

My advice, take it or not, keep a low profile till you learn the game and its players with all their different personalities. If you must post, keep a very even keel. You already have a reputation, I hope you stay and prove me wrong about it.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 23 2007 11:33 PM EDT

It's ugly when someone directly criticizes you, and hurtful when something you do is directly attacked as being invalid or wrong. There are two perspectives here, just like everywhere else. Neither is of course "true", but it sure is fun to believe we're right.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 23 2007 11:34 PM EDT

s/two/thirty seven
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